Minneapolis Arts Center Slammed For Encouraging “Family Friendly” Demon-Summoning

woman posing as alien

From zero hedge

An arts and culture center in Minneapolis has received backlash after it promoted an event encouraging families to attend a “ceremony to summon and befriend” a demon of their choosing.

Yes, really.

Alpha News reports that the Walker Art Center held a pagan ritual geared toward families last weekend, with a performance called “Lilit the Empathic Demon.”

The event description on the organisations website reads “Demons have a bad reputation, but maybe we’re just not very good at getting to know them.”

The event featured an ‘artist’ called Tamar Ettun who claims to create “demon traps.”

“Families are invited to create a vessel to trap the demon that knows them best — perhaps the ‘demon of overthinking’ — and then participate in a playful ceremony to summon and befriend their demon,” the description further reads.

After designing your trap, Lilit the Empathic Demon will come from the dark side of the moon to lead you in locating your feelings using ancient Babylonian techniques,” the description further claims, adding “This collective and playful demon summoning session will conclude with a somatic movement meditation, designed to help you befriend your shadows.”

The report notes that the Art Center “received millions of dollars in taxpayer funds through Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which routinely funds projects with a left-wing agenda.”

File this one next to the After School Satan Clubs that are no doubt doing the same kind of thing all over the country.

Johnny’s commentary

I can’t believe that even after I show people stuff like this,they still will tell me we are not in the end times. guys, we are at the point where everything is being turned upside down. They are turning God’s creation on its head with gene editing jabs, cutting penises and breasts off of children, teaching with gay porn in kindergarten and now they’re encouraging the doctrines of Demons in the home. 1 Timothy 4:1

Besides all of that, the world is on freaking fire or it’s flooding and roiling and yet oh, it’s all fine Johnny. Really? I went outside this morning and I could barely see the sun and it was hard to breathe because of the smoke. People in Maui are being vaporized to death in their homes with everything burnt to Ash and yet oh it’s all fine Johnny.

Time is short, the endgame is here it’s time to get right with God through his son Jesus Christ. He is the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through him he said it himself in John 14:6. Seek him now, while you still can.


PS This video does an excellent job summing up what I was talking about up above.

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  • Amen brother, I see it all the same way you see it…

  • Melissa Broadway

    All can I say is, WOW. To say that these demons are soooo empathic and sweet is delusional deception. If someone believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and made an appointment to the Minneapolis arts center for an espionage mission to make these demons squirm in Satan’s seance club by the Name of Jesus Christ, that alone would be epic. I’m sure their empathic sweetness will vanish instantly when the true complete persona of their malignant psychopathic narcissism comes out in F-bombs, hissy fits, and shrieking by the power of Jesus Christ’s Name. This goes to every Satan’s club around the globe. When the KING of kings, and the LORD of lord returns, the people will mourn in seizures when they witness their beloved trashy Lucifer and his demons being cast into the lake of fire for all eternity. Hands down. I’m sure the people in their cognitive dissonance who reject God’s Word of the end times constantly will wake up then because those hideous things are no longer around to be worshipped.

  • Melissa Broadway

    The video pretty much sums up everything of people who’re tuned out from God and His judgements, but tuned in unto Satan in utter destruction. They were taught in indoctrination since birth not to have no empathy nor sympathy unto others. I’ve seen people like this all the time of everyday. I live in Colorado all my life and I remember the Boulder fire that happened last year in 2022 which destroyed 1084 homes. 2 weeks later it has been forgotten. The ongoing Canadian fires were so bad of this year that it looked like a thick fog and the visibility was extremely poor along with a wretched air quality from the smoke. The air smelt of charred plastic and the sun hazed like there was no tomorrow. When I accompanied my father to do grocery shopping in the smoke and haze I seen people just don’t even care what is happening around them. To me they looked like tranced zombies going about their daily business. I remember two people in particular who just finished doing some shopping and putting things into the car said, “It’s just another wildfire, whoop-de-do”. People like this are as the days of Noah and they will be caught unawares with no escape in the end from God.

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