The Zombie Apocalypse, Mt. Hermon, Fallen Angels, Occult Rituals and the Jabs

zombie attack

They are all related and tonight I will show you how. The jabs are not just about the mRNA and graphene oxide! The jabs are not just full of nanotechnology designed to change our DNA but it’s WHAT they’re changing people into that matters more! There are legions of demonic bloodline DNA in these shots that tie them all the way back to Mt. Hermon and the pre-flood world of Noah! As in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of Man returns. Matt. 24:37 All of it is in today’s video.

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Satans instructions at Mt. Hermon

Book on Mt. Hermon and Rituals

Attorney Todd Callendar on the Marburg “Virus”

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  • I’m thinking of all of the Movies from the last couple decades,….
    Walking Dead
    The Purge Series
    The Fringe series
    Person of interest Series
    Matrix Series of movies
    And, On and On …..

    We have been literally
    To Be, Mind Controlled ..

    This is Evil Genius!!!

    While watching this video

    So Much Started Flashing through My Mind…

    From Out Past…

    Of ALL of the things that
    Connect the dots …

    There are So many Moving

    Explaining the building the AI …
    Their god!!!

    Wow 😳 Just WOW 😳

    Great Work Brother 💯👍

    Soldier On brother 💯

    This is what’s “”Really””

    Opening Peoples Eyes 👀
    To the Truth Indeed!!

    99% of people
    Won’t be able to Swallow All of This!!
    It’s way to.,
    Uncomfortable to
    Truth ….

    Where Do we

    God is being Taken Out of Everything
    So , His Love
    Is Completely destroyed …

    God’s Word is happening, Right in Our Face!!

  • Just a note of encouragement. The remnant is smaller than I could’ve ever imagined. The road is truly narrow and so many are deceived. Do the work that he has called you to no matter how hard. We are each called to walk in the steps of Messiah who suffered for us leaving us an example so as to follow in his steps. We each have a role to play and you are a watchmen on the wall. Do not look for men to be grateful as you will truly be disappointed. To be a servant of Yahuah, God‘s Hebrew name, and his son our Messiah, Yahusha, is our reward!. With that said, thank you so very much for the work that you’re doing. I pray that he gives people eyes to see while there is still time. Each one of us needs to be repenting and finding the only source of safety in all of this which is in Yahuah. Isaiah 24 tells us why this is happening. The world is under a curse because we have rejected his law, the Torah, his statutes, his Shabbath – the everlasting covenant, and have polluted the earth. May Yahuah bless you and annoint your ministry in power in the name of Yahusha ha mashiach. Amein. With gratitude, a fellow servant of the most High.

  • Oh my gracious, praise the Most High for the blood covering of His Son! I’m beyond thankful that Abba Yah called me out in 2005 to prepare me for what’s here. Its surreal to see that it’s all happening right in front of our eyes. So deeply heartbreaking for all those vaxed.
    I wanted to let you know that in Gresham Oregon there was an incident of an attack on a man at a transportation station, and his face was chewed off! We must be anoint ourselves and pray before we go anywhere!!
    Abundant blessings to you!

  • It does seem suspicious that they have all these zombie apocalypse training put together already.

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