New Executive Order from Biden Unleashes Genetic Modification and Transhumanism Hell on America

Redesign of Life

Transhumanists and Technocrats in Big Pharma have cracked the U.S. government wide open to flood the bioeconomy with taxpayer money and labor to push the frontier of genetic modification of all living things and especially humans. This will ultimately spark the biggest public backlash in modern history.
Biden pledges not only funding but an all-of-government transformation to support this anti-human scheme from top to bottom. It also automatically blocks any agency or department from dissent.

I will let the video do the rest of the talking. I will put the links below.

Atty Todd Calendar on Marburg Virus and 5g

New Executive Order on Transhumanism

New Boosters are Spicy

CDC Admits no Safety checks on Vaccines

FDA Vaccine Data Coverup

GRAPHIC: Post-injection genital necrosis is latest adverse reaction plaguing women, including the most horrifying case to date

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  • when are they going to activate the zombies with the pulse ? i would think before the midterm elections .

  • Atlantis 2.0 been waiting for this finale for a while. This is the nail in their coffin.

  • I learned from LaQuintaColumna today, that the resonant “activation” frequency for Graphene is 26Ghz. When the planned frequency is deployed,, what will happen???

  • Brother, I’m really glad you’ve done this serious information ℹ️
    ALL of this is absolutely True πŸ’―
    We are At War …. And have been since the garden of Eden….
    The ugliest times are going to happen
    Like never before Seen πŸ’―
    God’s Word Always Happens πŸ’―
    Warning…… Strong Delusion Ongoing Indeed brother πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ™πŸ‘

  • Oh man, this ongoing evil is just off the charts. What a tragic, heartbreaking paradigm of so many who can’t/won’t see. Because I’m a bad boy who continues to refuse to take the snake bite, I’m resigned to the reality that if I’m still kicking around when digital I. D. is rolled out, I will be penniless. Meanwhile some websites holler, “buy silver”. They think that will save their butt? Buying food now would be slightly better. “They will throw their gold and silver away in the streets like refuse, because neither silver nor gold can save them when the Lord pours out His fury. They cannot use it to satisfy their desires or fill their stomachs. Gold and silver led them into sin.” Ezekiel 7:19

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