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Some of you have been asking about Elon Musk and where or not he’s for real. Oh he’s for real alright, real controlled opposition. I found a Telegram Post on Revelations and Rabbit Holes that contains all of the links you’ll need to see for yourselves that Elon works for the wrong side. I’ll begin with a post I found on his mother to show you how it all began for him.

Elon says he’s looking to hire a “VP of Witchcraft and Propaganda” for Twitter. He already has one in the family but I suppose he’s concerned about nepotism?

Now here are the Telegram links to a ton of information proving that Elon Musk is NOT one of the good guys. Please share this with people you know who are deluded about this guy and the god he serves.

•Why would Elon Musk be so aligned with Klaus Schwab and the WEF? (

•TRANSCENDENCE: Elon Musk, WW3 & Digital Human Cloning (

•Elon Musk Exposed 2.0 (

•THE REAL X MEN | Technocracy and the NEW RIGHT (


•Elon ‘authenticate all humans’ Musk (

•Elon Musk | WEF Young Global Leader (

•Elon Musk | Creating X, the everything app | “WeChat is actually a good model, it does everything.” (

•Elon Musk | Baphomet Costume | 2022 (

•The CEO of the ADL, Jonathon Greenblatt says he is “encouraged” after his meetings with Elon Musk (

•Elon Musk verifies ‘Jesus Christ’ account on Twitter (

•Satan account on Twitter makes blasphemous posts and gives shoutout to Elon Musk. (

“Whenever the people need a hero, we shall supply him.”
–Albert Pike, 33° Freemason [Pope of American Freemasonry]

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