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Martial Law in Canada, Churches Will Be Stopped by Whatever Force necessary

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is interviewed by Alex Jones in this clip to explain what a judge in Canada has done in order to shut down the pastor’s church. They can even arrest him by issuing a broad warrant allowing law enforcement and health department bureaucrats to basically do whatever they want.

You can find Pastor Pastor Artur Pawlowski of 

God bless and please share! Time is short and there’s too many believers who don’t get it.

The Chinese are Experiementing with animal and human Hybrids, Super Soldiers, and Much More!

It’s not just the Chinese either as I’ve shown you guys in other videos in the past. The US has their hands deep into the Super Soldier programs through DARPA and I’ve shown you the statements from the Syrian ambassador to the UN, asking the US to please remove their super soldiers from the battlefield in Syria. I’ll repost that video below as well.

Here is the video I premeired on YouTube today, 5-1-21. I took it down because of the words I used such as vaccine and gene therapy. I’m 99% sure it would’ve been pulled down and a strike issued which would take the channel down again. God bless and please share this with everyone you know! There is so much more going on than people realize!

Human Hybrids of Today, The Continuation of the Genesis 6 Conspiracy

Chinese Hybrid Article

Jurassic Park Article

Syrian Ambassador Video from last year

New Sanctions Coming for Turkey, Including the Banking sector and Erdogan and His Ministers!

Wow it appears the Biden Administration is pulling out all the stops against Turkey and President Erdogan. All of the slack that Erdogan was given under the Trump administration has been pulled back, and now it is going to strangle Turkey’s economy and Erdogan himself! Below is the English translation of the story I found at Warnews24/7 in Greece.

Article writer: Theofrastos Andreopoulos

The United States is ready to impose new sanctions on the Turkish government if it does not take action to protect human rights.

If Washington takes such action in a country that is supposed to be its ally, then it will show Ankara that it no longer considers itself a member of NATO and would prefer it outside the Alliance.

The US stops protecting Turkey

Of course, all this means that Turkey will no longer have the traditional American protection in other issues such as the establishment of a Kurdish state and the preservation of its territorial independence.

Suddenly, while the West itself in the past annulled the Treaty of Sevres now it is the West itself seeking its revival which means the loss of many territories for Turkey, as the Treaty provided for a protectorate of Istanbul under international control due to the Straits.

The issue of sanctions was raised again yesterday by Democratic senators, bringing to a vote a bill that will impose them directly on the government itself.

Edward Markey, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley announced their actions in the Senate.

The bill will hit Erdogan and his ministers

“The bill will focus on Turkish government ‘officials’ who have been found responsible for the imprisonment of political prisoners, the political detention of journalists, restrictions on freedom of speech and other violations of internationally recognized human rights.”

The 19-page bill blames Ankara for imprisoning tens of thousands of people and violating their civil liberties under the pretext of investigating the July 2016 coup.

Turkey had declared a state of emergency by 2018, but the government continued to detain, imprison journalists and rival politicians.

According to the Committee of Protect Journalists, Turkey is the second country in prison for journalists in 2020.

The bill calls on the US Secretary of State to provide assistance to political organizations in Turkey working to secure the release of political prisoners.

Calls on Ankara to “take all measures to significantly improve the bad climate for journalists” and “to stop the pursuit of free expression on the internet, and to repeal laws allowing the government to block a website or remove content from her »

The same bill says the Turkish government must end the imprisonment of lawyers, judges and prosecutors and fulfill its obligations under international law.

Finally the loans

If these measures are not taken, then the president will impose sanctions under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act and the Khashoggi Ban.

It also says the US Treasury Department should direct major financial institutions to oppose loans, donations, policies or strategies “designed to support the Turkish government in violating the human rights of its citizens” , in other words not to give them back Or dollar.

“Trump’s free pass to Erdogan for committing abuses has officially ended, ” Markey said.

God bless and stay ready! Who knows what Turkey and Erdogan may do in response to these new sanctions? Erdogan is an egomaniac and narcissist so anything is possible! Prayed up and prepped up!


I got this article in an email this morning. It speaks VOLUMES in regard to the utter failure of the modern day church to evangelize the poor nations who, like the article says, are some of the most devout servants of Jesus Christ! Instead of making devout pastors and servants of Christ, Western “Christian” television has taught these folks the Word of Faith doctrine of “name it and claim it”. Now your “fruits” are measured by how many cars and homes you own. This is sadly the state of things around the world where the WOF gospel puts an emphasis on THIS LIFE and having everything you want now instead of storing up their treasures in heaven as instructed by Jesus.

by Andrew Strom

I only began to truly understand the magnitude of this crisis when
I went to Uganda for the first time. I had ministered in Nigeria
before, but I had always thought Nigeria was a special case.
But not any more. Uganda opened my eyes. I realized the whole
of Africa has been infected. And I mean on an epidemic scale. A
tragic defilement, a complete undermining of the words of Jesus,
a total loss of the pure milk of the word. Greed and corruption
and “prosperity” lies on a vast scale.

It is so difficult to put into words the tragedy of what has occurred in
the Third World. These are Revival countries – where God has been
moving in great power. They are nations full of the simple and the
poor – who often make the most devoted lambs of Jesus. And now
I feel like we are seeing the “rape” of these precious Third World
Christians by a vast army of corrupted charlatans who call them-
selves “God’s preachers”. Leaders by the thousand who have been  
utterly ruined by the greed-inducing lies of Western Christian media.
And now they are ravaging God’s precious sheep.

This is not a small problem – it is enormous. Right across the
continents of Africa and Asia and South America – where God has
been moving the most – we find this gospel of greed beginning to
utterly dominate the church – particularly in the big cities. In many
places it is difficult to find pastors or leaders who are not gorging
themselves with it. We are talking about corruption and sickness
on such a scale that I do not believe the like of it has been seen
since the days of Constantine. This is a crisis unlike almost any
the church has known.

I got an email from a pastor in Puerto Rico who wrote the following:
“The prosperity and WOF false gospel has made extensive
damage to the local Pentecostal/ Charismatic church.  
Nowadays WOF theology is the “standard theology” heard on
Christian media (radio, music and TV).  A Spanish-speaking
subsidiary of TBN called ENLACE is spread all over Latin America
with the name-and-claim-it ‘gospel’…”

Another man from Nigeria wrote to me:
“When I heard your message, especially about the report of the
church in Nigeria, you were right on the money… This money
gospel has reshaped and taken over Christianity in Nigeria totally,
and it saddens my heart… You agree with me that it’s a major
crisis in Lagos. Everything is about money and you seem a fool
when you talk against it… “leadership, money, increase.” So many,
all over Africa.”

On one trip to Nigeria I stayed in the home of a pastor of a large
church there. He had two brand-new Mercedes parked in the
driveway as well as a new Lexus SUV. Inside was a 10-foot wide
Plasma television with Satellite TV. And such things are not
uncommon at all in the larger churches of Africa. In fact, more
and more it is being seen as “normal”. And how do they get all
this money? By manipulating the poor, precious lambs of Jesus,
of course. Screwing it out of a people who live in poverty the like
of which you and I can hardly imagine. You should see the
“offerings” these gentlemen take up – so manipulative it could
almost make you physically ill. And where did they learn all
these “money tricks”? Why – from Christian television, of course!
And then they multiply it by 100.

So what is to be done about all this? Has it already become so
ingrained that it is hopeless trying to turn it around? Is the amount
of money being spent on television by these sharks so great that
the Truth simply can’t compete? These are very good questions.
Because television and radio are clearly the dominant factor in
this race to destruction.

As I said in a previous article, we have to make a personal choice
in this crisis between Despair and ‘Resolve’. We can either sink
down in despair, or “Resolve” to stand and fight for the Truth and
for the precious lambs of God. I have to take heart in the fact that
Jesus says HE is the one who builds His Church – and the gates
of hell will not prevail against her. I believe God has a plan – and
it is a plan that involves you and me – and everyone else who knows
the Truth and is willing to fight for it. We are Christ’s ambassadors
and He has a special mission for us – just like in every similar
crisis down through history. All we have to do is stand and speak.
God will do the rest.

I love the example of David who came to Israel during a similar
crisis. When he saw that the Israelites were faced by a taunting,
God-mocking Philistine named Goliath he did not go aside to hold
committee meetings – or even to pray for several days before
acting! His heart was stirred within him and he cried, “What shall
be done to the man that kills this Philistine, and takes away the
reproach from Israel? For who is this uncircumcised Philistine,
that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (1 Sa 17:26).

This is the reaction that God is looking for. It is a heart response
birthed out of a kind of “holy indignation”. And it results in a courage
that stands boldly for Truth – without even thinking about the
consequences. It is those who have this “holy indignation” that God
is wanting to use in these last days. The crisis is severe. Who will
stand for righteousness and truth? Only those who, like David, have
drawn close to God and represent His heart. God’s eyes are roaming
the earth, seeking such ones to stand for Him at this very moment.

May we all be part of the solution to this crisis, my friends. May
we all – under the anointing of the Holy Spirit – simply stand and
start declaring God’s Truth into this situation. Simple fearless
courage is still one of the few things on this earth that makes the
devil tremble. It still only takes “five small stones.” And so, it is
time to quit ourselves like men – to gird ourselves for war. The
eternal destiny of millions of Jesus’ precious sheep hangs in the
balance. Will we respond?

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God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.

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FAKE CALM in Ukraine as Ukraine Deploys S300 to Donbas and US Navy Seals Prepare for Black Sea and Taiwan

Apparently the calm and the Russian “withdrawal” of troops from close to the front lines in Donbas are mostly fake and Russia could move back into place quickly. To go along with that this article says that the USA wants it’s world domination back and is willing to pay any price to get it. From Warnews24/7.

Article writer: Theofrastos Andreopoulos

The Ukrainians moved S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Donbass, and the Americans changed the Navy Seals’ course of action to deal with the world’s other superpowers, Russia and China, no longer terrorist organizations.

Especially for the Navy Seals it is clear that they will be used in environments such as Ukraine and Taiwan where their access by sea is considered a given.

Virtual de-escalation in Ukraine

The de-escalation in Ukraine was virtual as the Americans realized that the Ukrainians were unable to cope with the mighty Russian machine and needed extra time to strengthen Ukrainian forces in Donbas.

Of course, even if they were reinforced, even if NATO carried out a transfer of forces to Ukraine, they would still be at a disadvantage vis-των-vis the Russians as their power near the Russian border is enormous, but the US wants to proceed with a global “clearing of accounts” for to regain planetary hegemony with whatever the consequences.

Navy Seals change dogma: “No more terrorism, enemies are Russia and China”

Ten years after the ouster and extermination of Osama bin Laden, the US Navy SEALs are making a major leap in expanding their combat capabilities and capabilities as long-range patrols to take advantage of “global powers” as reported by the LA. Times, China and Russia.

Their new structure cuts the number of squads by 30% and increases their size to make teams much more lethal and capable of facing technologically powerful naval and underwater rivals.

So the new doctrine will fit in Ukraine, Taiwan (where they will be called to prevent landings) and of course on the Baltic, Arctic fronts and probably in the “Golden Triangle” (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) where there could be a Chinese descent. to cut off the sea routes of the Indian Ocean.

The selection process changes

In fact, the selection process for the Navy Seals is changing as they will be considered to have higher ethical standards after the recent incidents that shocked the unit and had to do with charges of murder, rape and drug use.

As their commander, Admiral Hugh Howard, put it, ” The Navy’s Special Operations Forces were focused on counter-terrorism operations but now they need to evolve.” “For the past two decades, many have been fighting in the deserts of Iraq and in the mountains of Afghanistan. Now they will return to the sea.”

This decision has to do with the Pentagon’s strategy of prioritizing China and Russia, which are rapidly developing their own armed forces and trying to expand their influence around the world.

According to the US military leadership, two decades of wars against extremists have depleted resources, causing the US to lose ground to Moscow and Beijing.

“The fight against terrorism has had its advantages, allowing SEALs to sharpen their talents in developing intelligence networks and finding and killing targets, but now we need to push ourselves against constant threats.”

Howard adds SEAL cadres with skills in cyber warfare and cyber warfare, as well as in unmanned systems to gather information about the enemy and deceive him.

The goal is to integrate SEALs into Navy missions at sea.

Those who believe that Russia and the United States will find each other are wrong. Because the Americans want to have the undisputed primacy on the planet again.

To have this they are willing to risk everything.

Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order and Tells the Public How the Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Charles Hoffe has been a medical doctor for 28 years in the small, rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada. The town is comprised of many indigenous groups and the “First Nations.”

When Dr. Hoffe was given 900 doses of the Moderna experimental COVID-19 injections, he administered the doses through the Lytton Medical Clinic to those who wanted them.

He chose not to inject himself.

Dr. Hoffe reports that the result of injecting 900 people among the indigenous First Nations community was that 2 people went into anaphylactic shock, one person died, and several others have suffered what appear to be permanent disabilities. He relates how one of his patients is in so much pain now, that she prefers death to life.

By contrast, no one in the community died or became permanently disabled due to the COVID-19 virus for the past year.

Dr. Hoffe reported these adverse reactions by email to the medical personnel in his community who were responsible for the roll-out of the Moderna shots, which included pharmacists, nurses, and doctors in his area, a total of about 18 people he says. You can access the rest of the story HERE.

“He relates how one of his patients is in so much pain now, that she prefers death to life.” That statement jumped out to me as I read the article because earlier in the evening God had me in Revelation 9, verse 6;  And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

To keep things in context that chapter and verse is talking about the 5th trumpet and what happens after it’s blown and the bottomless pit is opened. The locusts come out and they sting men (and women) who don’t have the seal of God on their foreheads. And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

That’s what came to mind when I saw that one patient preferred death to the pain she is in now. Some watchmen are saying watch what happens in the month of May. There’s 5 months of torment coming and I’m starting to wonder if May 1st isn’t the day it begins. I’ve really been in study on Revelation lately and this Revelation 9 has been standing out as a stark warning! With all of the adverse events going on around the world because of these “vaccines” I have to wonder if they won’t be the cause of the 5 months of torment!

I believe time is short and probably much shorter than we realize! If you don’t have Jesus Christ as your lord and savior NOW IS THE TIME! Ask Him to be your Lord and Savior today and know that All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! Romans 10:13 Believe Jesus is the son of God and that He died for your sins and rose again on the 3rd day and you will have eternal life! 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Do it TODAY.

How the MRNA Rescripting Works and Why It’s So Dangerous

I may have taken the day off from the main channel but behind the scenes I’m always working. Today I’ve been resting AND doing some researching, diving down rabbit holes again. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken time to do this and I will be doing much more of this from now on. I’m able to focus and get you more valuable information this way so while there may be less videos in the future, the quality of the material will be excellent.

Here is a video I found on Sons of Single Moms website. It has quite the collection of experts from preachers to doctors so I recommend watching it in it’s entirety.

God bless and please share this with everyone you know. People have been brainwashed into thinking this is something it’s not.

April Fundraiser

Covid “Vaccine” Horror Stories Keep Coming in…Here are a Few You Can Share…UPDATED DAILY!

Remember Bill Gates Says 7 Billion of us Need to be jabbed!

The horror stories about the adverse reactions to these gene therapies called vaccines. Doctors and scientists (who are all being silenced) say that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg and that the Month of May 2021 will be one to remember! Today I will share what I’m finding online and SOME of what’s being shared with me via email.

I plan on updating this post from time to time when I get more testimony from people so I will keep it posted to the main page for awhile and update it daily so we can preserve the records. Facebook and Twitter are deleting these types of posts and of course YT will never allow it so I will do what I can from here. God bless.

Here is another great resource for vaccine reactions!

I’m just going to start posting more links and updates as we go. Please keep checking back daily as I will put at least one more resource in per day.

Sons of Single Moms Has excellent material on the vaccines and adverse events.

Check out this video on the Pfizer vaccine! Are living cells/micro-organisms mixed in?

UPDATE 4-29-21 New website sent by a subscriber.

UPDATE 5-7-21 16 Year old DEAD following vaccine! 12-15 year olds are next!


This one is from an email I received.

My wife Jerry went to her “massage therapist” today. Her name is Sara. She is a Christian. And while my wife was there today Sara was telling her about her neighbor next door. Her neighbor has a 39 year old son who was in the Marines. Well, because he was going on vacation he decided to get the Covid Vaccine shot the day before he and his wife went on vacation. Now remember that this young man was a healthy 39 year old Marine. The day he got the shot he started getting sick. By by the second day he told his wife “take me to the hospital!!!!!!!!” While in the hospital in ER. the nurse said “code blue.” Well that was too late…….HE DIED! Only after……TWO DAYS…..of taking this poisonous Covid vaccine.

Then she was telling my wife that she has a regular patient who comes in to get message therapy. She said that while this woman was there she told Sara that she already had an auto immune desease called….”Sjogren’s syndrome.” Well this woman got the covid shot and she said that she wished that she would have NEVER taken it. She told sara that she has become much worse and that she is sick all the time.

Sara also told my wife Jerry that she was in Walgreens store. When she went to the checkout the guy behind the counter said to her…”Did you get the Covid shot yet?” Sara told him…NO! She said he looked spooked and bewildered. He said to her…”are you going to get the Covid vaccine?” She said…NO! once again ( I personally would have told guy behind the count…..”Hey, It’s none of your damn business ). Well there were some other seniors in line, and when she stold the guy behind the counter that she was NOT going to take the Covid vaccine, then two other people inline said….”We wish the hell we had never taken this vaccine because we have been sick ever since.”

I am telling you what folks! Jails should be full right now of “big pharma CEO’s and medical doctor’s” who are covering up the real truth behind this genocide against the American public. They don’t care one iota if people are dying from this poison which they are injecting into people arms.

It Could Be Dangerous To Be Around Or Have Sex With Vaccinated People!!

I bet not many thought about the sex part when you have one spouse who has been jabbed and one who hasn’t. Check out that horror story!


More and more women are reporting massive bleeding during their menstrual cycles as well! Some women who have been post menopause for YEARS have suddenly started having their periods again and much heavier than ever before! Of course we’ve also seen many miscarriages already but of course the mainstream media continues to cover up for big pharma.

A Miscarriage
Wake up!
More Evidence of Shedding!

Watch Bill Gates Talk about Eugenics (Depopulation) Over the Years…

The mass media and Bill Gates himself wants you to forget about all of these quotes and video clips. Infowars found a bunch and put them together in the video below. Share this with your friends who don’t believe you when you tell them how evil Bill Gates and his foundation truly are.

Bill Gates on Depopulation Over the Years

I found the video here:

The Capitol “Insurrection”… Nothing is as it Seems, All the World is a Stage

Note the Pentagram

The whole world is a stage indeed. This was a giant set-up from the beginning and many of us tried to warn everyone NOT to go to the Jan. 6th “Stop the Steal” rally.

They had actors and agents all over this thing and they encouraged everyone to come on into the building and break stuff, take selfies etc. Now many of those folks are being arrested and charged in federal court which is exactly what the government wanted but much more than that the government wanted to demonize anyone who questions the mainstream narrative. They wanted to put a stop to anymore talk of election fraud and put the fear of being put on more government lists on everyones minds.

Oh you don’t like that new law? Well now you’re on “the list”. The question is which list? The no fly list? The secret no gun list? The new white Christians are all racist terrorists list? The vaccine deniers list? I could go on but I think I made my point. Now we’ve had more of our freedoms taken including speech and religion and over what? A totally set up and fake insurrection designed to do what I just listed but mainly to take away your right to free speech and assembly.

The Federal government and State governments are now using this as part of their reason to outlaw open carry at State Capitols, take away more 2nd amendment rights (GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE) and are now openly tracking anyone who was even at the staged capitol event.

That’s what the STAGED insurrection was for and what they’re using the lockdowns for, to keep us from assembling and talking to each other and realizing who the REAL enemy is because then they would LOSE. Take a look at this video and see what I’m talking about. I found this on Black ops Secrets YT Channel.

They took the video off YouTube, I Uploaded it Here!

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

We have launched an end of the month Fundraiser for April! Please help us continue to bring you the news we’re not supposed to speak about, including the Gospel message! Thank you and God bless!

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