Intel Claims Active Duty Polish Troops are in Ukraine as NATO increases cyber attacks on Russia!

Lots of war news in today’s video podcast. The links will be below but many are already on this website!

Polish Troops in Ukraine

Lavrov Warns USA about decapitation strikes

Dangers of Pentagon’s decapitation strikes

2022 birth year of multipolar world

Ukraine demands Russia be expelled from UNSC

NATO Cyber attacks on Russia

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  • What is your thoughts about measurements Russia is taking yo protect their Christian values?

    • Not much when they’re implementing all of the WEF mandates including biometric IDs. Actions speak much louder than words as usual. I will be doing a report on that today.

  • Lovin’the intro brother 💯

    Training always means…. Active

    We know what is really happening…

    Just have to have the Eyes Open Ears Hearing

    Great Work Brother 💯

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