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Charles Lawson – What is it like in HELL??? Very Powerful Sermon

YT link https://youtu.be/7rjFygmCpDc

This is definitely what we need to be sharing and talking about NOW as time is so short!

At the end of the day it’s the GOOD NEWS of John 3:16 that they don’t want us speaking about! Only Jesus Christ can save you from hell and death. He said it himself “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but by me.” John 14:6

I’m still dealing with major neck/back issues which has led to these migraines. I will post what I can when I can. Thank you for the prayers 🙏and advice.

Extreme Police State Censorship to be Established in the U.S. with the Tik Tok Ban Bill S686

group of policemen on horse

For example using a VPN to access restricted content in a designated enemy country can get you 20 years in prison and/or a $250,0000 fine. The rest is in the video and a link to the bill is below. Prayed up and prepped up, time is definitely short!

Bill Summary

Bill Text in full

My video on rumble

My video on bitchute

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The main laptop has been hacked

unrecognizable hacker with smartphone typing on laptop at desk

The laptop that I use to record, process, produce and edit the shows has been hacked. The video that I had produced that I was going to put up today basically had no sound so therefore I did not upload it, because you would not be able to hear it anyway.

Also, I can’t do anything with it when I move the mouse around it doesn’t really follow. It does what it wants to do and it’s searching for files it wants to find on its own. At the end of the day, I’m gonna have to have this one wiped and redone and or I will have to buy a new machine.

So where do I go from here? While I can still write blogs and I can still even record with my iPad and maybe my iPhone, it’s a big loss to have at this juncture.

In the meantime, subscribe to the website if you haven’t already also make sure and subscribe to the Telegram channel. I will continue to post here on the website and on the Telegram channel even if the laptop is down, so stay tuned I will keep posting things. I just won’t be able to do any videos for now until I get some type of laptop up and running so I can use my professional equipment.

Blessings to you don’t worry I’m not going away.


Don’t Speak II, we have removed your channel from YouTube

Well we all knew this day was coming and here it is, we have been REMOVED from YouTube. This is the second channel I’ve had taken down as the first Don’t Speak News channel went down in November of 2020.

So in the last 2 years we have lost 2 funding options, 2 YouTube channels, our Twitter account, affiliate accounts (paid us commission) and we can’t be paid for ads. I’d say we are one of the most heavily censored websites and channels on the internet even though we are super small compared to others. We must be doing something right. Here are the details in todays video.

The YouTube channel is down for 2 weeks

For a months old video about Israeli military based in Azerbaijan. Of course it’s 100% true and Israel hasn’t tried to hide it but once again they hate me and peons like me aren’t allowed to report such things.

I can think of a few cuss words for them (Zionists and YouTube) but I will restrain my emotions as it will do no good.

I don’t know what will happen to the channel but the website remains. I will also post a lot on telegram for stuff I don’t get a chance to report on.

The problem is only about 1500 out of 15,000 subscribers actually visit the website. Now everyone else will be mad at me again for “abandoning” them even though I make the effort to mention the website daily.

Please share the information I put here on the website so we can reach enough people for this to make sense to continue. God bless and take care.

UN Declares War on ‘Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories: ‘The World Is NOT Secretly Manipulated By Global Elite’

According to the “fact checkers” there’s nothing to see here, move along now.

The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theories, describing the rise of conspiracy thinking as “worrying and dangerous”, and providing the public with a toolkit to “prebunk” and “debunk” anybody who dares to suggest that world governments are anything but completely honest, upstanding and transparent.

Source Newspunch

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Coyote Peterson Leaks Photos of ‘Bigfoot Skull’ Found in British Columbia, Warns Officials Will ‘Cover Up’ Proof – News Punch

YouTuber Coyote Peterson has posted photos of what he claims is a “Bigfoot skull” found in British Columbia.
— Read on newspunch.com/coyote-peterson-leaks-photos-of-bigfoot-skull-found-in-british-columbia-warns-officials-will-cover-up-proof/

Now there’s some exciting news! I pray it’s legitimate! Jesus said that in the end times everything would be revealed and nothing would remain hidden!

Main YouTube Channel Down for 2 Weeks for “Community Guidelines Strike”

THE MAIN CHANNEL WILL BE DOWN UNTIL JUNE 23RD! Make sure and bookmark the website because this will be our main outlet from here on out! I will only be posting links back here on YT. God bless!

Censorship is alive and well on YouTube. All I did was make a 30 second video telling you about a new post here on the website and BOOM, strike 2! One more strike and we’re gone for good so make sure to bookmark the website here and the telegram and backup channels.

You can support this ministry and keep us on the internet using the links below.  Patreon is gone so we have PayPal and Cash App left to us below.  We have also added a new monthly support option through the website.  That link is below as well.  Thank you again and God bless!

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European Satellite Operator Takes German RT Channel Off Air After Russia Row

Now they’re cutting off each others’ Press Corp. I guess if you can’t control the narrative just shut off the other side. Prayed up and prepped up guys, war is coming. From Barrons.com

European satellite operator Eutelsat on Wednesday stopped broadcasting the German-language channel of Russian state broadcaster RT, German regulators said, in the latest escalation of a media spat between the countries.

The MABB regulator said RT DE had neither requested nor been granted a broadcasting license from the German body, and that Eutelsat had been informed of the dispute.

As a result, “Eutelsat ceased satellite broadcasting of the programme ‘RT DE'”, MABB told AFP in a statement.

The move comes days after YouTube blocked a third German-language RT channel, angering Moscow.

RT DE said the latest attempt to block its broadcasts was “illegal” and the result of political pressure from Berlin, at a time of diplomatic tensions between Germany and Russia. Source

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The Power Base of the World has Shifted from the West to the East as Canada and Parts of the U.S. Start to Model China

It should be painfully obvious by now that the U.S. days as the worlds policeman are coming to an end.

China is taking over the internet and more…

That power is now going over to China and to Russia respectively. You can see this with Russia starting to decouple from the dollar with their plans to exit the SWIFT banking system in the west to a new system with Iran called Sepam, and the Chinese making major moves with their Naval expansion in the Pacific AND now the Atlantic as well.

Now we have Chinese leader Xi Jinping calling for China to control the worlds internet and some of those documents have leaked out. Here is some of that story from the Epoch Times

Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally directed the country’s communist regime to focus its efforts to control the global internet, displacing the influential role of the United States, according to internal government documents recently obtained by The Epoch Times.

In a January 2017 speech, Xi spoke about how the “power to control the internet” had become the “new focal point of [China’s] national strategic contest,” and singled out the United States as a “rival force” standing in the way of the regime’s ambitions, according to a government document relaying the speech’s message.

The ultimate goal was for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to control all content on the global internet so that the regime could wield what Xi described as “discourse power” over communications and discussions on the world stage.

Xi articulated a vision of “using technology to rule the internet” to achieve total control over every part of the online ecosystem, such as applications, content, quality, capital, and manpower.

His remarks were made at the fourth leadership meeting of the regime’s top internet regulator, the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, in Beijing on Jan. 4, 2017. They were summarized in internal documents issued by the Liaoning provincial government, located in northeastern China.

Not only that but in case you haven’t been paying attention, Canada has been adopting a lot of the Chinese model in regard to their draconian lockdowns in Ontario and other provinces, and now Trudeu wants to adopt the Chinese internet model with bill labeled “C-10”, which would require that offending content be removed within 24 hours or significant penalties will be imposed. Here is that story from capforcanada and author Michael Geist.

China’s internet censorship is more comprehensive than any other country in the world. China’s firewall blocks website content and monitors internet access.

“Laws and regulations prohibit the spread of information that contains content subverting state power, undermining national unity [or] infringing upon national honour and interests.” 

Dr. Michael Geist, law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, has the following to say about Bill C-10:

“As government moves to create the Great Canadian Internet Firewall, net neutrality is out and mandated internet blocking is in.”

In an obvious reference to the Great Internet Firewall of China, Prof. Geist reveals the Trudeau government’s emulation of communist-style censorship.

In China,Freedom of expression and due process is out, quick takedowns without independent review and increased liability are in.

Bill C-10 is expected to mandate content removals within 24 hours with significant penalties for failure to do so.

In the same capacity as major Chinese corporations, China’s Internet Firewall places control of the internet into the hands of government. Justin Trudeau’s internet censorship agenda will place control of web content under the Canadian Broadcasting Act– therefore under control of the government of Canada.

The person charged with implementing Bill C-10, Liberal Heritage Minister Stephen Guilbeault, admitted that no form of public consultation has been held regarding the pending censorship.

Professor Michael Geist: “this alone should be disqualifying as no government should introduce censorship legislation that mandates website blocking, eradicates net neutrality, harms freedom of expression, and dispenses with due process without having ever consulted Canadians on the issue.” Sounds positively communist, no?

According to Global News, “recent government changes to Bill C-10 could expand regulation to everything individual Canadians put on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.”

Under China’s Firewall, internet censorship permits blocking of social websites like Gmail, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The final shift to the social credit/beast system that was modeled and perfected in China is now moving out to the entire world. As China takes control of the internet, what you’ll see will be severely restricted just as it now is in China. Speaking of which VPNs are the only way the Chinese can get around their “Great Firewall” (We use Express VPN because it WORKS). and soon they will criminalize the Bible as “hate speech” in the West as it’s written and they will require changes be made (just like China has) and only the “sanitized” Bible authorized by the state will be allowed. Here’s a video on the recent Chinese recent crackdown on Bible apps.

From Christian News Channel

Everything is unfolding before our eyes, please seek Jesus Christ NOW while you can still find Him! He is coming back soon!

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