Sound the Alarm! There’s No Doubt WHO Antichrist Is!

Also Trump was just awarded the Crown of Jerusalem on July 10th giving him his crown…Revelation 6:2

First up is a video I pieced together from the 2 YT videos below. I have posted them both below so you can watch them in their entirety but my version will be part of a larger project I’m working on now called ” From the Darkness to the False Light of Lucifer”. Stay tuned.

From Brother James’ video description. I happen to agree with him on all of these points. I don’t agree with Brother James on everything, but on this subject I certainly do. Johnny

No folks, King Charles is NOT the rising Antichrist. Save your money on the book. Since 2015 we have sounded the alarm on this channel. Donald Trump is the end times Antichrist. Because Trump fits ALL the Bible prophecies. For example: ANTICHRIST IS A VILE PERSON. Who is VILE – and who is refined?

Is Trump refined and polite, or would that be King Charles? ANTICHRIST IS A LOUD-MOUTHED BRAGGART MAKING GREAT BOASTS. Would that be King Charles or Prince William? Or would that be Donald Trump? “Who can make war with the Beast?” He wields the world’s mightiest military – unstoppable.

Would that be the UK? Or would that be the American Empire with 800 Foreign Military Bases? Does King Charles even command the UK military? Will re-elected Trump be US commander-in-chief? Antichrist comes on the world stage without the honor of royalty. He will be given a crown. Was there ever a time when King Charles was without royalty? Born into the British royal family?

The Antichrist will be non-royalty. Until he rises to world power and is crowned King of the World. When Barack Obama was president and in the news, they said he was the Antichrist. When Steve Bannon was in the news in Trump’s White House, they said he was the Antichrist.

When Jared Kushner helped enact the Abraham Accords, they said he was the Antichrist. When Emmanuel Macron dominated the European news, they said he was the Antichrist. When Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, they said he was the Antichrist. When Turkey’s dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan crushed opponents, they said he was the Antichrist.

Now that King Charles has been given a crown and is in the news, they say he is the Antichrist. This is not my first rodeo. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Let’s stick with the Bible testimony. The good Lord told us about the Antichrist for a reason. That we discern who he is in these end times. We believe the angelic power holding back his revealing has been taken out of the way. Website

And here of course is Brother Paul’s video in it’s entirety. No, we don’t agree on everything either but on this subject we certainly do as well.

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  • Melissa Broadway

    Amen!!!! Trump is the ultimate Antichrist!!!! And still, all the apostate churches, the self proclaimed Christians, etc., will always worship and kiss his blackened gangrened rear end for all eternity. They sure do love their beloved piece of trash, the malignant narcissist, Trump. I find this so interesting that this hideous ‘IT’ (TRUMP) that they worship so much was awarded the “Crown of Jerusalem”. Big significance to God’s prophecy. The Word of God and His spoken prophecies will always be infallible.

  • It’s Almost Astonishing , When I See The Total Deception!
    People have been Literally Programmed for Decades, For These Moments in Biblical Prophecy!
    Soldier On 💪 Brother 💯
    P.S. Please don’t let the Scoffers Discourage you Brother 👏💪 It’s Inevitable Indeed brother 💯

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