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Yet another high-profile corruption scandal shakes up Kiev regime

The scandal is yet another huge embarrassment for the Neo-Nazi junta, particularly as the head of the Supreme Court himself was arrested in connection to taking bribes to the tune of several million dollars. This means that the highest authority responsible for upholding the law is breaking it in the most blatant way imaginable.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Whenever a large-scale corruption scandal hits the Kiev regime, its Western supporters are suddenly “shocked” by the level of embezzlement and outright theft of state funds in the country they’re financing with hundreds of billions of their own taxpayers’ money. Prior to the start of Russia’s special military operation (SMO), this was essentially common knowledge in the political West, with even the mainstream propaganda machine acknowledging it on a virtually daily basis. However, after the SMO started, any news coverage about this effectively became “heresy” as various state-run networks were only allowed to report on the mythical “battlefield dominance” of the Neo-Nazi junta forces and how “Ukrainians are giving everyone a lesson in freedom and democracy“.

Thus, the most corrupt country in Europe suddenly “became Switzerland”. However, as corruption scandals never stopped shaking up the Kiev regime, news about high-profile cases was simply bound to reach Western audiences, significantly complicating efforts to present the Neo-Nazi junta as the “beacon of hope for the free world“. In the latest of such controversies, the Neo-Nazi junta’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) have announced that “action has been taken” against the highest judicial authority of the Kiev regime. According to the official announcements of these “anti-corruption bodies”, posted on their official social media accounts and channels on May 16:

“NABU and SAP have exposed large-scale corruption in the Supreme Court, in particular a scheme to obtain undue advantages by the leadership and judges of the Supreme Court.”

Taking into account the fact that this is the top legal institution in the country, the scandal is yet another huge embarrassment for the Neo-Nazi junta, particularly as the head of the Supreme Court himself was arrested in connection to taking bribes to the tune of several million dollars. This means that the highest authority responsible for upholding the law is breaking it in the most blatant way imaginable. NABU and SAP officially announced they have conclusive evidence proving that the Chairman of the Supreme Court received a $2.7 million bribe. During a national press briefing, an unnamed Kiev regime “anticorruption” official revealed that Vsevolod Knyazev, the head of the Supreme Court, has been arrested for accepting bribes, with the aforementioned $2.7 million seized in Knyazev’s home.

“At this time, the [Chairman] of the Supreme Court has been detained and measures are being taken to check other individuals for their involvement in criminal activities,” the official stated during the briefing.

Vsevolod Knyazev was elected as the Chairman of the Supreme Court back in October 2021 and has officially held the position up until May 16, when he was removed during a special session by other judges, who ousted him after a “no confidence” vote. Worse yet, various reports in local media outlets indicate this is just the beginning, as several more judges are under investigation for taking bribes and are most likely scheduled to be removed from their posts and then raided and arrested in the same manner. However, while additional information is yet to be revealed, various local sources are reporting that this is certainly not the end of the scandal, as more details are being revealed by multiple media, meaning that the ongoing case may well be just the tip of the iceberg. According to the Ukrainian edition of the Forbes magazine:

“NABU Director Semen Kryvonos revealed that his bureau has documented a series of contacts between the owner of Finances and Credit Group, Kostyantyn Zhevago, and one of the owners of an attorney group used to conceal criminal activities. These contacts involved an agreement regarding unlawful benefits in favor of high-ranking court officials for ‘rendering the necessary decision’ in favor of the entrepreneur.

Businessman Zhevago denies his involvement in the multimillion-dollar bribe, as stated in a press release issued by his spokesperson to Forbes.

‘This is the most high-profile case during the tenure of NABU and SAP and the biggest exposure of a top-ranking official in the judicial branch of power,’ said Kryvonos.

He said the suspects in the case also attempted to influence the appointment of members of the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges (VKKS), the body responsible for career-related matters within the judicial branch of power.”

This is the second high-profile corruption scandal in the country since late January, when nearly a dozen top-ranking Kiev regime officials were arrested for the embezzlement and “mismanagement” of state funds, the bulk of which were provided by the political West. At the time, a top adviser to the Neo-Nazi junta frontman Volodymyr Zelensky, four deputy ministers, two high-ranking Defense Ministry officials, as well as the governors of at least five oblasts (regions) were sacked. Worse yet, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov himself was accused of being directly involved in the scandal, although the key position he holds prevented his ouster and highly probable arrest. All this comes at a time when the political West is pressuring the Kiev regime to tighten control over the funds being sent to its favorite puppets.

While the political West keeps getting “shocked” by the level of corruption in Kiev, what’s truly shocking is the fact that anyone is actually surprised by this. The Neo-Nazi junta is openly promoting the sell-off (although sellout would be more appropriate) of Ukrainian land and state assets to a multitude of global corporations that would be given near absolute control over the areas they would be “investing” in.

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A Potentially Toxic Chemical Is Added to Many Foods and Products

food red yellow colorful

Editors Note: Folks titanium dioxide is horrible in so many ways but one of the first things it does is affect your gut health aka your microbiome. It facilitates the production of the bad bacteria our guts don’t want which can directly affect our health in other areas of our lives. I had this happen to me as I was eating some crackers and some bread that had this stuff in it and I didn’t realize it at the time. READ THE LABELS ON EVERYTHING YOU BUY! If you don’t know what an ingredient is then look it up on your phone before you buy it! This is so important as they are poisoning everything today! Johnny

From the Epoch Times

In the summer of 2022, at least two consumer lawsuits were filed against the manufacturer of Skittles candy due to the presence of a known toxin in the product. The ingredient in question is titanium dioxide, also known as E171, which the manufacturer, Mars, Inc., had pledged to phase out six years prior.

Titanium dioxide has been banned as a food additive in the European Union since February 2022, nine months after the European Food Safety Authority published a report calling it unsafe as a food additive.

Titanium Dioxide Has Long Been Common in the US

Titanium dioxide has been approved as a food ingredient, with specific restrictions, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since the mid-1960s. This common food additive—a white, odorless, and tasteless powder—is used as a whitening agent, thickener, and texturizer. Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that can also be found in some non-food products, such as sunscreen.

The range of edibles that contain titanium dioxide might be surprising to some.

Here are several examples of foods that may contain titanium dioxide:

  • Candy: Candy coatings are often made shiny and colorful by adding titanium dioxide.
  • Gum: Many types of chewing gum contain titanium dioxide.
  • Baked goods: Titanium dioxide is frequently added to baked goods like bread and pastries to enhance their texture and appearance.
  • Dairy products: Titanium dioxide is sometimes used as a whitening agent in some types of yogurt, cheese, and low-fat milk.
  • Condiments: Titanium dioxide is sometimes used to add creaminess to sauces, such as mayonnaise and salad dressing.

“The FDA continues to allow for the safe use of titanium dioxide as a color additive in foods generally according to the specifications and conditions, including that the quantity of titanium dioxide does not exceed 1 percent by weight of the food,” the federal agency told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement.

Health Risks Associated With Consuming Titanium Dioxide

While titanium dioxide, also referred to as TiO2, is generally considered safe in the United States, studies highlighting potential health risks associated with its consumption are being conducted.

One study from 2019 showed that mice given titanium dioxide in their water experienced changes in their gut microbiome and inflammation. Another 2009 study involving rats found that inhalation of the substance caused respiratory tract cancer.

“There have been studies to indicate that titanium dioxide may negatively impact gut health by increasing ‘bad’ bacteria, thus generating more inflammation in the body,” said Emily Feivor, a registered dietitian at Northwell Health. “Most research concludes that the amount consumed from food is so low that it poses no risk to human health,” she added.

Another variant of the additive, known as titanium dioxide nanoparticles—which are significantly smaller particles of titanium dioxide—have been shown to have harmful effects in some studies. According to a 2015 review of studies, when titanium dioxide nanoparticles were inhaled, they could travel to the brain and other organs, such as the kidney and liver.

“In most studies, TiO2 nanoparticles appeared to have caused oxidative stress, histopathological alterations, carcinogenesis, genotoxicity, and immune disruption,” the study authors wrote. Based on these findings, they concluded that using titanium dioxide nanoparticles and similar materials in humans must be “avoided or strictly managed” to minimize potential health risks.

Other Food Additives Banned in Europe but Allowed in the US

Titanium dioxide isn’t the only food additive banned overseas, but that is still allowed in U.S. products.

Potassium bromate, which is banned countries in Canada, the UK, and the EU, is used commonly used in the United States in retail bread, but it may irritate the nose, throat, and lungs, and cause shortness of breath and wheezing, according to the New Jersey Department of Health. In addition, some research has shown that the compound caused renal and thyroid tumors in rats.

Another food additive used in the United States but banned in Europe is propylparaben (E217), as long as it does not exceed 0.1 percent in food products. It is used in some processed foods, drugs, and cosmetics as an antimicrobial preservative. However, a 2018 study review found that propylparaben is an endocrine disruptor, meaning that it can interfere with the hormones in the endocrine system, potentially leading to cancer and developmental disorders. Additionally, a study in mice found that propylparaben was associated with problems in embryo development.

Chlorine washing—the process of rinsing meat in chlorinated water—is a common practice in the U.S. poultry industry to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination. While it is not considered a food additive, the process has been a topic of debate due to its potential health and environmental risks. The EU banned chlorine washing in 1997 over food safety concerns, so U.S. producers cannot export chicken to the region. Read the rest at the Epoch times here: https://bit.ly/41YXlul

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Kiev regime flooding black markets with NATO-sourced weapons

US officials claim they’re unable to audit Ukraine-bound weapons once they leave Poland, but the real issue is if they even want to know. Considering the nearly mythical status they’ve given to Zelensky, revealing his involvement in arms smuggling could be rather “uncomfortable” and might even backfire.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

It has been at least a year and a half since the political West drastically intensified its weapons shipments to the Kiev regime. Ever since, the black markets have been flooded with Western-made arms and munitions, some of which have even started running out from NATO stocks. As late as December, top Western officials have complained about this, including the Pentagon’s Deputy Inspector General for Investigations James R. Ives, who admitted that the US is aware of the lack of effective mechanisms to track Ukraine-bound NATO weapons. Several major US media have called for the Biden administration to send investigators to audit and oversee the use of more than $110 billion in US military and economic “aid” to the Kiev regime.

And yet, the true understanding of the massive scale of this is sorely lacking in the political West. Perhaps it is even being ignored, but the consequences are already there. In addition, while the mainstream propaganda machine is lionizing the Kiev regime forces, presenting them as some sort of mythical heroes supposedly “defending” Europe, the West and the so-called “Euro-Atlantic values”, the Neo-Nazi junta troops’ role is crucial in what can only be described as the world’s largest arms smuggling scheme. Also, this certainly doesn’t exonerate the rest of the Kiev regime and the corrupt oligarchs supporting it, as they too are getting their “slice of the cake”.

Corruption is endemic in Ukraine, but ever since the NATO-backed Neo-Nazi coup in 2014, it has worsened dramatically as the political West started showering the already crooked politicians and bureaucrats with tens of billions of dollars. Everyone from the managers of military warehouses, company and battalion commanders, top military officers, directors of the Kiev regime’s military-industrial complex to the defense minister himself, are engaged in essentially stealing NATO-sourced weapons and then reselling them on the Darknet. The list of those involved also includes the office of the president, the cabinet of ministers, security services and military intelligence.

Up until several years ago, the massive stocks of Soviet-era weapons in Ukraine were the main source of smuggled weapons. However, despite inheriting approximately 30% of the Soviet military, Ukraine somehow managed to expend most of it, much of it ending up on the black markets around the globe. The political West was perfectly aware of this, as NATO had a major role in reselling the weapons to terrorist groups they support in many of the targeted countries. And yet, they still went ahead and provided tens of billions in Western weapons and munitions to the same people smuggling their own for decades.

There’s even fierce competition among Kiev regime institutions for the right to control the extremely profitable arms smuggling business. This includes various intelligence services, such as the SBU and GUR. The latter is the main military intelligence agency which is supposed to play a major role in overseeing the transfer and distribution of NATO weapons. Thus, GUR has a substantial headstart in the arms smuggling scheme, which is causing a lot of envy and frustration in the SBU. Since August 2020, Kirill Budanov has been the head of GUR, a close ally of the Kiev regime frontman Volodymyr Zelensky, whose ties to the junta’s top officials allowed him to play a crucial role in the scheme.

On March 5, 2022, mere days after Russia launched its counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe, banker Denis Kireev, a member of the delegation for negotiations between Moscow and Kiev, was killed. According to the German publication Bild, Kireev “was shot dead by Ukrainian SBU counterintelligence while trying to avoid arrest.” Two days later, the GUR confirmed that Kireev was their employee, and Budanov himself stated that Kireev had been executed by the SBU, thus confirming that the fierce competition between the two agencies escalated from the very beginning of the special military operation (SMO). It is worth noting that the fact that the SBU and the GUR are “supervised” by various NATO intelligence services also played a major role in the conflict between the agencies.

For instance, the SBU is largely controlled by UK intelligence, primarily the infamous MI6. On the other hand, the GUR has been deeply connected to US services. The looming rivalry erupted after the political West intensified its arms shipments. Budanov’s headstart made it possible for the GUR to oversee the largest contracts for the transfer of Western weapons, further strengthening his position, a state of affairs the SBU didn’t take too kindly. Budanov also worked with intermediaries, such as the Incompass, a company headed by oligarch Sergei Slyusarenko. It is through such companies that GUR manages the supply of weapons from abroad.

Part of the funds embezzled through Incompass ends up in the pockets of Budanov and his associates, with the rest going to the presidential office and even Zelensky himself. In July 2022, the German SWR TV channel reported that Europol had identified “signs” of organized arms smuggling in Ukraine, but gave no further details in order not to incriminate the Kiev regime. The revelation came on the heels of a plane accident that happened in Greece, when a Ukrainian An-12BK aircraft belonging to Meridian, a company registered in Kiev, crashed on July 16, 2022. According to various reports, the airline was working closely with the Kiev regime, including the office of the president and the GUR.

Days before the crash, the plane made several flights to Ostrava (Czechia), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Rzeszow (Poland). The latter is the main NATO transport hub for supplying weapons and other military equipment to the Kiev regime. Each flight included “Stinger” MANPADS, “Javelin” and NLAW ATGMs. In total, approximately 12 tons of missile systems and munitions.

EU politicians, including German officials, also commented on the scandal, with Konstantin von Notz, spokesman for the Bundestag Home Affairs Committee from the “Greens”, acknowledging: “From the experience of the Kosovo war, we learned that weapons from conflict zones often fall into the hands of extremists and organized crime.” Von Notz demanded that the risk of weapons smuggling from Ukraine “be stopped at the international level.”

Additionally, the grain deal was also (ab)used extensively for this purpose, resulting in Russia’s decision to suspend it. The issue was discussed at a meeting of EU interior ministers on July 11, 2022, with Czech Defense Minister Yana Chernokhova admitting that “avoiding arms smuggling will be difficult – we did not achieve this in the former Yugoslavia and certainly will not be able to achieve it in Ukraine”.

This still leaves the question of whether Washington DC is even trying to oversee its massive arms shipments to the Neo-Nazi junta. Many US officials claim they’re unable to audit the weapons once they leave Poland, but the real issue is if they even want to know. Considering the nearly mythical status they’ve given to Zelensky, revealing his involvement with such criminal activities could be rather “uncomfortable” and might even backfire, further exacerbating the growing factionalism within the Neo-Nazi junta.

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Corruption scandals in Ukraine might spill over Biden family and Democratic party

Editors Note: Hint hint it’s not just Biden and the Democrats involved in the scams. There’s plenty of guilt to go to the other side of the aisle as well. Just ask Mitch McConnel.

The corruption factor in Ukraine and its American connection is not merely of interest to the police authorities: it has geopolitical and geoeconomic implications.

Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts

Even though there is as of now not much prospect of the conflict in Ukraine coming to an end (and US interests actually profit from making it perpetual), there is much talk already about “rebuilding” the country. In a November video address, Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelensky claimed it would take no less than $1 trillion to rebuild it.

It is strange to talk about rebuilding anything when the West itself rejects any peace plan, but, be it as it may, under such a “reconstruction” banner, lots of cash have been flowing into Ukraine, a nation infamous for being Europe’s most corrupt country. Much the same way a large part of the weaponry sent to Kiev has been ending up in Africa and the Middle East, through black markets, (and, in fact the Pentagon could not account for billions worth of arms), one could only suspect from the very beginning that something similar may occur when it comes to huge amounts of cash. By December 2022, the total amount of US dollars sent there totaled about $68 billion or even more, and the funds should keep coming this year.

According to Ukraine’s media reports, the Ukrainian investment company Dragon Capital and American multinational investment company BlackRock are involved in shady businesses. US giant BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, gained a strong foothold in the country in November upon signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Economy on marshaling funding aimed at the nation’s reconstruction. The company has some history: it was the target of accusations pertaining to corruption and environmental damage in Mexico,  and its CEO, Larry Fink, has been under a lot of controversy since December.

BlackRock, which manages multibillion dollar flows of business giants and states, is home to the crème de la crème of the US financial elite. In January, while addressing the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, Zelensky boasted that BlackRock, as well as JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs had “already become part of our Ukrainian way” – without clarifying what precisely is meant by the “Ukrainian way”. It may have become so, nonetheless, in more ways than he would probably feel comfortable talking about. The aforementioned JP Morgan, for instance, has large holdings in US defense contractors. These giant corporations basically profit from prolonging the conflict while investing their profits in reconstruction projects.

In addition, also according to Ukrainian news reports, there is the inevitable connection with George Soros’ network, which has an enormous presence in Ukraine. The billionaire’s right arm there appears to be the oligarch Tomas Fiala, Dragon Capital’s founder and CEO. This company used to oversee the Western funds transferred to the country aimed at combating corruption and promoting some reforms.

Part of such funds comes from Russia’s seized gold and foreign exchange reserves. The thing is that portions of these sums, it is claimed, albeit intended for anti-corruption programs, are ironically being diverted for corruption schemes. In addition, such schemes include sending part of the money “back” to the US, disguised as donations for the US President’s Democratic Party. This way, top officials within the current American administration could funnel billions of taxpayer’s money into Ukraine and then get part of it “back” as their share.

These allegations should not be promptly dismissed or deemed too incredible: back in August 2021, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament denounced a corruption ring within Naftogaz, the largest national oil and gas company. His testimony included supposedly leaked audio records of then Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden (the current US President) offering the then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko a billion dollars as part of a negotiation to dismiss the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin who was investigating the business activities of Joe Biden’ son, Hunter Biden, in the country.

Some analysts even believe that Hunter Biden’s shady activities in that Slavic nation, which include sexual scandals, and the biolabs allegations, could be employed by Kiev to urge concessions from the White house. This is so because since last year the stories have been gaining traction within the media and thus risked becoming a domestic political scandal. Ukraine’s own scandals amid a war also risk eroding its political unity. A sign of it was January’s mass resignation of several high-ranking authorities.

The corruption situation in the Eastern European country has always had the potential to hamper its alliance with the US. In Washington today, the Republicans, such as Republican Senator JD Vance, for example, are increasingly vocal about investigating a possible Democrat money laundering scheme in Ukraine.

This factor in Ukraine and its American connection is thus not merely of interest to the police authorities and prosecutors in both countries (not to mention the tabloids). It has geopolitical and geoeconomic implications.

I have written on how American foreign policy efforts aimed at opposing the German-Russian Nord Stream project were entangled in a web of corruption. Although there obviously are bilateral and local disagreements and points of contention which have led to the escalation of tensions, the current Russo-Ukrainian confrontation is also, up to some degree, a proxy American war waged against Moscow.

Washington’s interests in this war have to do with geopolitical goals pertaining to Russia’s containment, NATO’s expansion and the defense of unipolarity. However, there are also energy and geoeconomic interests, which in turn seem to intertwine with private interests, and those may include potentially catastrophic corruption scandals involving the Biden family and the Democratic party.

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Leader of important American mercenary group criticizes Ukraine

Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

The problems of Ukrainian society are already beginning to be seen by Kiev’s own western supporters. According to an American important ex-military, mercenary, Ukraine is a country full of corrupt and dangerous people, capable of committing atrocities, being something very different from what the western media usually describes. The revelation brings a series of reflections on the Ukrainian reality, since those who know the real situation on the battlefield directly contradict the praise made by the big media outlets to the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

The denunciations of Ukraine were made by Andrew Milburn, a prominent former US Navy officer, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, who currently works as a mercenary. He is the founder of the so-called “Mozart Group”, an American mercenary organization that operates in Ukraine providing military, logistical support and personnel training to Ukrainian forces. The group adopted the name “Mozart” as a way of insulting and mocking the Wagner Group, a Russian private military company that is actively participating in the current special operation.

Milburn shared some interesting facts about his experience fighting in Ukraine. When talking to interviewers from the Team House podcast, the mercenary made harsh comments about his Ukrainian partners, even using vulgar and disrespectful vocabulary to talk about them. According to him, the problems of corruption in the country are really serious and shocking. Milburn commented that the “global norms” are not respected in Ukraine, where all sorts of crimes are committed with impunity.

“[Ukraine is a] corrupt, f****d-up society (…) I have a Ukrainian flag tied to my bag, but I’m not like ‘oh my God, Ukraine is so awesome,’ because I understand that there are plenty of f****d up people running Ukraine (…) [I am] not a big fan [of Ukraine]”, he said during the interview.

Milburn also specifically commented on the recent videos of executions of surrendered and disarmed Russian soldiers by Ukrainian neo-Nazi agents that have been circulating on the internet. The American stated that he had seen these things before and that there are still many other atrocities being perpetrated by Ukrainians on the frontline. According to the mercenary, Kiev does not respect the norms of international humanitarian law and frequently commits war crimes. International conventions are simply ignored by most of Ukrainians, which worried even the American mercenaries themselves. Milburn claims that the Mozart Group tries to distance itself from the practices made by its partners, not participating in such crimes, but that even so he has seen “all kinds of atrocities” on the ground.

Curiously, Milburn’s words contradict what he spoke in his recent past. In an interview to The New York Times in October, Milburn stated that he had found the war “he’s been searching for” during his entire life. At the time he said that, as an experienced military who had already fought in other conflicts around the world, he had always witnessed a “moral ambiguity” on the battlefield, as he knew that his country was also making mistakes. In Ukraine, however, he claimed to see no ambiguity, as it was the fight against an “invader”, which supposedly would make the war “just” or “necessary” – something he morally pursued in his career.

“[In Iraq and Afghanistan] our position was somewhat morally ambivalent; to many people there we were the invader. But here we’re repelling an invader. Here is something absolutely unambiguous. And how many wars in modern times are morally unambiguous?”, he said at the time.

Perhaps, after witnessing the Ukrainian atrocities, Milburn will understand that this is not an “invasion” on Russia’s part – and not a “just war” on Ukraine’s part. This is simply an effort by Moscow to stop the immeasurable violence with which Russian-speaking people in Ukraine have been treated for eight years. What Milburn saw happen to Russian soldiers is simply what was commonly done to civilians in Donbass since 2014, until Russian intervention ended the widespread brutality, using military force to repel aggressors.

Milburn, despite his criticism, is still supporting Ukraine as he visibly believes in the “invaded vs invader” narrative. He saw the reality of the battlefield but does not seem to know the history of the conflict well, which would certainly force him to change his opinion about the supposed moral “unambiguity” of this war. This moral unambiguity does exist, but it seems to be on the side of those who try to stop ethnic genocide and not on the side of those who glorify Nazism and promote brutality.

You can follow Lucas on Twitter and Telegram.

Johnny’s Commentary: Despite the contradictions the mercenary is correct, Ukraine is the most corrupt nation on the face of the earth right now while the mainstream media covers it up. Of course a few years ago that same mainstream media reported on the Nazis, corruption, youth indoctrination summer camps and other nefarious activities that Ukraine was up to at the time.

Do you think Ukraine just magically changed overnight when the Russians attacked? No, of course they didn’t and now that same media wants us to believe Ukraine is on moral high ground and virtuous when nothing is further from the truth.

None of these corrupt governments are any good. Even Russia supports the WEF/NWO agenda and vaccine mandates are still in place in many cities and districts in Russia. As God’s word says, don’t put your trust in men/princes who cannot save. (Psalm 146:3) They are All CORRUPT!

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