Welcoming remarks by Chair Powell at the Inaugural Conference on the International Roles of the U.S. Dollar – Federal Reserve Board

Good morning, and welcome to the inaugural conference on the International Roles of the U.S. Dollar. Thank you all for participating and for lending your exper
— Read on www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/speech/powell20220617a.htm

Here is the speech where Powel discusses the digital dollar exchange called Fednow.


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  • whats welcoming about it? a tree fell in the forest, on executive order, 14067, , if they manage to get, a new admin. and house majority and senate repubs., , does that make previous pres. executive orders null and void?,, , even though it will be a smalll reprieve, none the less, anyone know how this works?, cant wont live in fear, , , , just askin, anyone know about these exec. orders, and how they work?, we do know what they all doing behind the scenes anyways, but like i said, , , , could be a small reprieve, for awhile, if this be the case? amazed, , not even bloomberg ect. even mentioning, .

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