FRIGHTENING: Leprosy Following COVID-19 Vaccination

A study conducted to examine the anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination status of individuals who were diagnosed with leprosy revealed “a very high rate of anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination among individuals attending the Leprosy Clinic. 49 individuals (98%) were vaccinated.”

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  • So much Bible prophecy is happening every second now yet the blind are clueless. Your story on suicides in the military my nephew was in Iraq searched for roadside bombs. He has severe PTSD he has “spells” that scare his wife so bad she drops him at my house. I have a room that’s off from everything just for things like that. After hours of talking AROUND his fears, I get him to tell me he was stuck so much in the army it fry’s your brain . He said , HAVEING to carry his best friend till he knew he wouldn’t be left in that hell, was hard but nothing compared to the continuous evil voices that won’t go away. He says most of the suicides are from them. He said if it wasn’t for his loved ones to have to live with finding him and it’s a sin punishable by true death, he would have also . He got a job as a night janitor by himself. He can’t be around most people.

    • Your nephew needs Deliverance.
      War opens doors into one’s soul when traumatized by combat.
      I was a recipient of the PTSD of our dad when he came back from the Pacific, and now am dealing with a sibling that was in DSI and in Black Hawk Down.
      This is the area that the Lord has me learning and dealing with, so I’m sharing in hope you will take this to heart. As a Viet Nam era veteran (Korea and Germany in the 70s) it troubles me deeply when I read these testimonies.
      One day, I pray to read a praise report of your nephew’s healing!
      Those voices are REAL! believe him. medicine will not fix him.
      Deliverance and having the spirit of fear and the tormenting spirit cast is out the first step.
      Then a good Christian mentor to be at his side, that understands how to bind demonic influence and loose the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.
      I pray you take this to the Lord for confirmation. I am dealing with a sibling with Desert Storm and Black Hawk Down issues of his PTSD at this moment.
      I don’t write and take this lightly, it is emotionally exhausting and spiritually draining dealing with this trauma and providing physical, spiritual and emotional support.
      First he needs someone to speak to him about who Jesus Christ is, a person that tells us, deliverance is the children’s bread.
      One third of the ministry of Jesus was casting our demons.
      The late Derek Prince said he has never met one Christian that did not need deliverance.
      I bind the spirit of fear and torment over your nephew in the name of Jesus Christ and loose the spirit of adoption and repentance over your nephew, in Jesus name.
      Father, no man can come to Jesus less you Father draw him.
      Father draw this young man, draw him to you and your Son and place a hedge of protection around him. That his mind may be free enough to listen to your counsel, send him a minister of righteousness that he may hear and see and be set free; in Jesus name.
      It is our mission now as it was your Son’s mission in Luke 4:18.
      Let it be so even now Father in Jesus name!
      Amen….! and amen…!

  • Mam, I’m also an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, I was airborne infantry. I know exactly what your son is going through. Your doing the right thing by the way your supporting him. I’ve been extremely demonized after my deployments as well. The va has tried to get me on meds since I’ve been out and I never did. It’s my belief that’s a huge contributor to the suicides. It’s not the only reason either but regardless it’s a spiritual battle and I’m sure you and your son knows that. I pray your son is well, and I’d like you to tell him to stay strong in The Lord and he is not alone! Bless you

    • Brother Ben you know it is a spiritual battle, awesome.
      Please go to prayer about this but you also need deliverance.
      Meds will not help. As I posted above these demonization issues happen when trauma shatters the soul in extreme stressful situations.
      The demons live in the mind, will and emotions of the human soul, they cannot touch the spirit of a Born Again Christian, which I pray you are. If not this is the very first step and the biggest deliverance one can ever have to being with! John 3:3, Ezekiel 36:26.
      Not knowing your location, I recommend some deliverance ministries that can provide counsel and began the process of being set free.
      And if none of these seem to be suitable that’s OK, it is just a start to get you pointed in the right direction.
      May the Most High lead you and take you by the hand and teach you the road to freedom.
      Mission statement of Jesus Christ: Luke 4:18
      This has not changed and is now our mission statement.
      Grace and Peace to you.
      I bind the strong man; Goliath, a man of war, over your life in Jesus name.
      Spirits of torment, fear, anger, bitterness I bind in the name of Jesus.
      Father I loose the Spirit of repentance, forgiveness, peace, agape, charity, patience and long suffering over this fellow veteran in the name of Jesus Christ, your Beloved Son in whom you are well pleased.
      Amen and Amen…..

  • ” This world 🌎 Is A ” Lie!! ”
    We are The Conduit for the ” Lie ”
    This is Why We have to be
    ” Reborn ” In the Spirit”
    I’m So Thankful , I Know The Lord Jesus Christ 🙏
    Eyes Open 👀
    Safety Is “””Only Found in ” Jesus “”””
    Wow 😳 I’m So Thankful 🙏

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