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Washington DC warmongers keep threatening Mexico

The case of Mexico is quite telling that no country can hope to feel safe, no matter how closely it worked with the US authorities. For decades, the country has been ravaged by drug cartels, themselves often deeply connected to the infamous CIA and other US intelligence agencies.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

There are very few informed people who haven’t heard of Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina and a notorious neoconservative warmonger. We might even say a war criminal, given his central role in starting and prolonging wars around the world. It could be argued that he was one of the architects of the Ukrainian conflict, greatly contributing to the Neo-Nazi junta’s genocidal policies towards the people of Donbass. Many of the things Graham has said in Ukraine since 2014 came true, however, not because of his wisdom or insight, but because he was one of the people who actually made it happen. He has openly been advocating for WW3 for years now, particularly since last February and the start of Russia’s counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe.

Along with John Bolton, the late John McCain and several others, Graham could be described as member of Washington DC’s “war party”, although it should be noted they would never directly take part in an actual shooting war. Instead, they enjoy sending people a third of their age to do that. Recently, Graham and the rest of the warmongers, quite unhappy seeing the dwindling global power projection capabilities of the US military, suggested passing legislation that would set the stage for yet another war, but much closer to home. This time, the target would be Mexico.

Last Monday, after four US citizens were taken hostage, two of which have been killed, presumably by members of the CDC (otherwise known as the Golf Cartel), Graham stated he would “go tough” on the cartels, particularly in the area of Matamoros, where the incident took place. The city is located in the northeast of Mexico, close to the US border and is effectively controlled by the aforementioned cartel. Graham essentially blamed Mexico for the incident and threatened with military action.

“I would put Mexico on notice. If you continue to give safe haven to drug dealers, then you are an enemy of the United States,” he stated during an interview with Fox News host Jesse Waters, further adding: “I’m going to introduce legislation … to make certain Mexican drug cartels [are listed as] foreign terrorist organizations under US law and set the stage to use military force if necessary to protect America from being poisoned by things coming out of Mexico.”

Back in January, Republicans Mike Waltz and Dan Crenshaw called for an Authorization for Use of Military Force against Mexican cartels for drug trafficking “that has caused destabilization in the Western Hemisphere.” Graham, along with 16 Republican cosponsors, supported the bill and criticized the Biden administration for the deteriorating situation at the southern border, claiming that “up to 100,000 people have died from fentanyl poisoning coming from Mexico and China, and this administration has done nothing about it.”

“I would tell the Mexican government if you don’t clean up your act, we’re going to clean it up for you,” he threatened.

Graham also said he agreed with former Attorney General Bill Barr, who stated he wanted to officially designate drug cartels as “foreign terrorist organizations” and called for the US to take military action against them. Other Republicans have also called for an attack on Mexico, with Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene stating that the US should “strategically strike and take out the Mexican Cartels, not the Mexican government or their people, but the Mexican Cartels which control them all.”

While it could be argued that fighting cartels is certainly not a bad cause, we should not forget that somewhat similar “altruistic” motives were cited as the reason for virtually any war started by the US, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Blaming Mexico and even China for the drug abuse “pandemic” in America will certainly not resolve this burning issue or any of the resulting violence across the country. If the establishment in Washington DC had the interests of regular Americans in mind, they would introduce bills allocating at least 10% of their massive $858 billion military budget to the improvement of healthcare, for instance.

Unfortunately, as Abraham Maslow famously wrote in 1966, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail.” And this is precisely what the US has been doing for most of its existence. The case of Mexico is quite telling that no country (unless heavily armed) can hope to feel safe, no matter how closely it worked with the US authorities. For decades, the country has been ravaged by drug cartels, themselves often deeply connected to the infamous CIA and other US intelligence agencies. And despite even allowing American law enforcement to operate in the country, thus undermining its own sovereignty, Mexico is still faced with the prospect of being attacked.

Quite expectedly, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wasn’t too happy about the threats and warned the US against armed aggression on his country. He also reiterated that “the [Mexican] government is working and cooperating with US authorities against cartels”, but that “it wouldn’t permit any foreign government to intervene in our territory”. Obrador added that he will also work towards informing Mexicans living in the US about the true nature of the legislation targeting the country. He warned American lawmakers not to use Mexico “for their propagandist, electoral and political purposes” or he “will make a call [for the Mexicans] to not vote for that [Republican] party”.

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Vitamin D Fraud ALERT!!

red and white medication pills

Editors note: Here comes another post some will hate on but it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t bottle sunshine! It’s another lie we’ve been told all of our lives, just like cholesterol causes heart attacks. Shane Ellision has given me a whole different perspective.

Beginning in 2015, Shane’s books helped save my life and I reversed type 2 diabetes using his methods and supplements. I highly encourage you do read this blog with an open mind and remember how many times big pharma and doctors have lied to you over the last 3 years. Now ask yourself would you really put it past them to sell you a “sunshine vitamin” when it’s really in fact POISON??? I have zero doubt in my mind, just look at the baby powder that was full of cancer causing crap that they finally admitted to after how many decades??? Now the jabs??? They don’t have a great track record folks. Johnny

From Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison, M.S.

– Bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry
– Master’s degree in organic chemistry
– Abandoned his career as a pharmaceutical chemist
– Helps people ditch their meds to live young
– Author of 3 Worst Meds & more

If your doctor prescribed “vitamin D” or if you’re choking it down in a multi-vitamin, pay close attention…this short history lesson could save your life.

As a former chemist for Big Pharma, it’s very clear that vitamin D is the biggest fraud in medicine.

Here’s how it fooled everyone…

In the early 1930’s, some chemist-dude working for Pharma learned that as sun rays beamed down to earth at light speed – 670,616,629 miles per hour – our skin produced a family of hormones known as secosteroids.

Secosteroids are colloquially known as “sunshine hormones.”

Together, they yield numerous health benefits once spawned by the body.

Seeing great profit potential in sunshine hormones and their healing benefits, Big Pharma went to work manufacturing a copy cat in their money-hungry labs.

(Never mind that sun exposure is free…)

In that pursuit, they narrowed the scope of our sunshine hormones and postulated that it was a single isolate that was responsible for the vast, biological benefits of sunshine…then they made a toxic chemical derivative and labeled it a “vitamin.”

Most people were dumb enough to believe it.

Once successful in designing their “Franken-chemical,” they launched a fear campaign against the sun. The people forgot that our ancestors referred to the sun as, The God of Medicine.

Fearing the sun, the entire food industry systematically contaminated our vitamin and food and milk supply with the newly produced sunshine-hormone mimic…and made billions through food “fortification.”

They called it Vitamin D.

Sounding healthy and beneficial, vitamin D fortification became a hot marketing term in every isle of every grocery store throughout the US.

Demand was successfully created.


Today, Big Pharma cartels BASF and Hoffman La Roche are the largest manufacturers of the synthetic hormone isolate everyone knows as Vitamin D.

But Vitamin D is not a vitamin!

Cooked up in sterile, chemistry labs, the white powder is crammed into a capsule and labeled the sunshine hormone.

So popular, old ladies now brag about taking the “drug disguised as a vitamin” to their hairdressers, friends and family.

In reality though, it’s as close to being a sunshine hormone as a tootsie roll is to being chocolate.

“Vitamin D is not really a vitamin,” wrote scientists for The New England Journal of Medicine. And that’s because it’s a toxic drug made by pharmaceutical chemists…your body has ZERO requirement for it. For something to be a vitamin, it must provide your body with an essential nutrient.


Since synthetic vitamin D is a drug, foreign to the body, and not required for survival, it’s technically a fraud – an impostor posing as a vitamin. It has “vitamin like” activity, which initially tricks the
body into thinking that is has sunshine hormones…But this biological ruse proves to be devastating to the heart and arteries, as seen by its usefulness as rat poison.

Before the vitamin D scam was fed to consumers, the deadly “D” was fed to rodents as a means of eradicating the pesky creatures. In their report, “The Endocrine System,” the University of Colorado, reminds us, “Ingestion of milligram quantities of vitamin D over periods of weeks or months can be severely toxic to humans and animals. In fact, baits laced with vitamin D are used very effectively as rodenticides [rat poison].” This is in stark contrast to naturally produced sunshine vitamins, and it isn’t hard to understand.

Once swallowed, the copycat hormone bypasses our innate protective mechanisms found in the skin and liver and throws hormonal balance out of whack. This “plugs” the body with calcium and induces calcification, which leads to heart failure, kidney damage, and more.

Worse, since it’s a “cumulative poison,” people who take the recommended dose of vitamin D are saturating their fatty tissues, and at the same time, offsetting their God-given hormonal intelligence. Anyone eating and drinking foods “fortified” with vitamin D are at serious risk, too. Most times, this is felt as:

– low energy,
– constant thirst
– poor focus.

In contrast, nobody has ever been poisoned by naturally produced sunshine hormones.


Promotion for vitamin D is “business as usual” for the drug, food, and vitamin industries: They work to instill fear and confusion designed to blur the lines between synthetic and natural. And they’ve done it with a “deficiency hypothesis” that has everyone getting tested for vitamin D.

(A “deficiency hypothesis” means that they tricked you into thinking you needed a Franken-chemical to replace sunshine by suckering you into believing you were “deficient.”).

Note to self: Nobody is deficient in laboratory derived chemicals or nasty chemicals pulled from sheep’s wool…nobody.)

Today’s “low” from a fraudulent vitamin D test is defined by the very industry selling vitamin D!

…patients are told they are at greater risk for rickets, infection, cancer, broken bones and a bad haircut if they don’t take the lab chemicals labeled as vitamin D.

Inevitably, this has patients running to the nearest pharmacy to choke down vitamin D.

Just get sunshine or not…no matter what, vitamin D pills will kill you.

…Don’t forget, the sun was previously known as Apollo, the God of Medicine. And yet, consumers go to great lengths to avoid it – thanks to the propaganda – while popping the “sunshine vitamin.” Their loss.

It’s brilliant marketing from an industry known for swindling consumers. But for the less gullible, sensible sun exposure is perfect…and for the winter months, a little bit of extra virgin cod liver oil will suffice to preserve health.

Responsible sun exposure (minus the sun block) and the subsequent release of sunshine hormones from the skin has proven to directly ward off infection, cancer and depression, as well as a number of other serial killers like obesity and type II diabetes.

Highlighting the Vitamin D pill controversy, The New York Times recently wrote that “The excitement about their [vitamin D pills] health potential is still far ahead of the science.”


As long as excitement remains ahead of common sense and science, I’ll take chocolate over a Tootsie Roll…I’ll also choose sitting under the sun or extra-virgin cod liver oil – over swallowing dangerous vitamin D pills.

Dare to live young,

The People’s Chemist


UPDATED 6-15-2023

Here is a new video I found on the same subject. Use the search terms she describes in the video and find the information yourselves because only then will it be real to you. This is yet another way the powers that be are killing us slowly in the name of healthcare. As the poisoning causes symptoms like high blood pressure and other issues, then they can prescribe you other medications (always costing you more) to take care of the side effects of the RAT POISON they call vitamin D. What a scam! The video won’t embed into my website so here is the link: https://rokfin.com/post/138313

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Masking Madness is Back in Schools after Winter Break

And it STILL WILL NOT WORK NO MATTER HOW BADLY YOUR FEELINGS WANT IT TO! I’m already seeing more and more fools masking up in the store in the Spokane WA area and soon it will become mandatory again. Here is more from MSN and my video below. Don’t fall for this crap again guys!

The Boston Public Schools district is considering imposing a temporary mask mandate when classes resume next month, adding the Massachusetts city to a growing list of districts requiring face coverings again for students.

It will reportedly make its decision by the end of the week on whether students, faculty, and staff will have to mask up again. In a message to parents and staff, district Superintendent Mary Skipper said such a mandate would be temporary and likely only last two weeks.


“While you are away on your winter break, we will continue to meet with the Boston Public Health Commission to discuss any possible changes to our COVID protocols, such as a temporary masking mandate for the first two weeks of school after the break,” Skipper said.

MSN.com article

The Truth About Contagion Book

Bitchute Version of my video

Rumble Version of my video

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Jobs Jobs and More Jobs! Mainstream Media Says Economy is Booming and Yet Layoffs are UP 417% From 2021!!!

black blue and red graph illustration

Jobs are plentiful and the economy is booming! That’s what the mainstream media headlines are saying like this one at CNBC today.

Payrolls and wages blow past expectations, flying in the face of Fed rate hikes!


  • Nonfarm payrolls increased 263,000 for the month while the unemployment rate was 3.7%, the Labor Department reported Friday.
  • The payrolls number was well above the 200,000 estimate, while the unemployment rate was in line.
  • Average hourly earnings jumped 0.6% for the month, double the estimate, and 5.1% annually versus the 4.6% expectation.

And yet a report by job placement/recruiting firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, the job cuts are up 127% from October of this year and that job cuts are up 417% versus November of 2021!!! Here is more from that report:

The pace of job cuts by U.S. employers accelerated in November, with the number of layoffs climbing 127% from just one month ago, according to a report published on Thursday by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Companies announced 76,835 job cuts in November, led by the technology sector, the analysis showed. That is 417% higher than the same time one year ago.

Then of course there is FedEx laying off drivers just in time for Holiday Season? If the economy is booming shouldn’t they be HIRING DRIVERS INSTEAD OF LAYING THEM OFF??? Once again the mainstream media is gaslighting you as the real reports show us.

FedEx Freight said earlier this month that it would move to voluntary furloughs in seeking to align its driver workforce with less demand for LTL services due to a slowing economy. It said at the time that the furloughs would last for 90 days and drivers agreeing to them would be called back to work. The furloughs will affect a relatively small number of drivers

Impacted workers will continue to receive health benefits and be allowed to file for unemployment benefits in their respective states of residence, the unit said. Some eligible employees will be offered permanent transfer opportunities to other markets that have hiring needs. 

FedEx Freight said earlier this month that it would move to voluntary furloughs in seeking to align its driver workforce with less demand for LTL services due to a slowing economy. 

Sure thing…they can try to spin it any way that they like but the bottom line is that the economy is slowing down to a crawl and a massive depression is about to begin! They’re spinning it to keep everyone calm but the damage has already been done and the layoffs are here and they will get much worse! Prayed up and prepped up guys, this won’t be getting any better!

All of that and much more are in today’s video report. All of the links are below as always.

FedEx Story

CNBC Jobs Report

417% Layoff Increase from 2021

Bitchute Version of my Video

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CDC withholds Covid-19 data that could be ‘misinterpreted’ – media

At this point the CDC should be shut down and disbanded. They don’t give 2 rips about anyone’s health, they only care about the health of their bank accounts and big pharma stock dividends. As for me I have had it with the CDC and everyone who supports that fraud of an organization. Here is more from RT.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has kept reams of its Covid-19 data under wraps for more than a year, the New York Times reports, holding back figures at least partly because it doesn’t trust the public to interpret the information correctly.

The agency’s seemingly selective disclosure came to light in an article by the Times on Sunday. Among the data being withheld is a breakdown of Covid-19 hospitalizations by age, race, and vaccination status. The CDC also chose not to report on such findings as the efficacy of booster shots in 18- to 49-year-olds, even though it collected the information, the article added.

Although it’s the agency leading America’s Covid-19 response, the CDC has published only a “tiny fraction” of the data that it has collected, the Times said. In lieu of US data being made more widely available, experts were forced to look elsewhere for information – such as Israeli figures on booster shots – that would help them make informed recommendations.

CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund told the newspaper that the agency’s data priority has been to collect “accurate and actionable” information. Some data has been withheld because “it’s not yet ready for prime time,” she said.

Such omissions have included figures on Covid-19 infections among fully vaccinated Americans. According to the media report, the CDC has been reluctant to publish those figures because “they might be misinterpreted as the vaccines being ineffective.” Nordlund confirmed that concern as one of the reasons. (Johnny’s note…Misinterpreted? Not even close lady! They just don’t want you to know the truth, that this is a DEATH SHOT and if you survive it you are forever changed into a transhuman! They are totally ineffective at preventing any disease or death! )

The CDC has been criticized for a lack of transparency and consistency throughout much of the pandemic. For example, when the agency reversed course on mask-wearing guidance for vaccinated people last summer, it attributed the decision to only “unpublished data.” The New York Time’s revelations about the agency withholding data triggered a fresh round of opprobrium.

“It’s political manipulation of scientific data like this that makes people not ‘trust the science,’” said J. Michael Waller, a senior analyst at the Center for Security Strategy, in a tweet. “It is unscientific to withhold data because people might disagree with your policies.” Source

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Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Germany over Faulty PCR Tests and Fake Doctor Who wrote Paper

Hollywood could make this up any better than reality just did. It appears that not only are the PCR tests NOT FIT FOR THIS PURPOSE (NY Times Admitted as much) but the “Doctor” appears to be fake as well! The elites didn’t cover their tracks very well and because of that people are starting to wake up from their slumber.

Faulty Testing!

The Video is over on bitchute here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wiKanTvMikNZ/

You can also listen to the podcast version on Anchor or Spotify. https://anchor.fm/dontspeak

Original Story: https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/coronavirus-scandal-breaking-in-merkels-germany-over-drosten-pcr-test/

Strong Delusion

I came across this post while doing research the other day and I found that not only did I agree but that it put into words what many of us have been thinking. You can find the original post at we only want truth. https://weonlywanttruth.com/strong-delusion/

Wow. A whole lotta “Wow”. That’s about all I can say at the moment, as well as a huge number of people. I want truth and only Truth. This Scripture keeps coming to me over and over, the last few weeks: “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11.

Why are they believing a lie? Why strong delusion? Because they reaping what they sowed; being given over to what’s in their heart; continuing on in the “pleasure in unrighteousness” (vs. 12). There is a marked difference here: people who want real truth, verses those who want the truth to be what they think; or how they believe it should be. That is religion and denominationalism: OUR truth or OUR politics. Folks, there is only God and Satan; Good or evil; Righteousness or unrighteousness. There is no mediocre half-way good point or purgatory to bake in awhile till you get good enough. There is God and His Way, or not. Remember, any other way is from the thief who is trying to steal, kill and destroy, (John 10:10).

I’m almost 40, a Marine Corps combat vet, small town rural America from the lower mid-west; middle of the country, kinda where I’ve heard and seen all walks of life at one time or another. I’ve never heard, nor especially thought I’d hear, serious, open talk of civil war #2. I never thought I’d see blatant, open fraud, with so many videos, pictures and witnesses to it, but then have that all be OVER-LOOKED like it’s all not true! Strong delusion. The powers that be have taken our Constitution and shredded it, ignored it, disregarded it, all right in front of the HUGE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION, and they don’t care and don’t believe We The People will do anything about it. It’s not about Trump or not Trump; not about Democrat vs. Republican; it’s about being silenced and falling under tyranny. Political Correctness and tolerance led to apathy and complacency, which led to thievery and lies for truth, which is leading to slavery and destruction. Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26, the prophets, the Bible; it’s all there.

Strong delusion. How is it with so much evidence of corruption on both sides of the aisle, it just keeps going and grows, unless it’s being allowed by God because of our nation’s blatant disobedience to Him? It makes sense no other way. Countries around the world have been watching the U.S. and are now hanging their heads saying, “It’s over. America is no more.” Go, look and research for yourselves, it’s out there. We once were a shining light of hope to the world but now we have and are becoming what we used to fight against. It goes back beyond this 2020 election of course, but this is just the culmination of fallacies. Absolutely stunning. So very much being over-looked and disregarded. Again, Wow.

Now the dream God gave me is even more telling, and the other dreams He’s given me that I haven’t posted are right on track as well. So, it looks like we are headed for Civil War #2, and unfortunately, I don’t see much of a choice. Under this extreme corruption of Biden/Harris we have been told from their own mouths, religious freedoms (meaning Christian preaching) will be curtailed as hate speech, and many other freedoms will be taken away. Look at history; when these kinds of ideologies and people get “voted” into power, they never get voted out; they have to be rooted out by force. That is not what I want nor what We The People want, but what are we left with now? It is the end times and more and more people do not want to hear the Truth, they want the truth that they choose, which is not Truth, but lies. There is only One Way, Jesus; not all paths lead to God. You can’t side with Pro-Choice, lukewarmness, homosexual lifestyle tolerance, drunkenness and drug tolerance and lifestyle, greed and lust, and still think you are walking with God and have His blessings upon you; person or nation. “Be ye separate, saith the Lord” Separation from the worldly society and all its “fun”. Eternity is more important, and there is more satisfaction and pleasure in close communion with God than anyone loving the “world” can ever know.

There are going to be some very hard choices that have to be made in the VERY near future. There’s going to be hard things that need to be done that haven’t had to do before and don’t/didn’t want to do. Remember this: people have free will to do what they choose to do, no matter how much you wish they’d listen for their own good and Salvation. I pray people would wake up and listen, but there are, unfortunately, those who chose darkness rather than Light. A hard example is Deuteronomy 13. God tells His people Israel to kill false prophets rather than tolerate them because they will lead His people away from Him to their own destruction. Stop the cancerous evil from spreading so more don’t get deceived and pulled away. But look at us, tolerance, political correctness, lukewarmness and here we are so lost and out-of-control we can’t stop the tail spin. No matter how things happen now or what happens, we must fight to keep Jesus as our focus and the Salvation of others as the goal. We must defend other people that cannot defend themselves. We must not tolerate evil and think it will go away by itself in 4 years or in due time; sin and evil only grow until they are dealt with: in our hearts as well as with a nation. Sin is not to be tolerated but cast out. Teach each other so we may learn and change by the Holy Spirit’s guidance, but never allow any sin to remain so we can play with it because it is wrong.

So, what’s next? We’ll see shortly. Do not condone tolerance of wickedness in your life, someone that’s supposedly a “Christian” or in this nation. We are called to repent, and move closer to God, not stand still in our sin and wickedness and claim grace and mercy. He is grace, mercy and love so that we will be drawn to Him and away and out of our old selves, not carry on in how and who we used be. James 4:8, “Draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” Be ready for anything now, and remember our nation is about to fall into violence and we will be invaded. Listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance, for He is the only “prep” you can rely on.

By deltaoscare4


I’m not in the habit of copy and pasting entire emails but in this case I don’t have much choice. I want people to have easy access to this information as it may save lives by getting people to recognize how badly they’re being manipulated! The tests for Covid19 as you will see below are completely bogus. This in conjunction with all of the information that the tests are faulty to begin with should CLEARLY SHOW how you are being played! Wake up world!

Shane Ellison, The Peoples Chemist

From the Peoples Chemist Shane Ellison:

From Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison, M.S.

  • Bachelor’s degree in biology

  • Master’s degree in organic chemistry 

    • Abandoned his career as a pharmaceutical chemist 

      • Helps people ditch their meds to live young 

        • Author of 3 Worst Meds & more

In college, my superpower was taking tests.

My “kryptonite” (the thing that almost ruined me) was going to class, and dealing with other students and teachers.

Strange mix – not fun when you have more going against you than for you…

I decided to study alone and only show up to class on test days.

That worked most of the time… until my first analytical chemistry test.

I sat down and pulled out my favorite, perfectly sharpened, #2 pencil. It was whittled down to my preferred, five and a half inches.

The professor announced, “Today’s test is timed. You only have 40 minutes.”

I hate surprises.

I had planned on 60 full minutes. (That’s 40 minutes to take the test… and 20 to check everything to decimal-point precision.) After all, this was ANALYTICAL F@#CKING CHEMISTRY.

I sat there for 30 seconds, stunned.

I knew there was no way for me to take the test the way I wanted to.

I got up and made a slow walk to the professor, eyes locked with his.

(I passed all the wanna-be, future debt-slaves who were at their desks, churning the tiny gears in their head. None of them challenged the 40-minute rule. Nor questioned it.)

“Here’s my test,” I told the teacher. “I’m on an athletic scholarship for a full 60-minute class, not a 40-minute one. I won’t be finishing.”

He looked at me, aghast. He assured me, “There are only three tests for the semester Mr. Ellison. One zero guarantees you won’t get an A…and I know you’re an A student in chemistry.”

“I am. But I’d rather be learning than chasing grades from a chemistry teacher who likes to throw in surprises just for kicks…”

And out I went…straight to the gym.

I aced all future tests and scored 66.66% for the semester.

Manipulation is what tests are all about. Rarely are they there to help you.

Same is true in medicine and “testing.”

For example… a “cholesterol test” is there to scare you about your “rising” cholesterol. But that’s what cholesterol is supposed to do — rise. As you age, the higher your cholesterol is, the longer you live. The lower it is, the shorter you live. Studies have shown this.

Then there’s the vitamin D test. It’s designed for every human on the planet to fail it. Why? Because the “correct” results are artificially high, designed to hook you on lab-derived vitamin D.

Then there’s the thyroid test. If you have a thyroid, that must mean you should be placed on meds.

On and on. It’s all the same BS.

And now we have the coronavirus test.

Rest assured, it’s built on more manipulation.

You can’t test for coronavirus.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. A beer bottle could test positive for Coronavirus

Carrying a virus doesn’t make us sick. We live in a sea of viruses. They’re just a part of life. Your DNA is filled with them!

If there were an accurate test to measure whether or not we were a carrier, it would mean nothing…much like if a beer can tested positive for coronavirus, which it could. You could drink that beer, break the bottle over the head of a mask-wearing loudmouth… and neither of you would be infected.

“Based on the number of viruses she found in her samples, Proctor estimated that every liter of seawater contained up to one hundred billion viruses.” ― Carl Zimmer, A Planet of Viruses

Even the cleanest surface in your house could test positive for coronavirus. It doesn’t mean sh#t. It means you live in a sea of LIFE!

  1. An antibody test is only good for measuring whether you’re dead or alive.

An anti-body is proof that you have an immune system. These are the soldiers that protect your battlefield…they attack and destroy “biological nasties.”

If you’re dead, you will have zero antibodies… showing that your immune system is “out of service.” If you’re alive, you will have tons of them.

Using an antibody test to diagnose coronavirus is like smacking your knee to see if you’re alive. It’s only good for measuring if you’re comatose… in which case, a reflex test is much easier. Just slap someone.

Also, having antibodies doesn’t mean you’re sick or immune. It just means…you have antibodies. They could be for the common cold, the flu, or for nothing at all.

The antibodies IgG and IgM are being labeled as “specific for coronavirus.” But they are not specific for coronavirus…LOL. They are specific to humans. The World Health Organization stressed this saying, “There are five major types of antibodies – IgA, IgG, IgM, IgD and IgE. IgG antibodies are the smallest antibody and are found in all body fluids. They are the most abundant immunoglobulin, comprising about 75-80% of all the antibodies in the body.”

Isn’t it clear that apes are running the coronavirus tests?

  1. A PCR-Test is a toy for nerds and detectives, not for doctors diagnosing coronavirus…or any virus.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test was invented by Dr. Kary Mullis. A hero to scientific method, he won the Nobel Prize for his work. He invented the test to characterize DNA. Think: crime scenes. At 6 feet in length, the PCR amplifies the DNA strand so it can be better identified, then traced back to its source.

The coronavirus isn’t 6 feet long. It’s a mere strand. Worse, the coronavirus isn’t even DNA. It’s RNA (retrovirus)…if it exists at all.

That means before you could even perform a PCR test… you’d have to first make a perfect copy of something that is 1000th the size of a grain of salt.

That would be like trying to find a pubic hair in The Sea of Cortez, then finding who it belonged to. That’s how ridiculous a PCR test is.

Recognizing this inability of the PCR, Dr. Mullis said, “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

Like most “tests,” the coronavirus (COVID-19 or otherwise) test is a fraud. It’s a tool for control and profit. That’s it.

It’s the stupid “surprise” test that no one needed.

It’s not what you’re looking for. And it won’t help you.

The Trump and Q Deceptions Are Strong For a Reason

Sec. Pompeo, An Admitted Serial Liar

The Trump administration is full of the deep state folks, Pompeo up above is a prime example of this fact. Yet the Q anon folks would have us believe that the opposite is true, that these people are really working with Trump to bring down the deep state from the inside. You know like 4 or 5d chess.

Trump’s level of thinking is so far above our own, that’s why we don’t understand the plan. We have been told to “trust the plan” since Jeff Sessions was railing against legal cannabis a few years ago. The indictments are coming, we just need to get past the midterm. Then it was the impeachment. Now it’s the re-election. The plan deadlines keep changing and the lemmings keep following.

What’s so frustrating is watching people you know and even admire fall for it all. I know the struggle and its hard to believe as you watch them fall for the deception. Some of them are born again believers (or maybe not?) and they excuse Trump and his constant lying, bragging, pride, adultery, bribes, pardoning criminals including murderers saying that somehow He’s God’s man! Paul was a sinner and God used him blah blah blah, never understanding that Paul REPENTED. Trump never has and never will and he has said so himself HERE.

The Bible points out in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 that the end time delusion that God sends will deceive people because they didn’t WANT the truth. They love the world more than they love Jesus and they cling to anything or anyone that will give them hope that they’ll have prosperous lives HERE and NOW. They desperately want to believe that America truly is superior and Trump will make it great by any means necessary which is why they excuse his sin.

2 Timothy 4: 3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. NKJV

We are seeing that scripture play out now as I type this post. There are a lot of false teachers pushing the deception of Donald Trump. Paula White, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., Kenneth Copeland are just a few that come to mind. These false prosperity gospel preachers are misleading millions as we roll into the tribulation. The “itching ears” of the people demand this kind of preaching today because once again they love the WORLD more than Christ. They are like the rich man who wouldn’t give up his possessions and follow Jesus.  Many believers are on the same path as he was as they cling to their material possessions and paper wealth.

These are some of the reasons people are clinging to the false hope of Q anon and Donald Trump. Since they REALLY want to believe in it then God has seen fit to let them have at it. We have free will and God won’t override it so people are free to join a movement or do nothing at all.

My prayer is that as many as possible come to know the truth of Jesus Christ before its too late. That’s the reason I’m here and the only reason I keep going. Join me in that prayer and lets save as many as we can. God bless,