Terraforming Humans and the Earth with Nanotech and Synthetic Biology

person holding container with seaweed

The ultimate goal is total surveillance and dominance over what’s left of the human race. They want to control what you think at all times and if you think wrongly the punishments will ensue. Today’s video will show you how they’re doing this to us and it’s NOT just the vaccines, it’s in the food, water and the air that you breathe.

Hydrogel on Web MD

Dr. Anna Interview

Bio Machines

Immune System Destruction

Funding for May and June 2023

5G and Blue Lights

Telegram Video on Witches Cursing the food



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  • great video johnny as are many of your others. I thank you for your hard work and God bless you. People do need to realize that we are being bombarded with the bio weapon crap. It is in the air, water, and food. Pray over EVERYTHING you eat and drink and breathe because only the grace of GOD can keep you safe from the evil that is coming at us from all directions. Jesus will be here sooner than we all think, don’t go to sleep spiritually now.

  • At the 14 minute mark this witch is making a circle and trying to form a cross within the circle.
    I witnessed this very same ritual, at our mothers funeral two years ago!
    Yes, the RCC priest walked over to her coffin and performed this very same ritual, over the center of her coffin three times.
    He placed a curse on our mother as her body laid in state in the coffin.
    This is absolutely disgusting and it angers me. It angers me that everyone I told at the dinner that afternoon just rolled their eyes and found a ‘squirrel’ to walk away. The so called Christians did not want to discuss it.
    Speaking as one broken free from a 14th degree Rosy Cross Order, the very physical presence of one performing witchcraft brings an inner anger in me that my prayers come with a fury unleashed.
    I was binding and rebuking so hard that the priest was having difficulty reading from his little book, stumbling and mispronouncing his words. Even had to make a funny about how he’s been doing this for so many decades that he didn’t understand the difficulty.
    As this war raged in silenced he also struggled to get his incense to ignite and it just would not burn. Eventually got it but he struggled. His assistant priest was next to him making his Trump/ Angela Merkel diamond hand sign channeling whatever he thought was going to help.
    Brothers and sisters I testify of this real war in the spirit to edify and encourage everyone. DON’T just shake your head say tsk, tsk how horrible.
    Get engaged, we do not want to stand before our judge and give an account for being passive do we?
    I sure don’t!
    Grace and peace to all…

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