Special Message From Dr.Bhakdi About the Discovery of Plasmid DNA Contaminating RNA Injectables

Special Message from Prof Bhakdi About the “Discovery of Plasmid DNA Contaminating RNA Injectables”

“Because the DNA is packaged with lipid nanoparticles, the implications of the discovery are truly earthshaking. Cellular uptake of the bacterial chromosomes is pre-programmed and this immediately equates with alteration of the genome with nightmarish possible, and probable, consequences.”
— Dr Sucharit Bhakdi to Better Way Conference in Bath, UK

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Mark these words: Routine introduction of gene-based vaccines spells the downfall of man and mankind. Reflect on what happens when a foreign gene is allowed to circulate and enter cells throughout your body. Production of nonself proteins, flu, measles, hepatitis, you name it, cannot but provoke an immune attack on your cells. The intensity of the attack will rise with each and every booster. As the genes get stronger, the harm gets larger and larger…”

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  • Ivan the unterrible

    Funny how these so called experts never want to mention the “Hybridisation of Luciferase”, which is definitely in the Moderna patent (which i have) and am aware of it in the Pfizer one as well, and of course no mention of the 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons Graphene Oxide, which has also been discovered in their patents, the Hybridisation means to infuse a piece of RNA named Lucifer-ase into the human DNA, PROVING that these 2 ingredients make these shots the irrefutable M.O.T.B.
    And just want to mention i am a lurker here Jonny, but i appreciate your efforts on these articles, don’t give up, you are doing the work of the Lord and it gives us encouragement knowing there are other people out there who know what we know, thanks for your work!!!

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