Jobs Jobs and More Jobs! Mainstream Media Says Economy is Booming and Yet Layoffs are UP 417% From 2021!!!

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Jobs are plentiful and the economy is booming! That’s what the mainstream media headlines are saying like this one at CNBC today.

Payrolls and wages blow past expectations, flying in the face of Fed rate hikes!


  • Nonfarm payrolls increased 263,000 for the month while the unemployment rate was 3.7%, the Labor Department reported Friday.
  • The payrolls number was well above the 200,000 estimate, while the unemployment rate was in line.
  • Average hourly earnings jumped 0.6% for the month, double the estimate, and 5.1% annually versus the 4.6% expectation.

And yet a report by job placement/recruiting firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, the job cuts are up 127% from October of this year and that job cuts are up 417% versus November of 2021!!! Here is more from that report:

The pace of job cuts by U.S. employers accelerated in November, with the number of layoffs climbing 127% from just one month ago, according to a report published on Thursday by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Companies announced 76,835 job cuts in November, led by the technology sector, the analysis showed. That is 417% higher than the same time one year ago.

Then of course there is FedEx laying off drivers just in time for Holiday Season? If the economy is booming shouldn’t they be HIRING DRIVERS INSTEAD OF LAYING THEM OFF??? Once again the mainstream media is gaslighting you as the real reports show us.

FedEx Freight said earlier this month that it would move to voluntary furloughs in seeking to align its driver workforce with less demand for LTL services due to a slowing economy. It said at the time that the furloughs would last for 90 days and drivers agreeing to them would be called back to work. The furloughs will affect a relatively small number of drivers

Impacted workers will continue to receive health benefits and be allowed to file for unemployment benefits in their respective states of residence, the unit said. Some eligible employees will be offered permanent transfer opportunities to other markets that have hiring needs. 

FedEx Freight said earlier this month that it would move to voluntary furloughs in seeking to align its driver workforce with less demand for LTL services due to a slowing economy. 

Sure thing…they can try to spin it any way that they like but the bottom line is that the economy is slowing down to a crawl and a massive depression is about to begin! They’re spinning it to keep everyone calm but the damage has already been done and the layoffs are here and they will get much worse! Prayed up and prepped up guys, this won’t be getting any better!

All of that and much more are in today’s video report. All of the links are below as always.

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417% Layoff Increase from 2021

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  • 260,000 New FEMA jobs….
    90,000 New IRS “” Agent “”: jobs ….

    These are the jobs they’re talking about!

    I’m like…. Seriously??

    Yet, The workforce of the People….
    Zip !!! … Zero , Nada, ….And Everywhere, we See Jobs available??

    You Nailed it brother 💯💯💯💯

    It’s all part of the illusion ongoing indeed brother 💯

    Thank You for everything you do brother 💯

  • They made everything look nice nice for elections now the shtf reality is coming.

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