Israeli Military Deployed to border of Azerbaijan and Iran

close up of the flag of israel

The Israeli military is located a few kilometers from the border with Iran.

The presence of the Israeli military has been recorded on the border with Iran for the past few months. The latter were discovered after the interception of conversations on the VHF band. Moreover, the Israeli military is suppressing the Iranian fleet and a number of military bases located near the border with Iran with the help of powerful electronic warfare systems. Information on this subject is provided by the Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

As follows from the data presented, over the past few months, the Israeli military, using electronic warfare, has been jamming GPS signals in Iran and conducting electronic warfare against Iranian warships in the waters of the Caspian Sea. Moreover, thanks to the interception of communications, it was established that we are talking about the Israeli military. This, against the background of several flights of Israeli military aircraft to Azerbaijan, indicates that Azerbaijan is actively contributing to the presence of the IDF in close proximity to the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“For almost a month now, the GPS of Iranian ships in the Caspian Sea, passing near the coastal strip of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has been violated. On the VHF bands, there were several times people who spoke Hebrew , ”reports Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

In all likelihood, it is precisely with this fact that the direct presence of Iranian troops on the border with Azerbaijan is connected, since earlier information has repeatedly appeared that Israeli attack drones and fighter jets may be located on the territory of Azerbaijan, preparing to strike at the Islamic Republic.

Thousands of Troops Deployed London:

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  • Troops in London.
    If you go to youtube and watch the video that HT posted, many people are saying that it is old footage from the queen’s funeral, and possibly not even in London. Since there’s no other footage from anyone else…it’s definitely suspect.

  • Brother, it’s an overwhelming time to be in. There’s so much going on on a daily basis….as I know you know. Feast of Trumpets right now. NASA supposedly “ramming an asteroid” on Monday (DART mission). I think once the referendums are done it’s gonna go “hot.” I got laid off this year for refusing to take a swab-to-the-cranium test. Work has been sketchy ever since. Please keep me in your prayers….My fatigue level is high. Thank you. May you get Blessings by The Most High.

  • Would be a good time for Israel now to lunch a major attack on Iranian nuclear facilities..

  • Something big is happening in China….. They’ve been building More Massive Reeducation Camps , At a Record Pace!!
    When all media is Quiet.about Something……… It’s time to Pay Attention!!
    Watch Israel…..
    Everything Biblical is Taking Place in Real Time Now 💯
    Literally Everything

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