Masking Madness is Back in Schools after Winter Break

And it STILL WILL NOT WORK NO MATTER HOW BADLY YOUR FEELINGS WANT IT TO! I’m already seeing more and more fools masking up in the store in the Spokane WA area and soon it will become mandatory again. Here is more from MSN and my video below. Don’t fall for this crap again guys!

The Boston Public Schools district is considering imposing a temporary mask mandate when classes resume next month, adding the Massachusetts city to a growing list of districts requiring face coverings again for students.

It will reportedly make its decision by the end of the week on whether students, faculty, and staff will have to mask up again. In a message to parents and staff, district Superintendent Mary Skipper said such a mandate would be temporary and likely only last two weeks.


“While you are away on your winter break, we will continue to meet with the Boston Public Health Commission to discuss any possible changes to our COVID protocols, such as a temporary masking mandate for the first two weeks of school after the break,” Skipper said. article

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