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We were contacted by Lucas, the founder last week and we are now an affiliate with the Hero Soap Company! It was founded by veterans who found how hard it was for a lot of veterans to transition from military to civilian life. Now they’re giving back to charities that support veterans, first responders and their families!

I made a short video below to show you how it looks and how it works for me! I really love the Peppermint Cool bar I’m using now and I plan on buying more once I’m out! The soap is all natural with NO PERFUMES or other chemicals to irritate your skin! This is made with goats milk and essential oils along with coconut and palm oils. It really is refreshing!

If you purchase through our link HERE then we get a small affiliate commission and you help support the channel and website! Make sure and use the promo code STORM to get 10% off your purchase! Thank you and God bless!

Column of US Troops Heads BACK to Syria

The development comes after Washington decided to withdraw US troops from northeastern Syria following the start of a Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces on October 9.

A column of US troops has returned to northeastern Syria’s al-Hasakah Province from Iraq, Syria TV reports.

The news outlet claimed that “the column of American occupation forces entered […] the province through the illegal al-Walid border crossing” and that the column, which includes “dozens of soldiers and military hardware” is covered by US combat helicopters.

This comes a day after US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said that the US would maintain a “reduced presence” in Syria, citing concerns about Daesh terrorists taking control of nearby oil fields.

Almost two weeks ago, Esper pledged that the US would withdraw all of its force of 1,000 soldiers from northeastern Syria, after Turkey launched its military operation in the area to drive Kurdish militias and remaining Daesh militants away from the border.

Russia Concerned Over US Military Returning to Northern Syria

Commenting on Esper’s statement that some US troops will remain in north-eastern Syria, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the statement did not come as a surprise.

“What Washington does now – the capture and holding under its armed control of oil fields in Eastern Syria is, simply speaking, international state banditism,” he stressed, adding that Syrian oil reserves and other mineral resources belong solely to the Syrian Arab Republic, not to Daesh or to “American protectors from Daesh terrorists”.

He also said that “neither international law, nor the American legislation itself can justify the US troops’ goal to guard Syrian hydrocarbon reserves from Syria itself and its people.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov suggested that the fresh contradictory signals the US has sent regarding Syria may indicate Washington’s desire to maintain conditions that allow for continued pressure on Damascus.

“We are very definitely worried that the signals from the White House may reflect the same attitude: to preserve the conditions for continuing multi-component pressure on the legitimate authorities in Damascus”, he pointed out, adding that “this is the moment we don’t agree and we can’t agree with the United States on the situation.”

He said that Moscow “would not like new complications” on the Syria issue, touting the work that “has been done at the level of the leadership of Russia and Turkey in recent days.”

“The results of the negotiations in Sochi should not tempt anyone to reformat or change something again,” Ryabkov emphasised. From Sputnik


How to Prepare for the Weather in Madison, Wisconsin (and Winter in General)

Winter in Madison

Sooner or later winter will be upon us. While most areas of the United States can manage to ride out the colder months, others aren’t so fortunate. New England states have winters that vary in coldness by their closeness to Canada. The same also goes for Wisconsin, as well.  Since some of our subscribers live in Wisconsin and the winters there are extreme, I figured this was as good a place as any to start.  

  Wisconsin started 2019 off with an arctic blast that burst water pipes, snapped rail lines, and caused cancellations across schools and businesses. According to the National Weather Service, cold weather causes an average of 28 deaths per year. Here are some tips to stay safe during winter in Wisconsin.

Boots, Not Shoes

  Your face may bear the brunt of the cold, but it’s your feet that affect your overall health. So it makes sense to find footwear that insulates your feet as well as your body.

  Choose a pair of boots that are sturdy and able to keep your feet free from moisture. If they’re comfortable enough, you could get away with wearing them year-round. While most people layer up their clothing, layering up your socks will only cut off circulation making your feet feel colder than they are.

Hand Warmers

  Keeping your fingers together inside your mittens, or gloves, is one way to keep your hands warm. For truly bitter cold climates, however, there are hand warming pads.

  Hand warmers are basically the temperate opposite of the cold packs you would use to ice over wounds. The pocket-sized gel pads emit a heat sensation when placed inside your gloves (or shoes). They are commercially available in air-tight packs of 2 for $2.

Giant Scarves

  Scarves are something of an extraneous, but underappreciated garment item. You might see people wearing these giant, colorful scarves and think they’re being showy. In fact, they’re being practical.

     A scarf can mask one’s face and be used as an emergency blanket. Whether wool or cotton, a giant scarf can be vital in a moment where you need to keep warm in an area with low heating. Whole-body scarves may be excessive (and expensive), so find a “shawl” length scarf for easier portability.  

Winterize Your Car

  Living in Wisconsin, especially rural areas, means having constant access to a set of wheels. Getting your vehicle prepared for the winter should be the first task you should do in the fall.

  The fluid levels, such as oil, antifreeze, and wiper fluid, should all be checked. Opt for an antifreeze-water mixture and make sure the oil is winter grade. Tires should be rotated and replaced if they’re going bald.

Also make sure and have an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. Make sure you have some emergency blankets for heat as well. Many people have frozen to death in their stalled car in the winter.

Safe Alternative Heating   

  You might have a hot heating system, but what if it wasn’t so hot? In Wisconsin, “Madison homes for sale” listings need to advertise alternative heating sources.

  Fireplaces and wood-stoves are time-tested alternatives to modern heating. Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector along with your smoke detector. To avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, keep any fuel-burning back-up generators outside. If you invest in a space heater, place it on a non-combustible surface to avoid a fire.

Louisiana sheriff’s deputy, junior-high teacher wife held on child rape and porn charges

Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office

Both husband and wife were charged with 60 counts of production of pornography involving a child under 13, as well as rape charges, authorities said.

Dennis Perkins was additionally charged with obstruction of justice because he allegedly tossed his cellphone into a river after realizing investigators were about to arrest him while he was on a fishing trip, a source told FOX 8.

The investigation into the couple’s alleged crimes began with a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, The Advocate of Baton Rouge reported.

The number of children who may have been victims of the couple wasn’t immediately known, authorities told the newspaper. Read the rest of the story from Fox News HERE

Stories like this sadden me greatly and truly shows us how far this world has fallen. Here we had 2 people who had the public trust when it came to protecting and educating our children. Yet what they’re charged with shows that they were the predators, the wolves in sheeps clothing. It prompts me to ask the question, How much of this is going on that we don’t ever hear about?

That is a scary thought especially when you look at books like the Franklin cover ups and the Jeffrey Epstein story. Child sex trafficking is taking place at all levels of society including high level government officials, billionaires, CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers, and other professionals as we see here. If they aren’t involved in the actual trafficking they support it by buying the films and paying for sex with underage children.

It appears that the whole Eptsein affair is being buried in the media since he supposedly killed himself in a maximum security jail. Why? Because the elites not only want the story to go away but so does the public at large. No one wants to believe that people they look up to are deviant child molesters (or worse). They want to believe in the lies, just as the Bible talks about in 2 Thessalonians 2:11, so God will give them over to the lies. It’s hard to believe but it’s true because I see it all around me everyday I go out and about. Most people don’t want to know, period.

Jesus talked about how horrible it will be for those who harm His children in Matthew 18:6. Always be watchful and prayerful and keep a sharp eye on your children’s teachers and other authority figures. In the end it will be you and I as parents who are held to account by Jesus, Romans 14:12. Don’t try to pass responsibility to the schools or the state, YOU as parents are solely responsible for your child’s well being. Please pay attention.

God bless and stand firm!


UN: First local polio case found in Zambia since 1995

It appears that the VACCINE ITSELF is the culprit here as the polio virus has spread to 9 different nations in Africa. More cases have been reported in China, Myanmar and the Philippines. It appears that the virus it has been mutating in the wild and now the WHO is concerned it will spread and possibly spark new outbreaks.

Jesus Himself talked about the pestilences in the last days in Luke 21:11 and Matthew 24:7. There are all kinds of viruses that are mutating daily and bacteria (super bugs) that are becoming immune to whatever type of antibiotic we throw at them. Now imagine society breaking down to the point where we don’t have power or running water for an extended period of time, say 1-3 months. What happens then?

We can’t prepare for every single event but do your best to make sure you have masks, gloves, disinfectants and other first aid items on hand. Do the best you can but there are all kinds of prepping lists you can look at for free online. Here is a list for “Zombie Preparedness” from the CDC you can check out! There’s a lot of good material HERE.

This won’t be the end of outbreaks of both new viruses and old ones that have mutated. They’re mutating because they’re designed to do so. Remember the Georgia Guide-stones? If you don’t know what they are you better go take a look HERE. The goal of the “illuminated” elite is to get the population of earth down to 500 million. Weaponized viruses and bacteria are a very effective way of doing that and it comes with built in deniability. They establishment will blame an outbreak on “those damn anti-vaxxers” or other such nonsense while never having the light put where it belongs, on them!

I’ll link to the article on this polio case HERE. No we can’t prevent what’s coming during the end times but we can be ready for it. Spiritually first (Prayed up) and physically (prepped up) at all times! You never know when it’s your time to leave this world and move onto the next so staying right with God is crucial, both for your salvation and for instruction from the Holy Spirit! When it gets rough or looks impossible you’re going to need some supernatural help! Remember it might be impossible to you but NOT to God, Luke 18:27. Look at Psalm 91 and remember those promises!

That’s it for now. God bless and stay ready!


The Fog of War and Civil Unrest Worldwide!

The world as we know it is shaking with violence on a scale not seen in quite some time! It seems as if all of South America is erupting in violent protest with Ecuador and Chile being the latest cases. The same can be said for much of Africa and parts of Europe as well. The world at large is starting to wake up to all of the corruption and deception that surrounds them.

In essence people are sick and tired of the elites of the world telling us how we’re the ones killing the planet, as they travel in private jets and own mansions around the world. In tonight’s video I summarize the rising tide of rebellion and the state of the war in Syria.

California’s New ‘Red Flag’ Gun Law So Extreme ACLU Deems “Significant Threat To Civil Liberties”

Red Flagging, the New Swatting

From Zero Hedge…

California adopted 15 firearms-related bills last Friday, including a controversial ‘red flag’ gun confiscation law which adds co-workers, employers and educators to the list of who can file a gun violence restraining order on those they say are a danger to themselves and others. Currently, only law enforcement and immediate family members can apply to temporarily confiscate peoples’ firearms. Most of the new laws take effect January 1, according to the LA Times.

Signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) after being vetoed twice by his Democratic predecessor Jerry Brown (who said that educators can work through family members or law enforcement if a restraining order is required), the gun confiscation bill is so broad that the ACLU said it “poses a significant threat to civil liberties” since guns can be seized from owners before they have an opportunity to contest the requests, and those making the requests may “lack the relationship or skills required to make an appropriate assessment,” NBC San Diego reports.

All that’s needed for a co-worker or educator to file a complaint is to have had “substantial and regular interactions” with gun owners, along with permission from their employers or school administrators. Those seeking the orders will be required to file a sworn statement outlining their concerns.

The author of the bill, Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco, said that “With school and workplace shootings on the rise, it’s common sense to give the people we see every day the power to intervene and prevent tragedies,” citing a recent study which found that 21 mass shootings may have been prevented by a gun restraining order.

Meanwhile, a companion bill signed by Newsom and written by Democratic Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin of Thousand Oaks allows gun violence restraining orders to last one and five years, though gun owners would be allowed to petition the state to get their guns back earlier. In another Ting-authored companion bill, gun owners who agree to voluntarily surrender their firearms can notify the court via a form, vs. a hearing which Ting says wastes time and resources.

The National Rifle Association (NRA)’s Amy Hunter, meanwhile, said of another bill signed on Friday (SB 61) which prohibits Californians from buying more than one semiautomatic rifle per month, and bans the sale of such rifles to those younger than 21: “This bill places burdens on law-abiding residents,” adding “It will not make anyone safer.”

Republican state legislators criticized the one-gun-a-month bill, as well as the state’s failure to remove guns from the thousands of felons and the severely mentally ill as they are already empowered to do so.

“Instead we continue to do more and more legislation that interferes with the law-abiding citizen’s right to own and possess firearms, which is their constitutional right to do,” said Yuba City Republican Assemblyman James Gallagher (LA Times).

According to the Times, other bills signed Friday by Newsom will:

Allow those subject to a gun-violence restraining order to submit a form to the court voluntarily relinquishing their firearm rights
Require firearm packaging to contain a warning statement on suicide prevention
Mandate that county sheriffs who issue licenses for concealed weapons charge a fee covering the cost of vetting the applicant, thus eliminating the current $100 cap on fees
Prohibit gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego County
Require, starting in 2024, that the sale of components used to build a firearm — often used to build untraceable “ghost guns” — be carried out through a licensed vendor.

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