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The RUMORS of War Are What is Getting To You…

One thing I prayed about was “what is real? How do I know which story is real and to report on?” The Holy Spirit replied with “John it’s the RUMORS of war that are setting people’s minds on fire with anxiety, worry and fear. Don’t let the devil do that to you or my people.” Don’t focus so much on what exactly will trigger this new war but rather the fact that we just need to be ready. Prayed up and prepped up.

I included the reports that I did just in case one or more of them are either proven true or exposed as propaganda. Time will tell.

UAE Reports 4 Ships Were Sabotaged Calling it a “Dangerous Development”

Is war Coming?

The United Arab Emirates says that 4 of their merchant ships suffered damage from sabotage without saying what kind of damage or if any causalities were suffered. They went onto say that this was a “dangerous development” as it could adversely affect shipping via the Strait of Hormuz.