CDC, NYC and the White House Train for Marburg Virus Outbreak

As well they should since it’s been programmed into the Covid shots/bioweapons. It’s all in today’s video and the links to the information are below.

Guys time is so short! Seek Jesus Christ NOW and REPENT and COMMIT your life to Him before it’s too late!

Marburg Exercise in NYC

Dr. Buttar Poisoned

Operation Warp Speed Logo

Attorney Todd Calender

Mingling of the Seeds part 1 (About the shot/mark of the beast)

War on the Seed Part 2 Tying it all together

Bitchute Video

Rumble Video

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  • I like this posting, because it does reaffirm what others like karen kingston is saying. They have patents that explain it is all connected to five gee. A bioweapon for sure, hytech bioweapon.

  • The COVID death jabs is the mark of the beast and a bioweapon. Period. I remember seeing a video from Maara Gould who confirmed the same things similar to Crystal’s videos, ‘Dreaming of Heaven’. Such as “Operation War(p) S(p)eed”, the abomination that makes desolate by divorcing God at the cellular level via the death jabs/mark of the beast, Trump is the Antichrist, and so on. The timeline is so obvious. We are so close in the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen, and amen. ( Part 4 The Abomin@,tion And These Days Like A Thief )

  • This is absolute Fact šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘
    Truth well Spoken brother šŸ’Æ
    Soldier šŸŖ– On šŸ’Ŗ Guys šŸ’Ŗ

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