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The Beast System – starring The Devils Champion…

Some of you have been asking about Elon Musk and where or not he’s for real. Oh he’s for real alright, real controlled opposition. I found a Telegram Post on Revelations and Rabbit Holes that contains all of the links you’ll need to see for yourselves that Elon works for the wrong side. I’ll begin with a post I found on his mother to show you how it all began for him.

Elon says he’s looking to hire a “VP of Witchcraft and Propaganda” for Twitter. He already has one in the family but I suppose he’s concerned about nepotism?

Now here are the Telegram links to a ton of information proving that Elon Musk is NOT one of the good guys. Please share this with people you know who are deluded about this guy and the god he serves.

•Why would Elon Musk be so aligned with Klaus Schwab and the WEF? (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/759)

•TRANSCENDENCE: Elon Musk, WW3 & Digital Human Cloning (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1040)

•Elon Musk Exposed 2.0 (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1108)

•THE REAL X MEN | Technocracy and the NEW RIGHT (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1279)

•DID ELON MUSK JUST RELEASE AN MOTB* TECHNOLOGY? (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1304)

•Elon ‘authenticate all humans’ Musk (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1353)

•Elon Musk | WEF Young Global Leader (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1365)

•Elon Musk | Creating X, the everything app | “WeChat is actually a good model, it does everything.” (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1381)

•Elon Musk | Baphomet Costume | 2022 (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1444?single)

•The CEO of the ADL, Jonathon Greenblatt says he is “encouraged” after his meetings with Elon Musk (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1510).

•Elon Musk verifies ‘Jesus Christ’ account on Twitter (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/1944)

•Satan account on Twitter makes blasphemous posts and gives shoutout to Elon Musk. (https://t.me/Revelations_and_Rabbit_Holes/3215)

“Whenever the people need a hero, we shall supply him.”
–Albert Pike, 33° Freemason [Pope of American Freemasonry]

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‘Everyone On Earth Will Die,’ Top AI Researcher Warns 

bionic hand and human hand finger pointing

Shutting down the development of advanced artificial intelligence systems around the globe and harshly punishing those violating the moratorium is the only way to save humanity from extinction, a high-profile AI researcher has warned.

Eliezer Yudkowsky, a co-founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), has written an opinion piece for TIME magazine on Wednesday, explaining why he didn’t sign a petition calling upon “all AI labs to immediately pause for at least six months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4,” a multimodal large language model, released by OpenAI earlier this month.

Yudkowsky argued that the letter, signed by the likes of Elon Musk and Apple’s Steve Wozniak, was “asking for too little to solve” the problem posed by rapid and uncontrolled development of AI.

“The most likely result of building a superhumanly smart AI, under anything remotely like the current circumstances, is that literally everyone on Earth will die,” Yudkowsky wrote.

Surviving an encounter with a computer system that “does not care for us nor for sentient life in general” would require “precision and preparation and new scientific insights” that humanity lacks at the moment and is unlikely to obtain in the foreseeable future, he argued.

“A sufficiently intelligent AI won’t stay confined to computers for long,” Yudkowsky warned. He explained that the fact that it’s already possible to email DNA strings to laboratories to produce proteins will likely allow the AI “to build artificial life forms or bootstrap straight to postbiological molecular manufacturing” and get out into the world.

According to the researcher, an indefinite and worldwide moratorium on new major AI training runs has to be introduced immediately. “There can be no exceptions, including for governments or militaries,” he stressed.

International deals should be signed to place a ceiling on how much computing power anyone may use in training such systems, Yudkowsky insisted.

“If intelligence says that a country outside the agreement is building a GPU (graphics processing unit) cluster, be less scared of a shooting conflict between nations than of the moratorium being violated; be willing to destroy a rogue datacenter by airstrike,” he wrote.

The threat from artificial intelligence is so great that it should be made “explicit in international diplomacy that preventing AI extinction scenarios is considered a priority above preventing a full nuclear exchange,” he added.

Source: https://www.rt.com/news/573972-ai-danger-nuclear-yudkowsky

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high angle photo of robot

From the video description: The fake false “Jesus revival” or “truth movement” will do nothing but give you useless knowledge and false hope pertaining to your eternity! No matter what preps you or I do, without the Holy Spirit of the living God in you by Christ Jesus and him alone, you will be deceived, trapped, snared, subverted, betrayed, destroyed and separated from God for eternity! Please consider what you are dealing with and call on the name of Jesus with a sincere and humble heart. He will reveal himself to you, in Truth! His grace and peace be with you all!

Johnny’s Commentary: I completely agree with many fish as he discusses the false “Jesus revival” or “truth movement” with all of it’s preps…none of it matters unless you are SEALED BY GOD by having His living Holy Spirit within you by Christ Jesus! This is why I always say PRAYED UP first when I say “prayed up and prepped up!” We are in a spiritual war first and foremost and you will be deceived by the events that are coming this year unless you have a STRONG RELATIONSHIP WITH Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

Believe me when I say that without HIS strength and grace I would not physically be here. Not only has He helped me overcome my health issues but our home would have been destroyed by huge dust devils TWICE if I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus! Both times I rebuked it using Jesus’ name and the funnel clouds went POOF, gone except for some fluttering debris! My neighbor Kim witnessed one of those events and said “it was coming right for your trailer John!” I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! So can you if you have that relationship.

Also here is another video he posted last week about ChatGPT changing the world. I already see many believers playing with this evil thing. What part can light have with darkness? As I’ve already shown you these things are DEMONIC and using AI to deceive and trick people into thinking they’re good.

If you don’t believe us then how about Dr. Evil himself Klaus Schwab? Here he is telling you how everything will change and that whoever controls AI rules the world. Too bad for them that God has other plans!

Many Fish Bitchute Channel

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