Mark of the Beast DNA Technology, Quantum Computers and the Jabs

A subscriber sent me this video with Anthony Patch and Paul McGuire from 2016. In it Anthony describes the new (new in 2016) quantum computer that has the capability of 7 billion human minds!

This answers the age old question “how will the Antichrist control billions of people?” With technology like this of course! Now fast forward to 2022 with the graphene oxide and mRNA technology to stick into people so their DNA can be modified! This shot removes Gods signature and puts in the devils triple helix.

The graphene oxide is building structures inside of people and many are calling them antennas. These structures will allow the quantum computer to communicate and then even CONTROL those who have taken the jab. Here is more on that subject from Dr Ana Maria mihalcea from her blog. Look at the still shots and the video!

I pray you can see how this all fits together! This is the endgame! The mark of the beast is the jab and the beast system to run it is the quantum computer. It’s all in place right now!

One of you sent me a letter telling me the war in Ukraine is a distraction. At this point I agree. It’s just Russia issuing empty threats and pounding its chest at this point while behind the scenes this system is being put in place. Prayed up and prepped up!

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Thank you so much and God bless you all.


  • I believe that…, Everything…. Going On in the World…. Is Tied to… This!!
    The End Game is already underway!!
    And the Blindness to This is literally Biblical…
    Jesus Christ is the Only Escape, Answer, …
    To See the Truth Indeed brother 💯
    May God continue to bless you for bringing This..,.. into the Light 🕯️

  • Hi Johhny, thanks for the great work. Not sure if you listen to Anthony now, but he really has a good vision of everything happening. I 100% agree Ukraine is a huge distraction. I believe we are so close to the flipping of the switch which will usher in the AC and the one world currency, which I also believe is going to be, all the main globalist/billionares have a share in this new currency system, once activated will make them wealthier than anyone in recorded history, they will make a profit from every transaction, this will be the one world currency tied into the MOB/digital ID.

    God Bless

  • It is called meld mind…….you folks are late the game. This country has fallen

    • Well I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have.

      • I like what you are doing. I just wanted to give you a definition that I found. Not only is it shocking it involves mind of many pulled into one resource for information and answers. I would never bash you for a post of what you did not include. I am just tring to add to your understanding as you add to mine…peace.

      • We are all late to this game. By the time everyone catches up to the truth I do believe we will all be completely shocked at the evil surrounding us. Had we first fought for the babies killed in abortion then used for research none of us would be having these converstations now for we would have fought for their sake all the while protecting our lives .

      • Johnny if you want post a video and I’ll post it on my channel with all your links leading people here ….Let’s work together and beat the YT Machine …….

  • Yes brother, so few have eyes to see. I am thankful that the Lord has allowed me to see what is really happening and going on. He’s led me in TRUTH and led me to the right people that He’s been using.

  • You can go to A & O Productions on youtube to see the entire video.

  • Here from YouTube , Message received over ….

  • Excellent work as always. Maranatha!

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