Russia’s biometric nightmare becomes reality as Putin Signs Biometrics bill!

Let the dystopia begin! Here is more from Edward Slavsquat at

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed into law very prudent legislation that gives control of the country’s biometric data (face scans and voice samples) to a commercial enterprise partly controlled by Russia’s central bank.

This is necessary to keep everyone’s data safe from ruble-grubbing commercial enterprises. Yes.

As RIA Novosti expertly explained, this is quite possibly the best law ever—full of safety and security and respect for individual liberties and financial freedom and privacy and chocolate-covered unicorns.

The law was supposed to have been amended to allow Russians to opt out of having their data harvested and stored in a friendly centralized database controlled by a commercial enterprise (we mentioned that, right?), but the purported changes were purely cosmetic and full of delicious loopholes. My video on the subject and the links are below.

Putin Signs Bill

Russias Biometric Nightmare

Systems Being implemented in Russia NOW

Transhumanism in Russia

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  • He’s part of the ultimate Agenda indeed 💯
    99.9% of the people who are in the Spotlight…. Are ALL in on all of it….

    He also stated that he will bring the New World Order…. And Prophecy into being!!

    Brother, I’d Link 🔗 your video about A.I. and Israel with this one….

    Because it’s all tied together

    Also the FEMA Camps in America

    The Smart guillotines from 2019 or “20

    There Will be…. Sanctioned Deaths in the very near future!!

    Great Work Brother 💯👍❤️🙏

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