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Worldwide Track and Control Grid Being put up Right Under Our Noses

It all goes back to the “Internet of Bodies” or IOB for short that they have planned for us in the NEAR FUTURE, LIKE 2023! Nigeria is one of the nations that will severely restrict cash beginning in January 2023, limiting withdrawals to about $220 US money per week for individuals. That is only the beginning as you’ll find out in today’s information packed video! I will put all of the links below as well.

First up Leo Hohmann and part of his article from Truth Talk UK.

The Central Bank of Nigeria announced it will begin, effective in January, restricting cash withdrawals from banks and ATMs to just $45 per day as part of a push to move the country toward a cashless economy.

If this were a one-off, I wouldn’t bother writing about it. But it comes on the heels of mega-banks announcing similarly creepy new policies in recent months in China, India, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, the U.S. and many other nations, all pointing to an imminent switch over to a global digital money system.

In the U.S., the Federal Reserve put out an announcement in November that it is launching a 12-week “pilot program” to test out a new central bank digital currency, or CBDC, with six major banks.

Thursday’s announcement in Nigeria is also a big deal because Nigeria is one of only nine countries that have already launched an official CBDC. That happened earlier this year, and now they are already moving to restrict the use of cash. This proves that digital currencies were never designed to function alongside paper currencies but rather to replace them.

Fox News reports that the Central Bank of Nigeria will limit weekly cash withdrawals to 100,000 naira ($225) for individuals and 500,000 naira ($1,124) for corporations, with a processing fee required to access more.

Here is today’s video. Please share this with anyone you care about! Johnny

Global Banks Race to Digital Currency

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Artificial Womb Facility

Rumble Version of my video

Bitchute Version of my video

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Welcoming remarks by Chair Powell at the Inaugural Conference on the International Roles of the U.S. Dollar – Federal Reserve Board

Good morning, and welcome to the inaugural conference on the International Roles of the U.S. Dollar. Thank you all for participating and for lending your exper
— Read on www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/speech/powell20220617a.htm

Here is the speech where Powel discusses the digital dollar exchange called Fednow.

New Digital Bitcoin Machines Replacing ATMs in Stores Nationwide!

Everything is going digital and the ATMs are being phased out by these new Coinflip machines. I received this email from a subscriber and it included a picture of one of these machines next to an ATM. As you can see the ATM is “out of order”. How convenient.

Below is the email I received.

Me and wife have traveled 35,000 miles since May but the first bitcoin ATM was in Florida panhandle bait shop the owner was freaked well we went all the way to Cheyenne Wyoming hundreds of regulars replaced with these. I tried getting pics of the black lights at the entrances I seen half the Walmart’s are getting total overhauls for “easier” shopping more self checks just ask Google why Walmart’s remodeling thousands of stores Google tells you. Also while watching bitchute about the Bluetooth found new Bluetooth reader apps that “WILL” scan vaxed numbers then clear it wait outside and scan them again, SAME NUMBER , AND SOME SAID ITS THE PERSONS PHONE CODE , EXCEPT THEY DIDNT HAVE THEIR PHONES EVEN CLOSE. MY NAMES SHAWN MAY IF YOU WANT TO USE THE PHOTO IT WAS TAKEN JUST INSIDE MISSOURI AT A GAS STATION CLOSE TO KENTUCKY.
Another was the Alabama dollar general that truly was sold out of 70% of the store the manager says 3 weeks between trucks most are down to 1 every 2 weeks.
Brother I pray you see what we’ve been documenting since May. If you haven’t seen the bill gates God gene killer he was telling Cia they would put in flu vaccines or “COVID” vaccine. 2014. I think this “WAR” is a cover to get all the systems in place by mid to late summer when food and fuels rationed. Can you see it now! After we seen it you can’t just turn it off. God help us. I woke up to the Holy Spirit saying get home so we turned around and got to Kentucky at least .

God’s people are being warned everywhere that TIME IS SHORT! This couple were just told by the Holy Spirit to TURN AROUND AND GET HOME! Seek Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior TODAY before it’s too late!

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