Train Derailments, Chemical Poisoning and Food Plant Destruction in the USA

accident action adult blaze

Is it all just a “coincidence” or is it unrestricted warfare against the USA and it’s citizens? All of that and more is in today’s episode.

War on American Food Supply Continues

Pipe Bomb found on RR tracks near Philly

Was the crash and chemical burn terrorism?

RR workers confirm “toxic, nasty train” broke down 2 days prior to accident

Ohio Train on fire before accident

EPA boss says water is safe to drink

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  • but Who is responsible?
    all facets are being pursued concurrently. the land grabs for agenda 2030. The establishment of smart cities. And making Americans so hungry and they will readily sell their guns.

  • JOHNNY TY. supposidly E palestine rolled out “My ID” Mdigital medical bracelets a few weeks before this! Video on DAHBOO77 youtube

  • Still Lovin’The Intro!!
    It’s Perfect picture of the Times we live in!!

    Planned Destruction from Within indeed πŸ’―

    If Our So Called, Government agencies aren’t helping It’s Citizens….

    From the Beginning of this….

    It’s definitely Planned!!

    Imagine, What We Don’t know about!!

    The WHO Authority, … Could literally Use something like this, to Claim it As a Health Emergency!!

    After February 28th of this year!!

    Even FEMA Refused to Help with this!!

    Because they’re under the New WHO Authority!!!

    The American People are Completely Oblivious, Blinded and Deceived folks πŸ’―

    The WEF stated that, America Must Fail !!

    And here we are!!

    Controlled Destruction Ongoing Indeed πŸ’―

    Great Work Brother πŸ’―

    Keep the Truth Coming brother πŸ’―

    God bless you for Standing on the Wall
    Soldier On brother πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ™

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