Globalists Show us the Script for the Next Pandemic as a Mystery Disease Kills Children in Afghanistan…

coronavirus statistics on screen

As I was reading about the script for the pandemic tabletop exercise, I got an alert for the story on RT talking about the “mysterious” disease that has killed 2 children but no adults yet. The exercise the WHO had (along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of course) said that this new virus called SEERS (get it?) would affect young people and children the most.

This “mysterious illness” causes high fever and bleeding from the mouth and nose. It almost sounds like MARBURG virus that does the same thing and usually with deadly results. It’s just another one of their satanic deadly poisons made with nanotech in the lab and here it comes.

All of that is in today’s video along with more information on Electricity and Disease and C19 vaccines killing our young people! All of the links to today’s topics are below.

Globalist script for the pandemic story

Mystery Disease in Afghanistan Story

Covid Vaccines Linked to half a million deaths of YOUNG PEOPLE

Electricity and Disease part 1

Bitchute Video link

New audio only podcast link

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  • Jonny, you need to get some colloidal silver. At least 1-200ppm and take r shots a day. That cough she has likely eill disappear in 3 days. I’ve seen it many times. You can also make CS yourself
    I csn tell you how if you are interested. Otherwise healthfood stores should have it.

    • I’ve got some but she has to take it. I can’t force her to do so but she knows.

      • Some people are afraid of it. “Heavy metal” they say… just take it Mrs. Johnny Storm!! 1 shot 3x’s day on an empty stomach. My family including kids take it. Its a gift of God! It kills viruses. The keeping krud is a virus. Cough till uour eyeballs blow out, or take some CS. A lady who stays with us walked around 3 months gag coughing. To the doc 3x for Zpacks etc none worked. I gave her this and 3 days. Gone. I’d take for 5 though to be sure

  • I love you John in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST , Brother I can’t donate this month and I’m sorry I know you work your ass off tending to the farm/horse and keeping us all up to date with all the evil in the world . Brother I haven’t even paid my RENT/HOUSE NOTE this month because the people I work for have no integrity anymore and plus my Vietnam Veteran dad got sick from me and is barley hanging on to his life . Brother when I come up I will take care of you and send you something . And if it’s not to much to ask , can you start a prayer chain for my daddy . I love him so much because he’s my best friend and I’m not ready for what’s happening . whatever the LORDS will is I know in time I will get through it . Please pray for us … My dads name is Gilbert Sanchez Sr. and he is the best man I know….

  • Just like those purple lights that are going up all over. It’s for mass surveillance

  • Great Work Brother 💯

    Great Work 💯
    Love Ya brother 💯

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