The Raising of Osiris/the Antichrist in Washington DC

ancient egyptian symbols on the wall

There is a lot more to the history of the United States of America than meets the eye. To say that we’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING would be an understatement and in fact Washington DC is probably the most evil place on the planet right now.

In fact did you know that the Freemasons have a plan and the coffin in place to raise up the Antichrist after he’s assassinated? In today’s video clip you will see the plan you were never told about and how George Washington was the forerunner to the actual Antichrist or rebirth of Osiris and a return to the golden age for the Freemasons.

From the Belly of the Beast Directors Cut Documentary

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One comment

  • Go for it brother 💯

    We’ve been living in the Lie for So long!!

    Americans have been building Thier Own Prison…. Since the Start!!

    Under the Guise of
    “” Freedom “”
    “” Safety “”

    Yet, We killed the Indians
    The Mexicans

    This Land has been Evil since the Start!!

    If we knew what really has been going On…

    “” Hearts of Men shall fail from Fear!!””

    We’re literally in a WAR!!


    🩸 Bleeding into the Physical!

    Great Work Brother 👏👏👏👏💯💯

    Soldier On brother 🙏

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