Unveiling the Dystopian Future: Alarming Bio-Digital Convergence Policy Threatening Humanity’s Freedom


From Exposing the Darkness substack

In a startling testimony for The National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) in Canada, James Scott MacKillop sheds light on a critical issue that demands urgent attention..

By Vlad Tepes July 4, 2023 

In a startling testimony for The National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) in Canada, James Scott MacKillop sheds light on a critical issue that demands urgent attention. With evidence sourced directly from the Canadian government’s website, MacKillop reveals the alarming emergence of the “Bio-Digital Convergence” policy arm, which could shape a dystopian future unless we act swiftly.

At the heart of this revelation is “Policy Horizons,” a government initiative that aims to initiate a conversation about potential shifts and implications arising from COVID-19. However, their real intentions appear to be concealed, and their vision for the future raises more questions than answers. MacKillop asserts that Canadians need to be informed about the concerning developments that could significantly impact their lives.

The core of the Bio-Digital Convergence revolves around the introduction of a “New Digital Economy” that integrates social credit systems, affecting everything from health to economic transactions. MacKillop contends that the public is largely unaware of this transformation. He warns of “synthetic biology pathogens,” manipulating human thoughts and behaviors, and the potential for a genetically engineered “superclass” of humans. The implications are vast and complex, ranging from 3D-printed magnetic liquids that can be monitored inside our bodies to mind-altering brain-machine interfaces. Read more here: https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/unveiling-the-dystopian-future-alarming?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=581065&post_id=133445295&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

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