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Palestinian conflict internationalizing

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Israel’s disproportionate responses to the Hamas assault are reaching intolerable levels of violence. The IDF is not only intensely bombing the Gaza Strip and leaving thousands of civilian victims, but also rapidly internationalizing the conflict, with raids against border regions in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, in addition to promoting widespread invasion of settlers into the West Bank. This clearly shows how the Zionist State’s war is strategically unjustified, not being a rational response to the Palestinian attack.

Since the beginning of their “counteroffensive” against the Palestinians, the Israelis have carried out a series of bombings against neighboring countries. Southern Lebanon has been targeted by Israeli missiles under the excuse of deterring Hezbollah’s troops, who many experts believe will soon join the Palestinians in hostilities. The Shiite group has also launched rockets on Israel, making it almost certain that there will soon be a significant escalation on the border, with open confrontation between Hezbollah and the IDF.

The escalation scenario on the Lebanese border does not seem strategically beneficial for Israel. The IDF is already trying hard to confront Hamas, having so far failed to completely expel the group from Israeli territory. Hezbollah is considerably stronger than Hamas and its involvement in the conflict could have serious consequences for Tel Aviv, forcing Israeli troops to fight on different fronts at the same time, weakening their combat capacity.

Despite this, Israel does not really appear to be acting rationally. Tel Aviv’s military moves are not based on strategic calculations. There is a single aggressive guideline to expand Israeli borders and defeat all the “enemies” of the Zionist State at the same time. This is clear considering that there is an incursion by Israeli armed settlers against the West Bank territory, even without there having been any participation by local Palestinians in the Hamas assault.

Several Palestinians in the West Bank have already died, been injured or had their properties confiscated in recent invasions by Jewish settlers. Unfortunately, the situation tends to get worse and worse. If this aggression continues, the impact will certainly be the end of any type of negotiation for a peaceful solution in the West Bank, with hostilities resuming also on this flank of Palestine.

In the same sense, Syria has also become a frequent target of Israeli attacks in the context of “responses” to Hamas. Israel launched a series of strikes against Syrian regions, both to try to dissuade them from helping the Palestinians and to prevent an attempt to retake the Golan Heights. Obviously, these attacks only further increase the possibilities of escalation, with Syrian autonomous military units likely to join the Palestinians in the near future.

And even non-military targets have been destroyed by the IDF. The Egypt-Gaza border region of Rafah has been the target of brutal attacks aimed at preventing the arrival of humanitarian aid to Palestinians, in addition to murdering refugees trying to enter Egypt. The measure has no strategic value, being totally irresponsible and threatening to reverse a historic policy of stability between the two countries. Egypt was the first Arab country to have peace Israel, but Zionist attitudes could end the agreement.

The result of violence is always an escalation of tensions. The more Israel acts irrationally and bombs neighboring countries to prevent them from helping Palestine, the more it motivates these countries to endorse the Palestinians. Egypt has not been intimidated by the attacks and continues to send humanitarian aid to Gaza. In the same vein, Jordan, another Arab country that has a peace agreement with Israel, is firmly voicing support for Palestine. Increasingly, Arab and Islamic nations appear united in a common pro-Palestinian agenda, isolating Israel on the international arena.

Unrestricted support for Israel appears to remain solely with the US and its proxies. This makes the Palestinian conflict yet another center of tension in the current process of geopolitical transition to a multipolar world. Policies of apartheid, expansionism and neocolonialism are being less and less tolerated and exploited peoples are encouraged to react to aggression. In this context, either the hegemonic countries accept to reformulate their policies to adapt to the multipolar reality, or there will be a scenario of war.

It is possible to say that, even militarily weaker, Palestine is in a way winning the confrontation with Israel, as it is being efficient in creating a coalition of countries that support its demands. Pressure on Israel is expanding not only militarily and politically, but also diplomatically and economically. To avoid disaster, Tel Aviv needs to act rationally and agree to negotiate peace on terms mutually favorable to Jews and Palestinians.

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Source: InfoBrics

Israel orders 1 million Palestinians to leave within 24 hours

Israel is telling the Palestinians they have to flee south even though the border with Egypt is CLOSED. All of that and much more about the war are in today’s video.

IDF Drops Leaflets over Gaza

FL Senator Rubio calls for genocide

Damascus a pile of rubble

Global Jihad Day

US Govt. Forces US residents to pay for rescue…

Egypt Fortifies Border with Gaza

Israel orders 1 million residents to leave

Bitchute Video

Rumble Video

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Crimes against humanity committed in responses to Palestinian attack

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

As expected, Israel launched a major military incursion into the Gaza Strip in response to the Hamas attack on the occupied territories. Massive bombings, including against civilian regions, have been seen in the last few hours and thousands of deaths and injuries have been reported. Furthermore, a serious siege was imposed against Gaza, with no more food, water and energy supplies available for the region.

The siege is imposed both on land, by the Israeli occupation forces, and by sea, where it is reinforced by the arrival of American warships sent to help Tel Aviv. The Palestinian population is now absolutely devoid of any external source of resources, which will obviously generate an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

“I have given an order – Gaza will be under complete siege (…) We are fighting barbarians and will respond accordingly”, Netanyahu said, making clear a racist mentality by calling Palestinians “barbarians”.

To make matters worse, instead of acting cautiously and pursuing diplomatic dialogue, Western countries are once again fomenting war and chaos and helping Israel to commit crimes against humanity. The EU, contradicting its own democratic and humanitarian values, made a controversial announcement on October 9 promising to block the sending of humanitarian aid funds to Palestine during the hostilities.

European countries send the so-called “development aid” to the Palestinians with the aim of alleviating the suffering of the local people. The aid promotes economic development initiatives and makes it possible to feed Palestinian children victimized by the conflict. The money is sent to both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and is not motivated by political reasons.

The news was not well received among Europeans themselves, who severely criticized the bloc’s unilateral decision, without prior consultation with member countries. So, the diplomatic discomfort led to an apparent “reversal” in the stance, with the EU’s commissioner for neighborhood and enlargement, Olivér Várhelyi, “clarifying”: “There will be no suspension of payments (…) [But there are] no payments foreseen”.

Despite apparently “giving up” on “punishing” Palestine, the official’s statement does not completely rule out the possibility of interrupting aid. By saying that there are no “payments foreseen”, it is being suggested that the EU may delay upcoming transfers of funds or simply not make them at all, even if the aid is not officially declared suspended.

There does not seem to be any strategic sense in this type of maneuver. By cutting off aid to the Palestinians, the West will only be contributing to increase the hostilities. Without Western humanitarian support, there will be no reason for Palestinian civilians to continue standing for a peaceful solution, as they will be forced to fight against Israel to avoid starvation.

Furthermore, the crisis tends to increase in the West Bank as well. So far, Israel’s military has only bombed the Gaza Strip, but Jewish settlers are invading the West Bank amid regional political chaos. The West Bank city of Huwara was violently attacked by armed Israelis, resulting in the deaths of some local civilians. Apparently, the “need” to “retaliate” for the Hamas attack is serving as an excuse for anti-Palestinian ethnic hatred and territorial invasion, even in regions not administered by Hamas.

If the West Bank loses European humanitarian support, it will simply have no choice but to join Gaza’s Palestinians in a war against Israel. Tensions will be heightened and will certainly escalate to an international level, with possible participation of Hezbollah and other foreign pro-Palestinian groups. In theory, this should be avoided at all costs, but the West seems interested in fomenting chaos in the Middle East until it reaches Iran, against which Washington wants to use Israel as a proxy.

Europe should avoid participating in these war plans and remain loyal to its two-state proposal, seeking a peaceful solution through dialogue. But EU leaders seem too subordinate to American interests to make sovereign decisions, which is why it is possible that the EU will actually take anti-Palestinian actions, destabilizing the situation even further.

In fact, what must be done for now is great international pressure against all actors who promote the escalation of tensions. Just as cutting humanitarian aid is a way to increase hunger, military support for Israel at the current time is just a deliberate contribution to the practice of crimes against humanity, as Tel Aviv’s response against Palestine has been carried out through attacks on civilian areas.

The US is boosting its military, financial assistance for Tel Aviv and even sending an aircraft carrier to “support” the Zionist regime. None of this is really necessary, since Hamas is just a militia, not a regular national army, and the war between Israelis and Palestinians is absolutely asymmetric, with the occupation forces at an advantage. Supporting Israel even more is contributing to a massacre, which cannot be allowed.

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War in Israel Day 2 with updates throughout the day

I’ve decided to start a blog post about the war in Israel with updates throughout the day today. We will start with this breaking news that I just found on Telegram.

🇮🇶🇺🇸 Iraqi militas in Iraq stated they will target all US military assets in Iraq proper if the United States militarily support Israel.

🇮🇱🇺🇸 BREAKING: The United States Navy sends an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea to support Israel


This innocent Israeli family was absolutely Terrorized by Hamas terrorists. They broke into their home, and killed one the sisters of the little girl while the family had to watch. Then, continued to hold the family hostage…

The look on that little boy’s face says it All.


Pray for these people! 🇮🇱🙏🏻

Join 👉 @DystopiaRising

From Hal Turner

The Israeli army issued orders to close all resorts near the border with Lebanon.

Most interesting this morning so far:  : US weapons left behind in Afghanistan were used to attack Israel. 

A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander said US weapons left in Afghanistan by the Biden administration were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip.


This morning, the Israeli Security Cabinet invoked Article 40A of the “Law on Emergency Situations” — WAR.

So this morning, it is absolutely “official” Israel is at war. This is the first time that this Article has been invoked in Israel since the 1973 war!

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi told the Russian Government

Israel sees Tehran as one of the culprits of the Hamas attack.”

 He then went on to tell Russia  “This is how we quietly approached the threshold of the real use of Israeli nuclear weapons against Iran, and a demonstration of what the term “threat to the existence of the state” means . . . from the Russian “Fundamentals of State Policy in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence.”

I can now also positively __confirm__: 

There are some 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip. About half being men. If that half – or a good portion of it, were to come out into Israel bearing arms, the Israelis would be over run. Thus, the Ambassador to Moscow told the Russians that Israel is considering the use of smaller, “Tactical” nuclear bombs against Gaza, in case Israel is over-run. Same with the West Bank.

Very interesting 🤔 indeed. This war is going from bad to worse fast!

Now Hezbollah and the IDF are exchanging artillery fire.


Below is a brief review of major events over the last several hours, courtesy of Academy SITREP:

  • Early this morning, Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel firing thousands of rockets in a coordinated air and land assault.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country was now “at war” and has retaliated with massive airstrikes on Hamas targets.
  • Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militia organization that fought a war with Israel in 2006, said that it was monitoring the situation but has not yet pledged its support to join forces with Hamas in this attack on Israel.
  • An adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that Iran supported the cross-border operation by Hamas, which is not surprising and could partially be in response to the ongoing Saudi Arabia /Israel diplomatic talks.
  • Netanyahu has spoken with President Biden and Secretary of Defense Austin said that “The Department of Defense will work to ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself and protect civilians from indiscriminate violence and terrorism.”
  • While still early, initial reports are coming in indicting over 40 Israelis have been killed along with hundreds more injured.

Meanwhile, US Neocons clamoring for war and escalation by saying an attack on Israel is an attack on America…

NO, STOP IT. This was a barbaric, savage attack on ISRAEL, not America.

While President Biden on Saturday pledged full support to PM Netanyahu as Israel embarks on a fresh Gaza war, which could be the biggest in decades, there remains the potential for direct US military involvement if things spiral out of control

After all, Americans are being reported among the dead and kidnapped (likely many who dual US-Israeli citizens) after the devasting Hamas raid into southern Israel. In some pockets, fighting may be ongoing.

Israeli airstrikes continue to decimate whole blocks inside the Gaza Strip…

More from Hal Turner in regards to Europe.

Intel sources are now urgently reporting that Muslims will be on the rampage in Europe shortly; burning every major city in protest of the coming Israeli offensive into GAZA.

The authorities running Gaza know they cannot withstand a full Israeli military onslaught, so they have reached out to Muslims in Europe to have THEM cause trouble, making the Gaza problem, Europe’s problem too.   The thinking is that Europe will be able to call-off a full blown Israeli wipeout of Gaza.

Intelligence sources say worst hit will be Paris, Brussels, London, and Marseille.

Have you noticed the intense propaganda here in the West in favor of Israel? Have you noticed how Israeli citizens are now being kidnapped and how Israel is using that as their pretext to basically exterminate the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? It’s not the first time the Zionists have sacrificed their own to meet their endgame goals, in this case WW3 so that they can implement their NWO. Here is more from Henry Makow.

The claim that the attack was a surprise is the biggest tell that this war was contrived by Israel. Indeed Netanyahu called it a “Pearl Harbor moment” referring to another false flag used to justify the US entry into World War Two. Is this war designed to touch off WW3? 
Veterans of Israeli intelligence say there is no way this attack was a surprise.    The Israelis have informers in Gaza. They monitor it electronically. They must have known this was coming and decided to sacrifice hundreds of Israelis for political ends. They did the same thing in 1973. 

It’s a cliche that politicians start wars to effect change. Netanyahu needed a war to unite a nation badly divided by his judicial reforms. The WEF/Rothschilds/Communists need a war to evade responsibility for the creeping COVID-19 genocide and to stop Trump in 2024. They also need a distraction from the fact that the banking system is bankrupt and broken, and the Ukraine war has been a debacle.
The worst-case scenario is that Israelis will overreact and arouse the anger of the Muslim world who would then intervene, and fulfill Albert Pike’s prophecy.

We should distinguish between the policies of the right-wing Israeli government and the beliefs of individual Israelis who have no more control over their government than we do. 
We have been fed a daily diet of Israeli abuse of the Palestinians – settlers burning olive orchards, snipers shooting children.  An Israeli mob just overran the Al Aqsa mosque. 

I think most Israelis would adopt a two-state solution given the chance. 

Israelis are being victimized again by their own government. Jews had to be tricked into invading Palestine by the Zionists who sponsored anti-Semitism and Hitler.  

 Jews never needed a “Jewish homeland.” Antisemitism was caused by Organized Jewry.   The people of the West needed national homelands that were/are being destroyed by Masonic Jewish globalism. The best course would be for Israel to exercise restraint and compromise to save the hostages and avert a wider war. (It’s clear that Henry Makow doesn’t know where we are in prophecy but he speaks the truth nonetheless)

Taking a break for now as I’ve been at this for hours already. Stay tuned and stay ready!

Bible Prophecy is Being Fulfilled in Israel NOW

From the temple mount to Donald Trump there has been much prophecy fulfilled in Israel already and now it continues towards Armageddon as the war with the Palestinians is spreading to Hezbollah and others! Prayed up and prepped up, time is short!

Israeli-Ukrainian relations deteriorating rapidly

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant

Relations between the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime and the Israeli Jewish State appear to be worsening. Some recent events are damaging Ukraine’s position in Israeli foreign policy. Despite both countries being great partners of NATO powers, the differences between them seem clear, preventing advanced cooperation projects from taking place.

​Israel is undoubtedly the US’ greatest ally in the Middle East, having a foreign policy completely in line with Washington’s interests. However, the country maintains a more rational policy towards Ukraine than most Western states. Despite there being evidence of secret support for Kiev, including in intelligence, Israel publicly refuses to send weapons to the Ukrainian regime, as the country maintains important pragmatic relations with Russia and is not interested in harming its diplomacy.

For months, this has generated public criticism from the Ukrainian government. As well known, for Zelensky and his team, the material conditions and diplomatic well-being of partner countries are of no interest, there is a type of global “obligation” to help Ukraine unconditionally. For this reason, the Ukrainian president has repeatedly made negative comments against the Israeli regime, demanding a more active stance in the conflict as well as the systematic sending of weapons.

These criticisms began shortly after the start of the Russian special military operation and increased over time. Israel’s stance in the conflict has been the same since February 2022: political and humanitarian support for Ukraine, without sending – at least publicly – weapons. Since Netanyahu returned to power, friction between both countries has become even more evident on some topics. The Israeli Prime Minister and Hungary’s Viktor Orban are the only Western leaders who have so far refused to visit Kiev.

It took months for Netanyahu and Zelensky to have their first meeting, which took place in September during an event at UN headquarters. On the occasion, Netanyahu tried to alleviate bilateral problems and focus on an issue of high interest to Tel Aviv, which is the safety of Jews and Israeli citizens during the traditional pilgrimage to the Jewish holy site of Uman, in Ukraine. Zelensky, however, was impolite and rude in his talks and tried to blame Netanyahu for the insecurity of the Jews, linking this to the lack of weapons supplies from Israel.

“Netanyahu called me and asked for my help to reach Uman. He told me there were bomb shelters for only 11,000 people and 30,000 pilgrims were expected to arrive. I told him that if Israel would send us the missile defense system, it would help protect his citizens (…) The responsibility for the safety of tens of thousands of Jews who come to pray at Uman during the Jewish year, is on the Israeli government that does not do enough”, Zelensky told journalists commenting on the meeting.

And apparently the Israeli authorities did not take the necessary precautions to make the pilgrimage happen safely. There were no Russian attacks on Jewish civilians during the religious celebrations, but the absence of security measures by the Ukrainian police led to a series of incidents during the festivities, resulting in deaths and injuries. Ukrainian authorities also arrested seven Israeli citizens at the time, generating even more concern from Tel Aviv.

In the same sense, it is important to emphasize that before the pilgrimage, another point of tension had already started between both countries because of an Israeli citizen arrested in Kiev. At the time, Ukrainian-Israeli Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky was captured by Ukrainian forces accused of corruption, money laundering and fraud. In fact, Kolomoisky was once one of Zelensky’s greatest allies, having even financed his election campaign in 2019, but apparently he became a target of the purge campaigns promoted by the neo-Nazi president in his desperate attempt to avoid a coup d’état against him.

Since Kolomoisky is an Israeli citizen and has great influence over the global Jewish community, his arrest is obviously viewed with fear and concern by the Tel Aviv’s authorities. In addition to worries about the oligarch’s personal safety – considering that Kiev is known for widely practicing torture and human rights violations against prisoners – there is also fear about the possibility of the Ukrainian government using repression against Jewish citizens as “blackmail” to pressure Israel to increase its aid to the regime.

Previously, Zelensky has reportedly revoked or taken steps to revoke the Ukrainian citizenship of Jewish oligarchs living in the country. Formally, Kiev prohibits the existence of dual citizenship, but in practice this is widely tolerated in the country, with many people having nationalities other than Ukrainian – mainly in the Jewish community, where many Ukrainians are also Israeli citizens.

Indeed, what appears to be happening is simply the neo-Nazi regime showing its true nature. Obviously, a Junta that venerates leaders like Stepan Bandera has a strong anti-Semitic tendency, despite trying to disguise it. As far as Israel is concerned, it is unlikely that the country would want to harm its ties with Russia because of Ukraine. Moscow could damage Israel in several areas, especially in Syria, where both countries have a military presence.

Only a very substantial worsening of Moscow-Tel Aviv relations could lead Israel to take a more active public stance in favor of Ukraine. Zelensky’s pressure does not seem to be enough to achieve this objective. On the contrary, the more Kiev harms Jewish citizens on its territory, the more bilateral ties with Israel will deteriorate.

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Source: InfoBrics

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WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them power over everything

Telegram link: https://t.me/mrn_death/50224

⚡️⚡️⚡️Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty would allow the WHO to “take over everything in the world, stating that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health.”

In addition to this, it would abolish human rights protections, introduce censorship and digital passports, require governments to promote a single “official” version, and allow the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim. “We are undergoing a soft test… under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and a biosafety program.”

A “soft coup”, for now. You can bet the beat downs will commence when people start rioting and looting because they’re starving. That’s what’s next in the USA after the big market crash. Stay tuned


US-Saudi deal to normalize Israel ties may be on the way, Biden confirms

US officials have sought for months to reach what would be a historic agreement between the long-time adversaries but the Saudis have been resistant. From the Jerusalem Post.

US President Joe Biden said on Friday a deal may be on the way with Saudi Arabia after talks his national security advisor had with Saudi officials in Jeddah aimed at reaching a normalization in relations between the kingdom and Israel.“There’s a rapprochement that may be underway,” Biden told contributors to his 2024 reelection campaign at an event in Freeport, Maine.Biden did not give details about the possible deal.

US officials have sought for months to reach what would be a historic agreement between the long-time adversaries but the Saudis have been resistant.

The US-Saudi pact could involve normalization with Israel

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, in a piece published on Thursday, said Biden was considering whether to pursue a US-Saudi mutual security pact that would involve Saudi Arabia normalizing relations with Israel.

US officials see a potential deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia as possible after the administration of former President Donald Trump reached similar agreements between Israel and Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates under the rubric of the 2020 Abraham Accords.

In an interview with Fox News published Friday, Netanyahu said an Israeli-Saudi deal “could be very close if the Saudis want it, it’s up to them.”“I think this is a great thing if we have it. We will have tremendous economic benefits, it will have tremendous strategic benefits. It will be a blow to Iran and a boon to Israel and the US and the Arab world as well,” Netanyahu said.

An Israel-Saudi deal would “be a pivot of history. It will effectively end the Arab-Israeli conflict and enable us to end the Palestinian-Israel conflict,” Netanyahu said.Netanyahu has long believed that Israel must first make peace with the Arab world and only then with the Palestinians.

“The Palestinians, who refuse to recognize Israel in any boundary, are only 2% of the Arab world. If we make peace with the other 98%, the Palestinians will stop believing that one day the broad mass of the Arab world will destroy or dissolve Israel and that will bring them into a more realistic position,” he said. Source click here

Johnny’s Commentary

Guys this is HUGE prophecy news. Notice what it says in the story above regarding how this would affect the entire Middle East. An Israel-Saudi deal would “be a pivot of history. It will effectively end the Arab-Israeli conflict and enable us to end the Palestinian-Israel conflict,” Netanyahu said. End the Palestinian-Israel Conflict. The question is will it happen under the Biden administration or will it be derailed a bit longer?

No matter what happens you can bet Donald J Trump will be on center stage for getting the Abraham Peace Accords started. Remember he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for putting his name on all of it.

Saudi Arabia may be hesitant to agree to this under the Biden administration but God’s will will be done regardless of who occupies that office. The problem Israel is going to have it giving up some of the settlements in the West bank areas so this isn’t a done deal yet.

I’m going to link you up to a couple of blog posts I put up with Leeland Jones a few years ago that show you how this is all working together to bring about the return of Jesus Christ! Prayed up and prepped up, time is short!



Also here is a video from Leeland Jones regarding the Abraham accords and “the covenant with many”:

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Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon, see her Abominations

close up of the flag of israel

This is an eye opening video from Leeland Jones that shows you that Jerusalem is anything but holy these days and it truly is mystery Babylon. Prayed up and prepped up, time is short.

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Prophecy, a Dry Time

I got this in an email today and it’s another reason to stay in Gods word. One day soon it will be illegal to own and read from and you’ll need to be able to recall it when necessary. Write it on your heart.

Jeremiah 51:47 Therefore, behold, the days come, that I will do judgment upon the graven images of Babylon: and her whole land shall be confounded, and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her.

48 The heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the LORD



I will speak to My children only to uplift and encourage them during the COMING PERSECUTION.  I will warn when My children need to escape, and I will lead them to safety. 


There will be A DRY TIME OF MY WORD being read – as all Bibles will be confiscated and destroyed.  The beast will have anyone who possesses My Word in print – arrested and killed.  You will be a threat to the new world order.


My son, A DRY TIME IS COMING, and only those who are well grounded in Me will hear My voice.  All that is to come has been revealed and written down by My watchmen and prophets.  Many people in My body do not believe I still use watchmen and prophets to warn those in My body. 


REPENT NOW! for your lack of faith and not believing!  I can do all things for the glory of the Father.


My son, A DRY TIME IS COMING, and the SHOUTING OF MY WARNINGS WILL CEASE, as all those who believe will have acted.  I have said many times to REPENT NOW, for you do not know when you will be standing before Me. 


The events foretold will come quickly and in succession – one after another.  There will be much death and destruction.  DO NOT BE CAUGHT UNAWARE as many in My body will be.




My son, hear now and say to these stiff-necked people – LEARN OF ME.  Take My mantle upon you and hide My Word in your heart.  Write My Word upon your heart and in a book that can be hidden.  Soon the forces of evil will declare My Word as HATE SPEECH and will impose fines and penalties to ALL who possess it. 


A DRY TIME is coming, and that will be when the DARKEST OF THE DARK TIMES are upon you. 


REPENT NOW! and study to show thyself approved. 


BRACE NOW! and prepare, My children, for DRY TIMES ARE COMING.


I love you all, and I WILL WATER YOU IN THE DRY TIMES.   



Lord Jesus


U B Ready

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