Proof that the Covid Jabs are DNA Changing and Mind Control Bioweapons


Source article from Dr. Ana

There is a TON of information in today’s video regarding what they put into the so called Vaccines. This one took awhile to put together, please share it with everyone you know!

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Health Canada Not Concerned about DNA in Shots

People Know but wont speak out

The Full version of the Dr. Ana Interview

WEF official announces goal of 60% vaccination worldwide

Attorney Todd Calander and the Marburg Virus

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  • Get Ready for some push back brother πŸ’ͺ
    This is Great Work πŸ‘
    I’ve Shared it with everyone I know! .
    Thank You for your Hard work πŸ™
    “”” This is So important! “”
    I believe the A.I. will be in Control of all of this!
    Is In Control of it!
    Keep the faith πŸ’ͺ
    Soldier πŸͺ– On πŸ’ͺ Brother πŸ’―

    • Good job as always Bill.
      I’m sure you know there’s a good chance you have a bullseye on your back and I’m pretty sure you’ve known that ever since you had your thing on Jeff Rense and so as far as I’m concerned if they’re not talking about Jesus then they’re either controlled opposition or out and out evil

  • This explains SOOOO much. I have people CLOSE to me who swore they didn’t get it yet I noticed a huge spiritual change in them B4 they would talk about Jesus and how the world is sliding into hell now IM IN THE WRONG. loves love, Trump really is sent by God. This world gets lonelier every day. 2 days ago my wife handed me her keys , I seen an old dog tag looking key ring she always carried I never looked at it till the Holy Spirit almost put a spotlight on the inscribed satan figure horns and all, my heart sank I took a picture of it we been married 6 years before we even met I told her when God says go , ILL GO ALONE AND NOT LOOK BACK. I now realize how all my dreams of my loved ones turning against Jesus in the end.
    I can see how they are being steered by evil some times I go way off the map finding where I have no phone signal mentally mapping them. The three funeral homes are packed again weird that a week before they were up on the 5g tower all day soon after our funeral homes get surges of died suddenly. Keep your eye on them around these 5g towers

    • Bro, I’m very sorry to hear of your very sad, but common situation as of late. Did your wife leave you?

      Prior to the “snake bites” coming to my Atlantic region (Eastern Kanadastan, formerly known as “Canada”), daily obits would number from 6-10 on a good day. That was the norm. Since they arrived, the numbers range anywhere from 35-65 +/- on the high end EVERY DAY! Nobody would really notice how “effective” those poisoned pokes are unless they follow the daily obits. The CDC and WHO said they were “effective”, and they were correct–at killing, but not for preventing Coooovid!

      I hear ya about the mind changes, Shawn! Several of us in my community talk regularly as to how the minds of mainstream population have “really changed” since the “snake bites”. They’re more dumbed-down than usual; more fearful, and argumentative. They MUST ALWAYS be in the right, and they quickly cancel when faced with an opposing opinion. It’s pure evil! Even Christians keep to themselves these days, speaking only to those they know and can hopefully trust.

      I thank God for His Holy Spirit who first alerted several in my circle to the unknowns of those dastardly medical procedures, and we didn’t take them. The wife of one guy did, and she’s pure hell to live with!

      I stopped at our local funeral home to change my funeral plans a few days ago. A young female director, whom I’d not seen there before (because the more visible directors were busy at a funeral) waited upon me. Before I got up to leave, I asked, “Since the snake bites have come to town, as an embalmer, have you seen any of the clots in the bodies?”

      Her face lit up as her hands dropped down to her sides in total surrender and frustration as she replied, “HAVE WE EVER!” We are soooo busy! What a time we have with them…They’re about this long…” She spread her thumb and index finger apart about four inches. I said, “Those are small ones.”

      She then asked if I’d seen the documentary, “Suddenly”. I assured her I had. I also told her that when I first noticed the uptick in obit numbers, I started keeping a daily log on my calendar for “suddenly”, “unexpectedly”, and suicides; that’s how I came up with the aforementioned numbers. We talked for about another half hour or so; she was so happy to be in the company of someone of like mind. In fact, she even followed me out to my truck, talking all the way. She wanted to know what I know.

      The 5G towers are everywhere in my province; more common than dollars.

      Keep your eyes upon Jesus, no matter what. Memorize (if you haven’t already, I Cor. 15: 58. Not much longer, and we’ll be safe and sound in our eternal home…”built with no hands”. Maranatha!

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