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We have a HUGE victory today in Orange County California. I have posted some of the article from the LA Times below. You can read the entire story from them HERE.

Orange County residents no longer have to wear masks in public, officials announced Thursday — an abrupt shift in health orders following weeks of debate over the use of face coverings to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Masks will go from being required to being strongly recommended in public settings under a revised order from new Orange County Health Care Agency Director Dr. Clayton Chau.

Chau said at a news conference that he would issue the new order later Thursday.

“I want to be clear: This does not diminish the importance of face coverings,” he said. “I stand with the public health experts and believe wearing cloth face coverings helps to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community and save lives. By being consistent with the state, this will give our business community and individuals the ability to make the most appropriate decision for them and their situation.”

“This decision is not because of public pushback,” he said.

County Supervisor Michelle Steel cautioned that if residents are feeling ill, they should stay home, but if they are out, “it is strongly recommended to wear a mask and social distance.”

“Public health is at the utmost importance during this crisis,” she said.

DON’T EVER LET THEM CONVINCE YOU THAT YOUR EFFORTS DIDN’T HELP DEFEAT THIS! Sorry about the shouting in all caps but I can’t emphasize that enough! It was through grassroots efforts both on the ground and through people like Peggy Hall that this was defeated in such a large county! Have you notices how the lame stream media hasn’t covered it much? Spread the word far and wide by sharing this post and the videos below! We have to keep the momentum going forward!

God bless and have a great weekend! Don’t EVER EVER give up! This is proof of the power of prayer and the power of standing together on issues of freedom/liberty!

Masks are GONE

here is the public service announcement from youtube…

I took it down from YT because people were starting to complain and whine. Ultimately that can lead to another community guidelines strike so I took it down. How sad of a tale is that? You can’t use any humor in your posts because a few people get butt hurt, you aren’t allowed to SMILE at one another anymore (masks) and telling the truth gets you banished from the internet. “When the wicked rule the people groan” Proverbs 29:2.

There you go. Now download, share, etc. God bless and have a good day!


I’m not in the habit of copy and pasting entire emails but in this case I don’t have much choice. I want people to have easy access to this information as it may save lives by getting people to recognize how badly they’re being manipulated! The tests for Covid19 as you will see below are completely bogus. This in conjunction with all of the information that the tests are faulty to begin with should CLEARLY SHOW how you are being played! Wake up world!

Shane Ellison, The Peoples Chemist

From the Peoples Chemist Shane Ellison:

From Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison, M.S.

  • Bachelor’s degree in biology

  • Master’s degree in organic chemistry 

    • Abandoned his career as a pharmaceutical chemist 

      • Helps people ditch their meds to live young 

        • Author of 3 Worst Meds & more

In college, my superpower was taking tests.

My “kryptonite” (the thing that almost ruined me) was going to class, and dealing with other students and teachers.

Strange mix – not fun when you have more going against you than for you…

I decided to study alone and only show up to class on test days.

That worked most of the time… until my first analytical chemistry test.

I sat down and pulled out my favorite, perfectly sharpened, #2 pencil. It was whittled down to my preferred, five and a half inches.

The professor announced, “Today’s test is timed. You only have 40 minutes.”

I hate surprises.

I had planned on 60 full minutes. (That’s 40 minutes to take the test… and 20 to check everything to decimal-point precision.) After all, this was ANALYTICAL F@#CKING CHEMISTRY.

I sat there for 30 seconds, stunned.

I knew there was no way for me to take the test the way I wanted to.

I got up and made a slow walk to the professor, eyes locked with his.

(I passed all the wanna-be, future debt-slaves who were at their desks, churning the tiny gears in their head. None of them challenged the 40-minute rule. Nor questioned it.)

“Here’s my test,” I told the teacher. “I’m on an athletic scholarship for a full 60-minute class, not a 40-minute one. I won’t be finishing.”

He looked at me, aghast. He assured me, “There are only three tests for the semester Mr. Ellison. One zero guarantees you won’t get an A…and I know you’re an A student in chemistry.”

“I am. But I’d rather be learning than chasing grades from a chemistry teacher who likes to throw in surprises just for kicks…”

And out I went…straight to the gym.

I aced all future tests and scored 66.66% for the semester.

Manipulation is what tests are all about. Rarely are they there to help you.

Same is true in medicine and “testing.”

For example… a “cholesterol test” is there to scare you about your “rising” cholesterol. But that’s what cholesterol is supposed to do — rise. As you age, the higher your cholesterol is, the longer you live. The lower it is, the shorter you live. Studies have shown this.

Then there’s the vitamin D test. It’s designed for every human on the planet to fail it. Why? Because the “correct” results are artificially high, designed to hook you on lab-derived vitamin D.

Then there’s the thyroid test. If you have a thyroid, that must mean you should be placed on meds.

On and on. It’s all the same BS.

And now we have the coronavirus test.

Rest assured, it’s built on more manipulation.

You can’t test for coronavirus.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. A beer bottle could test positive for Coronavirus

Carrying a virus doesn’t make us sick. We live in a sea of viruses. They’re just a part of life. Your DNA is filled with them!

If there were an accurate test to measure whether or not we were a carrier, it would mean nothing…much like if a beer can tested positive for coronavirus, which it could. You could drink that beer, break the bottle over the head of a mask-wearing loudmouth… and neither of you would be infected.

“Based on the number of viruses she found in her samples, Proctor estimated that every liter of seawater contained up to one hundred billion viruses.” ― Carl Zimmer, A Planet of Viruses

Even the cleanest surface in your house could test positive for coronavirus. It doesn’t mean sh#t. It means you live in a sea of LIFE!

  1. An antibody test is only good for measuring whether you’re dead or alive.

An anti-body is proof that you have an immune system. These are the soldiers that protect your battlefield…they attack and destroy “biological nasties.”

If you’re dead, you will have zero antibodies… showing that your immune system is “out of service.” If you’re alive, you will have tons of them.

Using an antibody test to diagnose coronavirus is like smacking your knee to see if you’re alive. It’s only good for measuring if you’re comatose… in which case, a reflex test is much easier. Just slap someone.

Also, having antibodies doesn’t mean you’re sick or immune. It just means…you have antibodies. They could be for the common cold, the flu, or for nothing at all.

The antibodies IgG and IgM are being labeled as “specific for coronavirus.” But they are not specific for coronavirus…LOL. They are specific to humans. The World Health Organization stressed this saying, “There are five major types of antibodies – IgA, IgG, IgM, IgD and IgE. IgG antibodies are the smallest antibody and are found in all body fluids. They are the most abundant immunoglobulin, comprising about 75-80% of all the antibodies in the body.”

Isn’t it clear that apes are running the coronavirus tests?

  1. A PCR-Test is a toy for nerds and detectives, not for doctors diagnosing coronavirus…or any virus.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test was invented by Dr. Kary Mullis. A hero to scientific method, he won the Nobel Prize for his work. He invented the test to characterize DNA. Think: crime scenes. At 6 feet in length, the PCR amplifies the DNA strand so it can be better identified, then traced back to its source.

The coronavirus isn’t 6 feet long. It’s a mere strand. Worse, the coronavirus isn’t even DNA. It’s RNA (retrovirus)…if it exists at all.

That means before you could even perform a PCR test… you’d have to first make a perfect copy of something that is 1000th the size of a grain of salt.

That would be like trying to find a pubic hair in The Sea of Cortez, then finding who it belonged to. That’s how ridiculous a PCR test is.

Recognizing this inability of the PCR, Dr. Mullis said, “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

Like most “tests,” the coronavirus (COVID-19 or otherwise) test is a fraud. It’s a tool for control and profit. That’s it.

It’s the stupid “surprise” test that no one needed.

It’s not what you’re looking for. And it won’t help you.

More proof that the covid-19 tests are garbage and should NOT be trusted

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

At the end of March I was tested for Covid19 at the VA Medical Center where I live. Five days later they called and said I had tested positive for Covid19 (you can read about the experience here.) My question now is was it really a positive test and if so positive for what? I ask that because my research is showing me I could have tested positive for one of 36 different coronaviruses. Not only that but a large number of the the tests that have been given are showing false positives AND false negatives. Here are some excerpts from a WSJ article exposing how the test kits are assembled and it’s not very sanitary or lab like.

“Fillakit LLC was established in Florida in May, six days before winning a $10.2 million contract from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to produce liquid-filled tubes for Covid-19 tests, federal and state databases show.

Several former employees said dozens of workers sit side-by-side filling test tubes by hand, with cooling fans blowing dust around. Teresa Bosworth-Green, a retired science educator who worked at Fillakit for about two weeks in May, said she witnessed vials containing debris and bugs being packaged for shipment. “The environment is not clean at all and certainly not sterile,” asserted Ms. Bosworth-Green.

One worker sent an anonymous complaint this week to Rep. Jackie Speier (D., Calif.), alleging that “Fillakit is delivering inferior and unusable product to the government without oversight or accountability to the taxpayer.” An aide to Rep. Speier confirmed receiving the complaint.

Food and Drug Administration guidelines call for the liquid-filled tubes to be sterile, to avoid contaminating the test results. After patients are tested for Covid-19 with a nasal swab, the swabs are put into tubes to keep them clean for transport to a lab.

Dust, hair or exhalations from unmasked workers could contaminate the test tubes and produce false results, said Catherine Klapperich, a Boston University biomedical engineering professor who is in charge of a new Covid-19 testing lab at the university. She said such kits should be assembled in a completely sterile environment.

Testing for the new coronavirus is critical as the nation reopens, health experts said, and states and businesses have been rushing to procure testing kits as the federal government has stepped away from overseeing Covid-19 testing.

FEMA so far has received more than 3.1 million units from Fillakit, and has sent them out across the country, according to a government official. “All states and territories should have received an allocation,” the official said.

The former employees said Fillakit is managed by Paul A. Wexler, 51 years old, who in 2013 settled an accusation by federal regulators that one of his companies defrauded cash-strapped consumers during the 2008 financial crisis.” Read the entire story HERE on the WSJ.

Wow there certainly appears to be some massive fraud going on in regards to the testing (more taxpayer $$ gone for nothing) as the company in question just FORMED IN MAY AND WAS AWARDED A TESTING CONTRACT!!! The liars, thieves and crooks in the Trump administration are EVERYWHERE and the final take down of America is happening at lightning speed while some of you want to argue about masks “cuz you might kill grandpa”. Not only that but the founder Paul Wexler defrauded his companies customers during the 08 financial crisis and now this company (registered to his wife) is making contaminated test kits! The company hired a bunch of temp workers at $15 an hour and the only requirements were to speak English and have a drivers license.

Here’s the extensive training they received to assemble test kits that supposedly mean life and death…

“Temporary Position assembling Covid-19 Test Kits,” said an online Fillakit ad, offering $15 an hour. Having a valid ID and being able to speak English were the only requirements listed.

Mr. Wexler on the first day introduced himself as the company’s owner, and introduced his wife and another top manager, several former employees said.

“Find a table, put 2 milliliters of solution into these tubes, then cap ‘em and put ‘em in a bucket. That was the training—five minutes,” Ms. Green recalled.”

If the virus were a true pandemic then the test kits would be VITAL and should be considered a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE but they’re not, why? Because its NOT REAL! This is just more political cronyism at its finest and this administration is one of the best at it. They are LOOTING THE TREASURY and robbing us blind, yet people want to continue the mask debate? Come on folks!

The sickness/virus is real as my family and I have had it and recovered. However the numbers they keep talking about and this second wave are all lies. It is a hoax on a worldwide scale and many more have died and will die from the results of the lockdowns rather than the bug itself. We are witnessing the largest collapse of the global economy in recorded history and the effects will be felt worldwide. Soon we will see famine erupt on a scale never before seen and wars will happen as a result of that.

We are in the end times and time is short. Seek Jesus Christ today while you still have the time. God bless and stay prayed up and prepped up!

BANNED FROM yt! German report says covid-19 was a global false alarm

This is the video that was removed from YouTube today, 6-9-20. It was removed for many reasons but here are two of the biggest. First it goes against the mainstream narrative but secondly it was gaining views in spite of their attempts at shadow banning, changing the view count, etc. I have now uploaded the video here so it can be viewed outside of their control. God bless and keep sharing these with one another and keep praying for one another!

UPDATE! I forgot to leave a link to the post. To read it in it’s entirety just CLICK HERE!

Banned from YT