There is No Isolated Virus. Then What Makes People Sick? Electromagnetic Frequency of Living Organisms – Considering The Science of the Future


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In this post from Dr. Ana she will show you what is making people sick since we know it’s not a virus as it’s never been isolated and shown to cause Covid-19. What you will see here is not only are we dealing with nanobots and 5/6G frequencies, but there is also a spiritual warfare aspect this whole thing that many aren’t aware of and that most scientists scoff at.

The Covid Plandemic has exposed the world unprecedented fraud that has existed within the Medical System for over 100 years. FIOA requests around the world have shown no evidence of a C19 virus ever having been isolated from a human being and some scientists have been speaking out about this

But people argue, they got sick from something, and it was much worse than the flu for many. Millions of people took the C19 gene therapy shots and have manifested immune dysfunction similar to acquired immune deficiency. There are many different mechanisms involved, from recently found self-assembly nanostructures to toxic elements like lipid nanoparticles, polyethylene glycol and others. Scientists are working to find an understanding that can answer the many questions we have.

We know about gain of function, the modification of a synthetic “virus” which simply is a genetic sequence, that is being altered to make it more disease inducing for people. This is used for biological warfare. Having an open mind about possible scientific mechanisms is important. The more we question, the more we learn. This is the intent of this article, to shine a different light on existing paradigms.

Early on in the plandemic, the late Professor Luc Montagnier spoke out about the fact that HIV and malaria like sequences were present in the synthetic mRNA encoding spike protein – statements for which he of course was highly criticized and censored, and his credibility attacked. Many people have learned in the last couple years, that the more the factcheckers are attacking your claims, the more over the target you are.  

In my book Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity, I discuss Dr. Montagnier’s findings that provide a completely novel way of understanding what could make us sick:

Professor Luc Montagnier is a French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). “He found water carrying only the electromagnetic signature of a DNA sequence can make a replica of the sequence out of simple building blocks.”

 Ho Mae-Wan. DNA Sequence Reconstituted from Water Memory? Science in Society 51. July 2011.

HIV is an RNA virus, normally detected in the bloodstream of people infected with HIV. The viral RNA is not responsible for the electromagnetic signal. However, reverse transcriptase creates a complementary strand DNA sequence. These DNA electromagnetic signals are detected in patients previously treated by antiretroviral therapy while having no detectable viral DNA copies in their blood.

Ho, Mae-Wan. Electromagnetic signals from HIV. Science in Society. 2010; 48, 40-43.

Dr. Montagnier and his team have demonstrated that highly reproducible electromagnetic signals can be detected from biological samples. The signals are responsible for a biological function, for example, bacterial and viral infection. The scientists have linked the source of the signals to specific gene sequences of the bacteria and viruses. These signals and their associated function appear to survive in “nanostructures” even after the DNA solutions are highly diluted, to the point where no molecule of the original DNA is present.

DNA has molecular vibrations in a wide range of frequencies, from below 1 cm-1 (radiofrequency) to 4,000 cm-1 (far infrared) ranging from 200 nm to 800 nm. This can be detected and modified by externally applied electromagnetic fields. Water can hold the memory of such specific vibrations, especially when the DNA molecule has been diluted away.

Montagnier L, Aïssa J, Lavallée C, Mbamy M, Varon J, and Chenal H. Electromagnetic detection of HIV DNA in the blood of patients treated by antiretroviral therapy. Interdiscip Sci Compu Life Sci. 2009; 1, 245-53.

And Ho Mae-Wan. ‘Homeopathic’ signals from DNA. Science in Society. 2010; 48.

This means that water in humans can carry the electromagnetic frequency signature of viruses and this electromagnetic memory can have biological effects.

Every living thing has an electromagnetic frequency signature, and the memory of that is carried in the torsion waves produced. We are electromagnetic frequency beings, and the information of a virus, bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens have the ability to affect the human body and create a vast array of symptoms and diseases.

Dr. Montagnier’s group showed that water nanostructures and their electromagnetic resonance can perpetuate DNA information for numerous bacteria like Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease. One single complete mycoplasma cell is sufficient to generate the whole infection of lymphocytes.

The induced water nanostructures were assessed in their potency by re-creating from them the DNA sequence. They were then put into a test tube. All ingredients to synthesize the DNA were given to the medium. From the electromagnetic frequency nanostructure of the water, the bacterial DNA was subsequently able to be re-created.

Montagnier L, Aıssa J, Lavallee C, Mbamy M, Varon J, Chenal H. DNA waves and water. Interdiscip. Sci. 2009.

This is very much likened to the principle of homeopathy, where extreme dilutions of a compound in a water solution still have the clinical effects of the original molecule.

This is a documentary about Dr. Montagnier’s work for which he was heavily criticized as most scientists are who question the mainstream scientific narratives.

Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

Royal Rife in the 1930’s researched a similar electromagnetic pattern. He built a powerful microscope that had the capacity to visualize living microscopic organisms at much higher visibility then any microscope available today and in fact visualized the” spirit” of the living thing, indicating a departure from our materialistic based science to a living science. This living “spiritual” science understands that all living things come from their nonmaterial essence which in science is best understood as a quantum state. All life is derived from the mind of God which is best represented in science by the quantum field.

 Lt Col Tom Beardom wrote about this in his book “AIDS- Biological Warfare”.

Here is the astonishing living world inside those “pinpoint” cells, as revealed under Rife’s powerful instrument: When one of the “pinpoint” cells was magnified, still smaller cells were revealed within its structure. When one of these still-smaller cells, in turn, was magnified, it too was seen to be composed of even smaller cells.

With Rife’s microscope, this process could be repeated 16 times. An astonishing internested series of organized levels of a living cell was revealed, far more fundamental than anything that exists in present biological theory.

The present author points out most strongly that these levels correspond electrically to, and are in virtual particle flux pattern exchange with, the electromagnetic potentials of their environment. This includes their own biopotentials that are centered in the atomic nuclei of the atoms comprising the physical material of the cells, and that charge up with specific internal patterns.

The biopotential itself is organized into a corresponding virtual-state series of internested levels and functions. The structured biopotential of the cell is a living, organized, functioning thing, and its internal functioning literally constitutes the “spirit” or “true nonmaterial deep mind” of the organism.

In other words pathogens consists of electromagnetically encoded Light Information, just like we humans do. We are spiritual beings manipulating this material reality with thought.

Let’s keep reading what Lt Col Beardon, PhD wrote:

All the internested levels are in constant electromagnetic ex change “up and down” with each other, particularly with respect to organized virtual particle flux patterns.

In addition, all the cells are in constant electromagnetic ex change “across” with each other, at all levels. This provides a dynamic, structured, living biopotential for the entire bio-organism (the entire body). Within this potential, dynamic interchange on all levels is continually occurring. This is the basis for the master cellular communication system that Dr. Fritz Albert Popp discovered.

 Rife’s powerful microscope had revealed nonmaterial functioning life forms (structured, dynamic, living biopotentials) connected to material bodies.

 He could follow “filterable” forms of bacteria—actual living biopotential forms of the organisms that could not be separated out by filters, but which would easily pass through any filter. *

 He could observe interactions of these forms, changes of forms, translations and transmissions of forms, etc.—none of which is detectable by present biological theory or medical science.

Rife had advanced biology and biophysics a century in one jump. As always, orthodox scientists—most of whom in their scientific paradigm are self-admitted materialists—were quite unready to tolerate such heresy.

Obviously the materialistic dogma of the science of his day—and of the science of today—reacted most hostilely to such hogwash. Contrary to the prevailing mystique, most scientists are dogmatically attached to materialism and to the dogma of their present paradigm. Faced with a conflict provided by experiment, most will uphold the dogma and reject the experiment -the exact opposite of the scientific method they espouse.

This is absolutely true. Read the rest at Dr. Ana’s Newsletter.

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