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Reports of American Submarine Sunk off Alaskan Coast

There are reports that I’m trying to confirm (or get a denial) on an American sub that was sunk off of the Alaskan coast. If this is true then both sides (USA and Russia) are downplaying the incident, quite possibly to avoid WW3. I will keep my eyes open to see what develops. Prayed up and prepped up, Revelation 3:3.

I’m Having Flashbacks to August 1990…

Which is when Saddam Hussein ordered Iraqi forces to take Kuwait which signaled the build-up to the first gulf war called “Desert Shield” which of course turned into Desert Storm. Now the Pentagon has been formally tasked with the deployment of 100,000 plus troops to the Persian Gulf.

This and the new Russian bomber deployments in their far east don’t bode well for the USA. You can catch it all in today’s video.