This Biblical Prophecy is Terrifying by Charles Lawson

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America has given itself over to the UNHOLY trinity of Baal, Ashteroth and Molech. This is why you are witnessing the dramatic fall of American society as we have kicked God out of public life including schools, government and most places where the public gather. With such a spiritual power vacuum, is it any wonder that these foul spirts would move in to take the Holy Spirits place?

In this message Pastor Charles Lawson does a great job in breaking it all down for you so that you can see how the spiritual war that Ephesians 6:12 talks about is now manifesting itself in the real world. The Word of God and prayer are your greatest weapons, USE THEM!

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  • Thanks John for the video, very informative info about decieving spirits, good insight, nice sermon and great preacher, I said it before to you in a comment, be thankfull to Jezus, in the end, what will be the beginning for us, we all thank the Father that He Gave us Jezus and Jezus gave Himself for us, be thankfull, Godd blesses, be humble, pray, preach, repent, forgive and be thankfull and endure, all Glory to the Father and His undivided truth for us all, He is The Holy One, He knows what He gives us and He knows what we need every moment in this place of time, be a part of Him through Jezus His Anointed Son, He anointes us with Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, He gives us benefit without the doubt, the advantage, we have to serve eachother ! much appreciation John for the work you do, don’t forget that, very broad perspective you work with and what you bring to the front, take good care of yourself Spiritual in time of need, watch your expectations from others and don’t wear yourself down, I do understand, Peace and Grace, God Bless you Johnny and the people around you !

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