Extreme Police State Censorship to be Established in the U.S. with the Tik Tok Ban Bill S686

group of policemen on horse

For example using a VPN to access restricted content in a designated enemy country can get you 20 years in prison and/or a $250,0000 fine. The rest is in the video and a link to the bill is below. Prayed up and prepped up, time is definitely short!

Bill Summary

Bill Text in full

My video on rumble

My video on bitchute

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  • Thanks for posting Johnny–I’m sharing it with others and appreciate all you do for the brothers/sisters in Christ. Three years ago, starting in the spring of 2020, I began telling so many bros/sisters to start making your preparations for what was coming….very few have listened and it’s heart breaking because I care about all of my brothers/sisters in Christ, but I have to remind myself of Christ’s parable of the 10 Virgins=5 foolish who will be begging for ‘Oil for the lamp’, only to find out it’s too late. I emailed you a few months ago when our local bank started encouraging us to access our bank account with a palm scan and claiming it would be ‘more secure’….they really pressured us to do it and we refused. Very soon, we will all feel like we’re living as ‘exiles’ from Society=prayed and prepped up.

  • Evil is literally Everywhere indeed brother 💯

    Great Work Brother 👍

    I haven’t used Anything Alexa!!!

    My TV, Going to Sleep, After I Go to sleep is Creepy Enough!!!

    It Senses Me!!

    No Monitored Cameras

    Millions of people have bought into the
    “” Safety “” Lie

    Murica,… Is long Gone Indeed 💯

    But, It’s like Water Running off a Ducks back
    When I’ve tried to Warn people!!

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