IDF Kicks off Huge Exercise as Hezbollah is Equipped with 1000KM Anti-Ship Missiles

The Israel Defense Forces begins a major exercise that will run for four weeks. The drill, dubbed “Chariots of Fire,” is the military’s largest exercise in decades, involving effectively all units of the IDF.

This is happening just as Hezbollah in Lebanon has been equipped with one of Iran’s best anti-ship missiles that have up to a 1000 KM (620 mile) range!

This is a very serious development as for the first time Hezbollah will have the opportunity to hit targets from Lebanon and Israel to Cyprus and Crete!

The region is heading for a new Israel-Hezbollah war. Early in the morning, the Israeli Armed Forces launched two strikes against Hezbollah positions in Quneitra, on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

The Israelis report that Hezbollah was gathering information on Israeli military networks in northern Israel.

In Israel, they are probably surprised by the development as the cargo of rocket launchers was not detected in time, with the result that Hezbollah is now threatening the entire Israeli Navy, its surface vessels in the Mediterranean and, above all, the oil and gas rigging platforms.

In addition, it appears that Hezbollah has 300 km of medium-range anti-ship missiles “Qader” as well as Khaibar-1 artillery rockets.

In short, what Iran has in its arsenal must have been transferred to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah fears an Israeli attack on Lebanon during the largest exercise in Israeli history called “Chariots of Fire” as reported by WarNews2147 yesterday.

In this context, he published a video entitled “The answer is there…” noting that “its forces will attack Israel immediately if it attacks Lebanon.”

My video report on the whole situation plus an update about Ukraine is below. God bless and stay ready!

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IDF Kicks off Chariots of Fire Exercise

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  • Would it make sense for the Big O to be running events from behind the scenes for his benefit not ours?
    Let’s examine:
    nato and the west weakened through a medical procedure, woke ideology, depleted military, depleted food etc..
    nato and the west pitted against russia in nuclear war.
    With the west gone, russia has now depleted its military.
    Big O goes to Kenya the last remaining UN HQ and with words of peace unites Africom and the middle east. Then pushes the north back into russia. Sets up shop in israel (also decimated by medical procedure).
    Make Sense Now

  • Hi and Greetings from Tokyo Japan Don’t Speak News So many watchers on YT are coming down ill I do believe you & they are being targeted for teaching the truth I pray for you all I really appreciate your Information and I hope that you get better soon God Bless.

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