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“Ukrainian leaders gloss over Ukrainian antisemitism” – Times of Israel

Editors Note: Those of you who email me saying “there’s no Nazis in Ukraine, Zelensky is a Jew” might want to take a look at what those in Israel have to say about it. Sadly what the Ukrainian and Russian people don’t understand is that they’re being ethnically cleansed by the very people they’re seeking help from.

Ukraine appeals for Israeli cooperation to fight Russia and Iran.

Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

The chief of staff to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “I don’t know what else is needed” for Israel to realise that it needs to send arms to Ukraine as it is supposedly clear they “have the same enemy” – Russia and Iran. This rhetoric from Andriy Yermak demonstrates Kiev’s desperate attempt to coerce Israel into providing military aid to Ukraine.

Yermak, on June 20, expressed frustration with Israel’s continued refusal to provide his country with military assistance. He hoped to receive Israeli technology to combat Iranian drones deployed by Russian forces.

“Nobody but Israel can provide equipment to combat attacks by Iranian drones,” the chief of staff was quoted by The Times of Israel as saying.

Yermak also criticised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to openly support Ukraine and argued that an arms deal between Russia and “Israeli enemy Iran” should motivate Israel to join the fight.

“I cannot understand why we have so far had the pleasure of welcoming very many world leaders in Ukraine, but not the Israeli prime minister,” he said. “We can see the Kremlin dictator [Russian President Vladimir Putin] taking family photos with Iranian leaders and then this Iranian weaponry is being used against us and against you.”

Still, in an indignation tone, Yermak added, “Our position is 100 percent principled. We never forget about the fact that our Israeli friends and brethren have the same enemy as we do — I do not know why Israeli politicians do not agree.”

However, as the Times of Israel editor noted, Yermak was actually “glossing over Israel’s complicated web of security considerations relating to Russia” during his lambasting of the Jewish State.

Criticisms of Yermak did not end there, though.

Zelensky’s chief of staff noted that his “father is Jewish” and that the rich history of Ukrainian Jewry makes it “natural” to “be friends and partners in our relations between Ukraine and Israel.” He also highlighted how two presidents and three prime ministers of Israel were born in Ukraine.

Responding to this, the Times of Israel editor pointed out: “Yermak, like many Ukrainian leaders, glossed over Ukrainian antisemitism and a history of violence against Jewish communities that motivated many Ukrainian emigres to flee to Israel.”

Netanyahu has been consistently careful not to isolate Russia, which controls the airspace over Syria, allowing Israeli airstrikes against Iranian-backed forces and Hezbollah positions north of the Israeli border. For their part, former prime ministers Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, who were in office at the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine, were among the first to send humanitarian aid to Kiev. In fact, Lapid also condemned the Russian operation.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant is expected to speak to Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov soon for the first time since taking office more than five months ago. According to AXIOS, this meeting is only occurring because of US pressure.

The Ukrainian official said to AXIOS on June 17 that Kiev expects Israel to do much more than it is doing right now, and Reznikov expects to hear that from Gallant.

“If the Israelis don’t want to give us more assistance, there is no point of them coming to any international meeting about it in the future,” the Ukrainian official said.

In this way, we see Ukraine’s entitled attitude on full display once again, following on from their constant shaming of countries for not severing their ties with Russia, such as India, and their threats to not attend the upcoming NATO summit if a roadmap for their eventual membership into the alliance is not made.

As The Times of Israel editors demonstrated, Ukraine’s audacious behaviour and historical revisionism are being called out. For all the Kiev regime’s rhetoric of tolerance towards Jews, and even having Jewish figureheads like Zelensky and Yermak, its actions are anti-Semitic, such as the support and promotion of neo-Nazi militias like the Azov Battalion and renaming Moscow Avenue in Kiev to Bandera Avenue, named after Ukrainian World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.

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The REAL Sources of Wokeism, BLM, LGBTQ Movement and more in America and the West

crowd of protesters holding signs

America is divided beyond belief and it’s all been done through the lies and manipulation of the mainstream media and government. Over the last 80 years America has been under a massive assault on everything it used to hold dear. All of America’s jobs have been sent overseas so it has no industrial base left to speak of which has left American cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, and so many others in ruins.

Then over the last 12 years or so there’s been a massive assault on anyone who is straight and white. It’s all about the LGBTQ people now, especially the trans folks who are being weaponized against all of us. Now there is a “accept us or else” mentality in America and people who rightly see this as insane are starting to push back. It’s also all about ANTIFA and BLM now as well as the Black population in America has also been weaponized against the whites. Look at what Tim Wise, Democrat Activist has to say about it.

The one thing about all of this is that there is truly “nothing new under the sun” and all of the things happening to American society today happened to Germany after WW1 and leading up to WW2. Some of you will see this video as “anti-Semitic” and that is exactly how the “Jews” want you to see it. Yet there are rabbis in this video who CONFIRM EVERYTHING IN IT so are they also anti-Semitic? That is a weaponized term that the fake Hebrews from Ukraine (Khazars) have used to stifle the truth of the things they’ve done to manipulate the masses. They do this in conjunction with their Gentile puppets the Freemasons. The Freemasons think they have power but they’re really tools of the Khazars.

As you just saw and heard, even from the rabbis themselves said the Jews were up to some horrible things in Germany. That included the communist party, all of the pornography, transgenderism and other things we see going on in America today! Don’t get me wrong here, I’m NOT SAYING HITLER WAS GOOD OR RIGHT but what I am saying is that you have NOT been told the real history of things. We have been lied to about everything and now they want us to destroy each other and not focus on the real enemy, the fake Jewish puppet masters.

 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9

That scripture also applies to fake Christians as well since we are all one family under Jesus Christ. I identify as a Jew more than I do a Christian because I’ve been grafted into the family, saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and NOT justified by works lest anyone should boast! Romans 11, 11-31 explains the grafting in and how the Jews in Israel who repent when Jesus returns will also be grafted back in!

The Deliverer will come from Zion,
    he will banish ungodliness from Jacob”;
27 “and this will be my covenant with them
    when I take away their sins.”

Be blessed and stay ready! Jesus Christ is returning soon! Prayed up and prepped up!

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