This is the Chip

This is what assembles inside of those who have taken the jab. This is part of the IOB or internet of bodies. Prayed up and prepped up, time is short.

This is a chip

AI and the mind control of humanity

Lawsuit describing the madness

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  • Worst part is those who got it ,80%,have had this inside them for a couple years, THEY ARE NOW CONTROLLED ZOMBIES. WHATS BAD IS, PEOPLE ARE STILL GETTING IT LIKE MY BOSS JUST TO GO ON A CRUISE???
    Jonny they switched insurance plans , his wife’s secretary to the principal here in a grade school. THE FIRST THING THEY DID WAS SEND A KOOL AID HAIRED NURSE PRACTITIONER “TO THEIR HOUSE IN BFE EAST CENTRAL INDIANA. They had to get up to date on “ALL” VACCINES. A week later he came back I almost told him but I knew he couldn’t understand what that shot did. Share this to all who say it’s not TMOTB. God help us.

  • The thought crossed my mind that they are turning people into human bombs. Human bombs that explode with the ferocity of a bunker buster.

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