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Israeli Military Deployed to border of Azerbaijan and Iran

close up of the flag of israel

The Israeli military is located a few kilometers from the border with Iran.

The presence of the Israeli military has been recorded on the border with Iran for the past few months. The latter were discovered after the interception of conversations on the VHF band. Moreover, the Israeli military is suppressing the Iranian fleet and a number of military bases located near the border with Iran with the help of powerful electronic warfare systems. Information on this subject is provided by the Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

As follows from the data presented, over the past few months, the Israeli military, using electronic warfare, has been jamming GPS signals in Iran and conducting electronic warfare against Iranian warships in the waters of the Caspian Sea. Moreover, thanks to the interception of communications, it was established that we are talking about the Israeli military. This, against the background of several flights of Israeli military aircraft to Azerbaijan, indicates that Azerbaijan is actively contributing to the presence of the IDF in close proximity to the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“For almost a month now, the GPS of Iranian ships in the Caspian Sea, passing near the coastal strip of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has been violated. On the VHF bands, there were several times people who spoke Hebrew , ”reports Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

In all likelihood, it is precisely with this fact that the direct presence of Iranian troops on the border with Azerbaijan is connected, since earlier information has repeatedly appeared that Israeli attack drones and fighter jets may be located on the territory of Azerbaijan, preparing to strike at the Islamic Republic.

Thousands of Troops Deployed London:

80KM Chinese Column:

US Navy Drones:


London Bridge

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Russian Nukes Can Be Used To Defend Annexed Ukraine Regions, Kremlin Warns

Once again Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, has served the role of issuing more severe ‘read between the lines’ warnings and threats fresh off President Vladimir Putin’s Wednesday speech announcing partial mobilization of national forces and which confirmed referendums of occupied portions of Ukraine to join the Russian Federation. 

Putin’s most alarming line came when he said, “If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people,” following with “It’s not a bluff.” He had also stressed Moscow is ready to use “all available” means to protect its “territorial integrity”. 

Medvedev has taken the president’s words further in Thursday statements, stressing that regarding Russian-seized territory and the move to vote in several areas – including the LPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions – “there is no going back” and that even a ‘nuclear option’ could be on the table.

Germany article:

Russian Nukes can be used:

Russian Reserves Rushing to recruitment centers:

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What a Journey it has Been! Long Term Goal Achieved!

Today has been quite a trip all by itself as well! I had to have some bloodwork done for my annual physical and some other issues I’ve had going on and to my surprise I had achieved my weight loss goal! I knew I was getting close and today it all hit me, I FINALLY MADE IT!

First let me show you the before pic and it’s terrible. This was taken in July 2014 and standing next to me is Pastor Chuck Baldwin from Liberty Fellowship in Montana (when I had “the Johnny Storm Show podcast). This was right before my wife and I made the final move to MT in October 2014. I didn’t know it yet but I was about to be sicker than I’d ever been in my life in a few months. At this point I weighed in at a hefty 325!!!

This is me today at 225lbs! 100lbs gone! That’s like almost an entire person! While things aren’t perfect I sure feel WAY BETTER than I did back then!

After defeating type 2 diabetes, losing 100lbs, defeating colon cancer last year, “covid” aka nanotech poisoning in 2020, I can definitely say “by the grace of God go I”. I WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY if Jesus hadn’t chosen me, picked me up off the ground, cleaned me up and got me back on track. Don’t EVER GIVE UP! YOU CAN do all things through Christ who will strengthen you if you give Him the chance! Obviously I had to repent of my bad diet/lifestyle and I ditched it all very fast!

I’m not saying any of it has been easy, not a chance but it has all been worth it! I wouldn’t trade any of the brutal rough times I’ve been through because it’s made me so much stronger and ready and able to deal with what we have going on today!

I also have to thank my wife Lisa without whom I don’t know if I would’ve made it through all of this mess. I love you dearly babe!

Stay ready, stay PRAYED UP AND PREPPED UP because I do believe our time is very short! God bless and stay ready!

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Biden’s allegations about Russia’s supposed nuclear escalation in Ukraine are hypocrisy

This is a guest post from Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The usage of weapons of mass destruction in a conflict hasn’t happened since August 9, 1945, when the United States of America dropped the second atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki (the first one destroyed Hiroshima just three days prior), killing tens of thousands of civilians in seconds. With well over a thousand tests, the US is also infamous for detonating the largest number of atomic and thermonuclear weapons in history.

And yet, the belligerent thalassocracy is also known for using weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) as a pretext to launch wars of aggression and invasions against dozens of sovereign countries, supposedly to prevent the usage of such weapons in war. The most prominent example of this must be Iraq, which the US and its numerous satellite states have attacked multiple times under this pretext. Iraqi WMDs were never found, although the US still insists that the destruction of the Middle Eastern country was supposedly justified.

Even though virtually the entire world knows that the US accusations against Iraq were based on false claims, America seems determined to continue using this pretext when attacking others. It has been accusing Syria of using chemical weapons for over a decade now, all without solid proof and has even directly attacked the country and its security forces under this pretext.

In addition to Syria, the US-led political West is making the same allegations against Russia. Since February 24, the US and its numerous vassals have been accusing Moscow of using chemical weapons during its special military operation against the Neo-Nazi junta in Kiev. Western state and corporate-run mainstream media have been spinning this narrative for months, especially in April and May. However, US President Joe Biden has upped the ante and effectively accused Russia of planning to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

On Sunday, September 18, during a “60 Minutes” interview, Joe Biden “issued a warning” to his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, to “not change the face of war” by supposedly “using either tactical nuclear or chemical weapons” against the Kiev regime forces. “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. You will change the face of war unlike anything since World War II,” the US president stated while speaking to CBS interviewer Scott Pelley.

The question was most likely staged as a way to portray Russia in the worst possible light while presenting the US as the supposed “voice of reason,” which is quite hypocritical given the US history of using WMDs. Biden didn’t specify what the US would do in case Russia decided to use such weapons, but he claimed that it would be “consequential” and that the end result would be: “They’ll become more of a pariah in the world than they ever have been.” Without going into specifics, he stated that the US reaction would “depend on the extent of what they do.”

It’s quite clear these warnings and empty threats are primarily designed for domestic use, given the unflattering state of America’s economy and the severe inflation which is hurting the American people’s purchasing power. In addition, there have been no indicators that Russia is planning to use any sort of WMDs, especially given the fact that the Eurasian giant hasn’t declared war or national mobilization. Russia’s strategic forces have been put on high alert in previous months, but this was in response to US and NATO actions.

The Kiev regime has regularly been accusing Russia of alleged chemical weapons usage, but none of these claims were ever supported by any evidence and were mostly used for war propaganda purposes. More recently, the Kiev regime officials have also been claiming that Russia is now using the Soviet-era Zaporozhye nuclear power plant for “nuclear blackmail” and to “unleash nuclear terror”. These allegations are quite strange and even ironic, given the fact that the Neo-Nazi junta forces have been shelling the nuclear power plant for months, risking a potential nuclear catastrophe, possibly orders of magnitude worse than the 1986 Chernobyl or 2011 Fukushima disasters.

In early August, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated that the world was “one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation.” At the time, Guterres added that “we have been extraordinarily lucky so far” and called for a broader stand-down of all nuclear-armed powers’ arsenals, but also stressed that the “luck” the world had enjoyed so far in avoiding a nuclear catastrophe “may not last” and urged the world to “renew a push towards eliminating all such weapons.”

“Luck is not a strategy. Nor is it a shield from geopolitical tensions boiling over into nuclear conflict,” he concluded.

Moscow has also voiced its own concern for the potential of nuclear escalation, but these warnings were directed at the political West, particularly its military wing in the form of NATO, which has been conducting a crawling expansion toward Russia’s borders for over three decades now, despite promises not to do so.

In April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov vowed that Moscow would do everything in its power to avoid using nuclear weapons. However, he also stressed the danger of underestimating how fast things could spiral out of control in Ukraine if the political West continued its belligerent policies towards Russia. Lavrov’s comments were specifically directed at NATO and its destabilizing role in Ukraine as the aggressive military alliance has been effectively engaged in a proxy war against Russia by supplying billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to the Neo-Nazi junta in Kiev.

Source: InfoBrics

NATO Officers are in Odessa Ukraine Running the Show/War

Now we have more proof positive that NATO officers are in Ukraine running the war and this is why (along with an influx of Mercenaries from the west) Russia has lost some ground in the Donbass region. Gee is this another reason that Russia is talking openly about a general mobilization of their reserves and the civilian population??? Here is more from, translated using Google for your convenience.

I’ve also included today’s video on the war.

Regular NATO officers and the American military command are located on the territory of Odessa.

On the territory of the city, in fact, a whole command center is located, from which not only the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also the leadership of individual regions of Ukraine are controlled. Information on this subject, among other things, was confirmed by a number of sources in the law enforcement agencies of the Kherson region.

According to the data presented, the control of Ukrainian troops is carried out directly under the control of the US military command and, probably, NATO officers.

“An American officer oversees the work of the governor of the Nikolaev region Vitaly Kim and the head of the region’s defense, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Marchenko, from Odessa, a representative of the law enforcement agencies of the Kherson region told us. It is also reported that they have not been living in Nikolaev for several months. According to preliminary information, Vitaly Kim lives in two cities: either in Odessa or in Nikolaev. Earlier, Kim announced plans to close Nikolaev for one or two days “to neutralize collaborators and traitors.” He stated that all residents were under suspicion ,” the TASS news agency reports.

Information about the presence of a foreign military command on the territory of Odessa has repeatedly appeared before, however, apparently, confirmation of this has appeared only now.
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Biden to rally leaders at UN:

Russia Votes for Mobilization:

Putin Speech:

Kherson Region to Vote to join Russia:

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Pharmacy Covers up Vaccine Death! They’re “not commenting on that, per my manager” …

These people are complicit with the powers of this world in murder and genocide. Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil.

Telegram link

CHRISLAM CONFIRMED as new ONE WORLD RELIGION at 7th World Religious Leaders Congress in Kazakhstan

Wow things are moving FAST on the world stage as we now have CHRISLAM confirmed as the new one world religion by the so called “World Congress of Religious Leaders”. As you can see it follows the political (and new age) doctrine of “unity” and “tolerance” of all religions and cultures. It will sound great to the world but it is another deception of Satan.

It doesn’t matter if Pope Francis is the final pope aka the false prophet or not. It’s what he’s set into motion by signing this document that matters for this story. I will put my video and the links below.

FROM EMIRATES NEWS: The world religious leaders today adopted the Human Fraternity Document signed by His Eminence the Grand Imam of Al Azhar and Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb, and His Holiness Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, in Abu Dhabi in 2019. This came during the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions which concluded on Thursday.

Some highlights from the 7th World Congress of Religions:

  • We note that pluralism in terms of differences in skin color, gender, race, language and culture are expressions of the wisdom of God in creation. Religious diversity is permitted by God and, therefore, any coercion to a particular religion and religious doctrine is unacceptable.
  • We recognize the importance and value of the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together between the Holy See and Al-Azhar Al-Sharif (adopted by the UN General Assembly in resolution A/RES/75/200 of December 21, 2020), and the Makkah Declaration (adopted in Mecca in May 2019), which call for peace, dialogue, mutual understanding and mutual respect among believers for the common good.
  • We call upon religious leaders and prominent political figures from different parts of the world tirelessly to develop dialogue in the name of friendship, solidarity and peaceful coexistence.
  • We appeal to all people of faith and goodwill to unite in this difficult time and contribute to ensuring security and harmony in our common home – planet Earth.

Original article

Instagram Link to the Meeting

Unity through Diversity Study

Pope Francis Meeting with Grand Ayatollah

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Turkey and Iran send Troops and Armor to Armenian Border Region, Former Soviet Nations do Battle

silhouette of soldiers walking

Wars are breaking out all over the world, just as Jesus predicted in Matthew 24:7. I have put all of today’s war news in the video and the links will be down below. Prayed up and prepped up!

Main story Turkey and Iran

NATO officers in Ukraine

Azerbaijan Advancing

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Germany Seizes Russian Oil Refineries

Space War

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Amtrak cancels ALL long-distance trains ahead of looming rail strike | Daily Mail Online

Amtrak, the nation’s cross-country railway system, is canceling all of its long-distance trains ahead of a planned freight workers’ strike
— Read on

Here we go. Prayed up and prepped up!

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