Israeli Veteran and “Volunteer” Troops are in Ukraine Fighting Against Russia

Yesterday during the live chat you guys asked me to follow up on this story and today I have done that including some of the HISTORY between Ukraine and Israel. Their ties go way back to the days of the Khazarian empire and the 8th century AD. In fact the Khazars fought wars against the Russians beginning back in 965AD so to see the Israelis sending forces and arms to Ukraine to fight Russia doesn’t surprise me.

In my video below I go through the evidence that Israeli troops are fighting for Ukraine and the shared and deep historical connections between the 2 nations.

Israeli Troops fighting Russia

Bitchute Link to Video

Israeli Special Forces Veterans Arrive in Ukraine

Videos of Israelis in Ukrainian Uniforms Thanking Israel for support

Jews Return to Khazar/Ukraine

When Ukraine was run by Jews

Israel’s Embrace of China

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  • Hal Turner , has been pretty much on point with everything . Thanks Johnny

  • The Truth Really Hurts When You’ve been Fed
    Lies upon lies for Decades!!
    Thank You for taking the time to SHOW The Truth Brother 💯❤️🙏👍

  • Oops 😬 I’m Going to say it…..
    Truth indeed brother 💯❤️🙏👍

  • Putins news lady said about 3 weeks ago it was 4,800 people from other countries

  • Thank you

  • Check out warnews247.
    n-u-c-l-e-a-r war looks even more ominous. Especially since SAS and two American troops were recovered in Azov catacomb area.
    Not looking good. Key take away is the part where: 200 seconds from launch and U.K. will exist no more.
    Ponder on that for a moment before going to bed.
    Now is the time call out to our Creator, Yahusha HaMashiach, Jesus the Anointed one….

  • This whole area of Israel supporting this Ukrainian war is FASCINATING. Huge biblical implications regards the current Jewish leaders wanting to help antichrist take over the world … in their confused minds.
    Wish you could get more on this whole connection. Thank you.

    • Frank Frivilous

      One thing we can be certain of: Israelis are not fighting on behalf of Ukraine. This report also helps to clarify who the Nazis were in a historical perspective.

  • The Israelis in the Ukraine are willing to be notorious Nazis in order fulfill the conspiracy of returning the Jewish Pale in eastern Europe and the satanic Babylonian Talmud. The conspiracy is known as the serpent and the tale and England is part of the conspiracy for a thousand years of world communism.

    • The Zionists are responsible for every war on this planet. Jesus Christ call them the children of the devil.

  • For those unaware of the Khazars I have a link for you.
    Zionism, kabahbala, talmudic all the same thing for satanism and rum by the Sabateans and Chabad. Dr. Makow has laid out a new format and information overload is an understatement.
    However, if one wants to learn this is the place.

    These are of Gen. 3:15 the seed of satan fighting against the seed of the woman.

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  • Veterans Today has two long articles on this topic. Use search term: Khazarian mafia and they will pull up.
    It will be a difficult read is you’ve been programmed by the John Hagees of the world. also has a an abundance of articles on the ties between zionism, kabbala and satanism…..lots of ugly truth if one really desire to walk in the Spirit of Truth. Which we are told to do. But narrow is the way and few be that find it……I pray many here will walk the narrow path and learn to break free from this programming…

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