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Israel re-opens further with ‘green pass’ for vaccinated

Gee look how happy life can be if you just take the jab. That’s what Israel is essentially saying to the world and now we see more Bible prophecy taking shape, this time in regards to the mark of the beast! As you can see without this new “green pass” you can’t buy sell or trade at some businesses. Soon it will be all or most businesses. Israel is the proving ground so keep your eyes on what they’re doing in this area. The report below is from MSN and also a Tweet I found yesterday regarding grocery stores in Israel. Yes you need your green pass for food at some stores in Israel already.

Israel took a step towards normalcy on Sunday, re-opening a raft of businesses and services from pandemic lockdowns, but with some only available to fully vaccinated “green pass” holders.  Benjamin Netanyahu et al. posing for the camera: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lifts weights at a gym on Saturday night ahead of the re-opening of a raft of businesses and services shut due to the coronavirus© – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lifts weights at a gym on Saturday night ahead of the re-opening of a raft of businesses and services shut due to the coronavirus

Nearly three million people, almost a third of Israel’s population, have received the two recommended doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, the world’s quickest inoculation pace per capita.https://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

With a steady flow of data proving the Pfizer vaccine’s efficacy in stopping serious illness from Covid-19, Israel’s government has begun gradually easing restrictions in place since December, when it imposed its third lockdown.

Shopping malls and stores with street access re-opened Sunday, with certain limitations on crowd size. 

But gyms, swimming pools, hotels and some cultural facilities are re-opening only to those who have been fully vaccinated and obtained the so-called green pass. 

Israel’s green pass scheme is being closely watched as a possible model for how other economies might re-open once a substantial part of the population is vaccinated, while stirring controversy over unequal access for those who opt out of the jab. 

Lifting weights at a gym in Petah Tikva near Tel Aviv late Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Israel was moving ahead “with caution”, while imploring “everyone to get vaccinated”.

Standing at the entrance of a posh Tel Aviv gym, 90-year-old Ora Davidovicz said she “couldn’t wait” to go swimming. 

“It’s been almost a year since I went to the pool,” she told AFP. “I’ve been counting the days.

“All I have to do is put on my swim suit,” she said, before heading in. 

Tom John, a muscular 33-year-old, told AFP he’d been training at home for months but felt safe being back at the gym with the protection systems in place.  

“Everyone here has a green badge,” he said, surveying the gym. 

– ‘The right’ re-opening –

As of Sunday, nearly 3.2 million Israelis were eligible for the green pass, according to the health ministry.  

That includes 2.5 million people who had their second shot more than a week ago, as well as nearly 700,000 people who have recovered from Covid-19. 

At the family owned Katalina shoe store in central Tel Aviv, Mordechai Nazarian said his business had been closed for eight of the last 12 months, with “little openings here and there” as Israel lifted restrictions between lockdowns. 

“We hope this one is the right one,” he told AFP.

At the Third Ear record store in Tel Aviv, 32-year-old Itay Shimon said he hadn’t been in a record store in many months, but was enjoying just browsing the aisles. 

Describing himself as a vaccine supporter, he also voiced caution about compelling people to get the jab.

“We cannot force those who don’t want it to do it,” he said.

Israel, which has one of the world’s most sophisticated medical data systems, secured a substantial stock of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine by paying above market price and by striking a data-sharing deal with the drug giant.

Netanyahu is hoping the successful vaccine procurement and rollout will boost his support ahead of March 23 elections, Israel’s fourth vote in less than two years. 

And now the grocery stores.


Wow nurse Rachael here hits the nail on the head big time! Where was she when I needed her tonight at the dentists office? From the receptionist to the dentist to the patients in the waiting area everyone was pro vaccine and afraid of Covid! Check out the report and documents that support it below! This is yet ANOTHER video that would never make it on YouTube! Please share this with those you love and care about! Like nurse Rachael says this is WITCHCRAFT!

Original video link: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/italy-blows-the-lid-off-vaccine-scam-will-no-longer-poison-citizens-with-globalist-eugenics_Y9cl3i46BY7FlnD.html

The Reports: https://www.corvelva.it/en/component/tags/tag/rapporto-vaccini.html

God bless and remember to please share these videos and documents! People need to know the truth about this garbage!

New Lockdowns Being Imposed Worldwide Due to “Surge in Cases”

And yet NO ONE is at the Testing Centers!

Something fishy is going on indeed and it’s worldwide but the media keeps LYING to all of us by repeating the government mantras without ever questioning it as they’re meant to do. These are the stories your governments don’t want you speaking about.

New Lockdowns and Restrictions Worldwide

Stay prayed up and prepped up! Links will be posted below! God bless,


German Tests: https://www.rt.com/news/504799-covid19-test-false-positives/

UK Police and Christmas: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8886855/Police-commissioner-says-officers-break-Christmas-dinners-families-flout-lockdown-rules.html?ito=social-twitter_dailymailUK&__twitter_impression=true

France and EU Join in the Fun: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/europe-cusp-new-lockdowns-brussels-plots-pan-eu-restrictions-live-updates

Bible Study: Looking Forward to Our new Home!

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

We all know the day is coming and we should be excited as it draws near! Yes even in these dark times we can have JOY! Joy in the knowledge that as believers in Jesus we being to a different place, this world is not our home!

Pray for God’s strength and don’t rely on your own, it will fail! Pray for wisdom and discernment, endurance and patience. Those will be needed most in the times to come. Enjoy the video and God bless!