Monkeypox is the new Plandemic and Russia Has a Test and a New Vaccine Ready to Go!

In yet another amazing feat of “science”, Russia has come out with the world’s first monkeypox vaccine, developed within 30 days and of course it has been deemed “safe and effective”. My video report and sources are linked below.

Back in August of 2020, Russia shocked the world by announcing that they had developed the world’s first vaccine for the “new” coronavirus, seemingly taking delight in the fact that they beat the Americans to the market.

It was named “Sputnik V,” reminding the Americans that they were the first ones to launch a rocket into space during the Cold War era in the space program race with the U.S. back in the 1960s. It was also apparently a mock on Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” which was still months away from producing their first COVID-19 vaccine. See:

Russia Shocks the World by Approving First COVID Vaccine – Big Pharma Throws Temper Tantrum – Will They Apply the Same Criticisms to Their Own Vaccines?

Giving further signs now that the “monkeypox virus” is the new plandemic that is going to be rolled out to the world to instill fear and sell vaccines, Russia announced this month (May, 2022) that they have developed a new test to allegedly detect the monkeypox virus, and then shortly after that they announced a new gene-based smallpox vaccine that had allegedly been developed in less than 30 days which will also reportedly work against monkeypox.

In addition to this “new” smallpox vaccine, a drug company of an existing smallpox vaccine in Russia just announced that they can produce up to 10 million doses or more per year.

Edward Slavsquat, an American journalist living in Moscow, reports on this new development on his Substack site.

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FDA Proposed Future Framework Vote remember this one gives big pharma the green light to “modify” any existing Covid vaccine WITH NO CLINICAL TRIALS!!!

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    There are no viruses. They are exosomes. Dead cell debris

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