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Wisconsin Doctor Loses Her Baby to Covid19 Shot, UC Berkley Has Extreme Lockdowns, Entire school District Closes

Yes an entire school district closed because of adverse reactions to the Covid19 shots. I have no idea why pregnant women (DOCTORS NO LESS) are playing Russian roulette with their babies’ lives but this is the 3rd one I’ve heard about this week alone!

Please share this with everyone you know!

CDC Fraud

UC Berkley

Wisconsin Doctor

School District Closes Due to Adverse Reactions

Asymptomatic Spread Rare

Masks Don’t Work

Dr Tempenny Video

Tsunami confirmed after 7.7-magnitude quake in South Pacific

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From the Hindustan Times: “Tsunami confirmed,” the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said in a tweet, as it warned of a threat to Lord Howe Island, which is about 550 kilometres (340 miles) east of Australia’s mainland.

A 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck in the South Pacific on Thursday, generating a tsunami that threatened island nations in the region.

The quake struck at just after midnight on Thursday local time (1320 GMT Wednesday) about 415 kilometres (258 miles) east of Vao in New Caledonia at a depth of 10 kilometres, according to the US Geological Survey.

The US government’s NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said “hazardous tsunami waves” were forecast for some coasts.

It said waves reaching between 0.3 and one metre above the tide level were possible for Fiji, New Zealand and Vanuatu.

A wave of 0.3 metres struck Fiji, according to the Twitter feed of the island nation’s seismology department.

It provided no further details.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology also confirmed in a tweet that a tsunami had been generated.

The bureau warned of a threat to Lord Howe Island, which is about 550 kilometres (340 miles) east of Australia’s mainland.

The New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency released a statement telling people in coastal areas to move away from waterfronts.

“We expect New Zealand coastal areas to experience strong and unusual currents and unpredictable surges at the shore following a magnitude 7.7 earthquake,” the disaster agency said.

“People in or near the sea in the following areas should move out of the water, off beaches and shore areas and away from harbours, rivers and estuaries.”

The affected areas included the far north of New Zealand’s north island, the Great Barrier Island east of Auckland and a stretch of coast along the country’s east.

There were no initial reports of casualties or damage from the tsunami or the quake, which was initially recorded by USGS at magnitude 7.5 before being revised to 7.7.

The Pacific “Ring of Fire”, where tectonic plates collide, experiences frequent seismic and volcanic activity.

In 2018, a 7.5-magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island left more than 4,300 people dead or missing.

A 9.1-magnitude quake struck off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island in 2004, triggering a tsunami that killed 220,000 throughout the region.

The death toll included around 170,000 in Indonesia — one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

New CDC Death Statistics From Experimental Covid Shots as More and More Healthy People Die from them!

The new CDC stats are out and they don’t look good! Keep in mind that less than 1% of adverse events from vaccines are ever reported, so the numbers are likely quite a bit higher!

Also perfectly healthy people from their teens up to age 45 are also dying or being hospitalized from these experimental vaccines! What do they have in common? Cardiac Arrest and heart inflammation! All of that in more is in the new video below!

45 Year Old Doctor

Israeli Teenager

CDC Data

HEADS UP PARENTS! Lead, arsenic and deadly heavy metals are discovered in popular BABY FOOD

Make Your Own Baby Food!

Source: Domigood blog and Congressional Reports

Lead, arsenic and deadly heavy metals are discovered in popular BABY FOOD as House subcommittee slams Walmart and two others for refusing to cooperate and warns they might be ‘obscuring even higher levels’

 Arsenic, lead and other toxic metals that can harm brain development have been found in many popular baby foods, including organic brands.

The Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy requested internal data from seven companies in 2019 after a nonprofit called Healthy Babies Bright Futures published results of testing it did on baby foods, according to a congressional report released Thursday.

Four of the companies shared documents with the subcommittee, including: Gerber, Beech-Nut, Earth´s Best Organics maker Hain Celestial and Happy Family Organics maker Nurture Inc. 

Walmart, Sprout Foods and Campbell Soup Co., which makes Plum Organics baby food, didn´t cooperate, the subcommittee said.

‘The Subcommittee is greatly concerned that their lack of cooperation might be obscuring the presence of even higher levels of toxic heavy metals in their baby food products than their competitors’ products,’ the report said.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury harmful to human health.

‘Children’s exposure to toxic heavy metals causes permanent decreases in IQ, diminished future economic productivity, and increased risk of future criminal and antisocial behavior,’ the report reads.

According to the FDA, the metals found have ‘no established health benefit’ and ‘lead to illness, impairment, and in high doses, death.’

‘Even low levels of harmful metals from individual food sources, can sometimes add up to a level of concern,’ according to the FDA.

Currently, there is no federal standard on these toxins, or warning to parents about them, the report reads.

Arsenic is ranked number one among substances present in the environment that pose the most significant potential threat to human health, according to health officials. Lead is number two and mercury is number three on the list, with cadmium placing seventh.

UN Says Situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray Now “Extremley Alarming”

From the AP

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Life for civilians in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region has become “extremely alarming” as hunger grows and fighting remains an obstacle to reaching millions of people with aid, the United Nations said in a new report.

And the U.N. special adviser on genocide prevention warned Friday that without urgent measures the risk of atrocity crimes “remains high and likely to get worse.”

The conflict that has shaken one of Africa’s most powerful and populous countries — a key U.S. security ally in the Horn of Africa — has killed thousands of people and is now in its fourth month. But little is known about the situation for most of Tigray’s 6 million people, as journalists are blocked from entering, communications are patchy and many aid workers struggle to obtain permission to enter.

One challenge is that Ethiopia may no longer control up to 40% of the Tigray region, the U.N. Security Council was told in a closed-door session this week. Ethiopia and allied fighters have been pursuing the now-fugitive Tigray regional government that once dominated Ethiopia’s government for nearly three decades.

Now soldiers from neighboring Eritrea are deeply involved on the side of Ethiopia, even as Addis Ababa denies their presence. Eritrea on Friday rejected “false and presumptive allegations” after the U.S. Embassy there posted a statement online about the need for Eritrean forces to leave.

On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was the latest to pressure Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed directly, urging the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner in a phone call to allow “immediate, full and unhindered” aid access to Tigray before more people die.

Abiy’s brief statement on the call didn’t mention Tigray. Neither did his statements on calls this week with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as European countries also express concern over one of the world’s newest crisis zones. Neighboring Sudan and Somalia could be sucked in, experts have warned.

The new U.N. humanitarian report released late Thursday includes a map showing most of the Tigray region marked as “inaccessible” for humanitarian workers. It says the security situation remains “volatile and unpredictable” more than two months after Abiy’s government declared victory.

The aid response remains “drastically inadequate” with little access to the vast rural population off the main roads, the report says, even as Ethiopia’s government has said well over 1 million people in Tigray have been reached with assistance. Some aid workers have reported having to negotiate access with a range of armed actors, even Eritrean ones.

Civilians have suffered. “Reports from aid workers on the ground indicate a rising in acute malnutrition across the region,” the new report says. “Only 1 percent of the nearly 920 nutrition treatment facilities in Tigray are reachable.”

Starvation has become a major concern. “Many households are expected to have already depleted their food stocks, or are expected to deplete their food stocks in the next two months,” according to a new report posted Thursday by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network, which is funded and managed by the U.S.

The report said more parts of central and eastern Tigray likely will enter Emergency Phase 4, a step below famine, in the coming weeks.

Health care in the region is “alarmingly limited,” with just three of Tigray’s 11 hospitals functioning and nearly 80% of health centers not functional or accessible, the U.N. report says. Aid workers have said many health centers have been looted, hit by artillery fire or destroyed.

In a separate statement, the special adviser to the U.N secretary-general on the prevention of genocide, Alice Wairimu Nderitu, said she has received reports of serious human rights violations in Tigray including “extrajudicial killings, sexual violence, looting of property, mass executions and impeded humanitarian access.”

She also has received “disturbing reports of attacks against civilians based on their religion and ethnicity” in Tigray and other parts of Ethiopia, and she urged the government to address the root causes and promote reconciliation.

Among those targeted in the Tigray conflict have been thousands of refugees from Eritrea who have sheltered in the region for years.

Large parts of two of their camps have been systematically destroyed, according to analysis of satellite images by the U.K.-based DX Open Network nonprofit. Now some 5,000 of the refugees who have made their way to the community of Shire “are living in dire conditions, many sleeping in an open field on the outskirts of the town, with no water and no food,” the U.N. report says.

Visiting U.N. refugee chief Filippo Grandi this week urged Ethiopia to allow access for independent investigators to probe alleged widespread human rights abuses, calling the overall situation in Tigray “extremely grave.”

Bill Gates calls for global alert system and ‘pandemic fire squads’ for post-Covid-19 world

This guy just doesn’t stop. Article, video and links are below.

From RT

Social media users are recoiling at Bill Gates’ call for a global disease alert system, questioning why a tech billionaire with no medical expertise or elected office is plotting what they fear could become a platform for tyranny.

The Microsoft co-founder, who ranks as the world’s third-richest person, took to Twitter on Monday to make his pitch for a new system that he said would help prevent future pandemics. This would include “mega testing diagnostic platforms” that could test 20 percent of the population every week, Gates said in a video promoting his plans. He added that future treatments, such as monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines will be developed far faster in response to future disease outbreaks.

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A quick note to say thank you to those who participated in the fundraiser for the website and domain renewal! We didn’t quite hit the goal to expand the storage of the site but we were able to renew it and the domain and meet our other obligations as well!

Thank you again and God bless you all! I will continue for as long as I can.

Iran installs 2nd batch of advanced centrifuges at Natanz

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Source: Times of Israel

Iran has continued to ramp up its nuclear program in violation of its 2015 agreement with world powers by further enriching uranium and installing new centrifuges, the United Nations’ nuclear agency said.

The fresh breaches of the nuclear deal came as tensions continued to climb in the Middle East, and US and Israeli officials issued warnings about Iran’s nuclear program.

The International Atomic Energy Agency — in a confidential report obtained by Reuters and published Tuesday — said Iran has begun enriching uranium in its underground Natanz plant with a second cascade, or cluster, of centrifuges,.

Iran recently installed a second cascade of advanced IR-2m centrifuges at Natanz to enrich uranium and will soon add a third. Iran was only allowed to use a less advanced type of centrifuge under the terms of the nuclear deal.

The first cascade it installed recently was composed of 174 IR-2m machines, according to Reuters.

Iran’s envoy to the UN nuclear watchdog confirmed on Tuesday the installation of the second batch of advanced centrifuges at Natanz.

“Thanks to our diligent nuclear scientists, two cascades of 348 IR2m centrifuges with almost 4 times the capacity of IR1 are now running… successfully in Natanz,” Kazem Gharibabadi said on Twitter. “Installation of 2 cascades of IR6 centrifuges has also been started in Fordo. There’s more to come soon.”

Natanz is Iran’s main nuclear enrichment plant. An explosion at the site last year, which foreign media reports have attributed to Israel or the US, damaged an advanced centrifuge development and assembly plant.

Iran said last month it planned to install 1,000 new centrifuges at Natanz within three months and that its scientists had exceeded previous goals for uranium enrichment.

Also last month, Tehran announced it was beginning to enrich uranium up to 20 percent — far beyond the 3.5% permitted under the nuclear deal, and a relatively small technical step away from the 90% needed for a nuclear weapon. Iran also said it was beginning research into uranium metal, a material that technically has civilian uses but is seen as another likely step toward a nuclear bomb.

Iran said last week it would also move to restrict short-notice inspections of suspect nuclear facilities from late February.

Iran insists it is not seeking to develop nuclear weapons, a position repeated last week by its Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Tuesday’s report came amid a flurry of activity surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and as Iran and the US maneuvered ahead of expected negotiations.

US President Joe Biden has said he intends to return to the nuclear deal if Iran first returns to compliance. Iran says the US must first remove all of the sanctions it placed on the country after it withdrew from the treaty.Iran’s nuclear enrichment facility in Natanz, 300 kilometers (186 miles) south of the capital Tehran, on April, 9, 2007. (Hasan Sarbakhshian/AP)

Zarif on Monday asked the European Union to coordinate a synchronized return of both Washington and Tehran into a nuclear deal.

The US and Iran have exchanged barbs, both before and after Biden took control of the White House, including by issuing threats and carrying out military maneuvers.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that Iran was currently months away from being able to produce enough material to build a nuclear weapon. And, he said, that timeframe could be reduced to “a matter of weeks” if Tehran further violates restrictions it agreed to under the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

Iran and the Trump administration exchanged a steady stream of threats before Trump’s term ended on January 20, with Iran also carrying out fresh breaches of the nuclear agreement. Iran’s aggressive moves were believed to be partially aimed at increasing its leverage ahead of negotiations with Biden.

Jeff Bezos Stepping Down as Amazon CEO

Why now?

Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon CEO in the third quarter of 2021.

In a letter to Amazon employees published Tuesday afternoon, Bezos announced that he would transition to executive chairman, where he’ll focus on “new products and early initiatives.”

“Being the CEO of Amazon is a deep responsibility, and it’s consuming,” Bezos wrote. “When you have a responsibility like that, it’s hard to put attention on anything else.”

Bezos said that while he will still be involved in important initiatives at Amazon, he plans to spend more time on philanthropy ” including the Bezos Earth Fund and his Day 1 Fund ” as well as his two other major endeavors: the Washington Post, which he purchased 2013, and his rocket company, Blue Origin.

Andy Jassy, who currently serves as CEO of Amazon Web Services, will replace him. Bezos wrote that Jassy will be an outstanding leader, and that he has Bezos’ “full confidence.”

Like I said why now? Stay prayed up and prepped up.

The Medical Tyranny Continues as CDC Issues Order for Double Masking on All Public Transportation

This is of course under threat of arrest as this was included at the end of the CDC statement. The CDC said it reserves the right to enforce the order through criminal penalties, but it “strongly encourages and anticipates widespread voluntary compliance” and expects support from other federal agencies to implement the order.

To go along with that we now have our first (at least for me) documented case of an attempted medical kidnapping in the US which happened in Vancouver WA a couple of days ago. That story is on the website HERE. I also found a similar story this morning up in Canada this time involving a Pastors wife who was forced into a 14 day quarantine even though she tested negative prior to boarding her flight. The government won’t tell him where she’s being held either so she will be gone and going through God knows what for at least 14 days. That story is HERE. Please pray for her safe return home. My new video and other links are below. God bless and take care!

Medical Tyranny


China using anal swabs:

Double Masking:

Here’s Headlines with a Voice on the CDC story as well.

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