Everyone is being tracked by satellites

photo of person peeking through the hole

It appears that we are being precisely tracked by Lockheed and Boeing GPS tracking satellites. How? The tracking signal uses 3200 – 3750 MHz (S Band), and many people can feel the microwave pulse using your hand or forearm, over the top-back part of your head.

I wonder how much easier it is to track people with the jab? I would imagine they can pick up the MAC address right away. It would be much more difficult but apparently not impossible without the jabs as well. Learn more in the video and in the links below.

Everyone is being tracked

This is the chip

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  • You would want the hat to be made out of mylar and insulation because then even with thermal imaging they would not see your head. Need one for your body too. You would then be blind to thermal imaging.

  • Edward Snowden warned us years ago. I imagine the technology has improved greatly.
    They are probably using it in Gaza to track the survivors. What we see in Gaza is what we are allowed to see.
    When they first rolled out the vaccine the battery operated mouse wouldn’t connect to my old computer because of so many apple addresses registering when there was a big crowd in the area like a football game.

  • And when everyone is in line to be beheaded for the Lords name sake THATS how they will be able to tell who really has it and who don’t!

    • Pretty sure they already know who’s taken it and who hasn’t. We are the enemy now in this inverted world. Everyone who took the shot is now trackable by bluetooth, so any nearby devices like cell phones can triangulate a persons exact position. They have been spraying the population with Smart Dust for the last 30 years out the back of those chem trail planes, and now we all have it in us as well. In the end, we win. Trust in JESUS!

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