The 1918 Spanish Flu experiment

It wasn’t from Spain and it wasn’t the flu, but rather an experiment. They injected bacteria cultured in horses and then injected it into the troops. Those injected with this new experimental vaccine were then sent overseas into WW1. This bacteria was spread through Europe and in this way we had the first vaccine shedding experiment.

Who was in charge of the experiment? Frederick Gates…gee what a coincidence.

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This is my first installment about the history and the horrors of vaccines. Stay tuned because my research is showing me more than I’ve ever known before.

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  • Melissa Broadway

    All I can say is, wow. They’ve always work on these death jabs since the beginning of time up to now in Lucifer’s psychopathic rear end kingdom. This is where all nations were deceived by their sorceries.(pharmakeia=pharmaceuticals) People on earth got indoctrinated to ribbons since birth that the death care corps, not health care, will help, heal, and save lives. The powers that be are covertly murdering them for they serve the murderer, which is Satan. They can’t function without it. Murder is their cornerstone. This is who they are in representation via Satan, for he is a murderer from the beginning.

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