To divide Kosovo: The Serbian Army received an intervention order – In positions of dispersal the artillery

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Here is an update on the situation in Kosovo. NATO’s unwarranted and unwanted intervention in the 90s has created the crisis of today. Wars and rumors of wars indeed but this one is ramping up fast! Here is more from warnews247, translated from Greek for your convenience.

Serbian President A. Vucic has turned on the “ green light ” for the military involvement of the Serbian Army if the Kosovo forces.

The Serbian president surprised and rejected the US-Britain ultimatum and other countries for dismantling the Serbian roadblocks in Mitrovit.

According to Russian sources, 1,500 armed Albanian paramilitaries of the so-called “ police ” Kosovo are ready to.

Serbs have received orders if this happens to intervene immediately. The first goal of the Serbs is to divide Kosovo. 

Mitrovica must pass into Serbian hands.

In the Serbian town of Raska bordering Kosovo, war sirens are heard while Serbian artillery is in scattered areas. ready to.

Video broadcast on Serbian television shows a phalanx of NORA-B52 motorized guns growing in the Raska region next door.

Military development took place 2 km from the border with Kosovo “ breaking the security zone of 5 km.

Serbian Interior Minister Bratislaw Gasic also said the readiness of police and other forces had increased.

« By order of the President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, I ordered an increase in the battle of the forces.

The police forces are directly placed under the command of the General Staff of the Armed Forces as provided by the operational plan <TAG Bratislav Gasic mentions in his message.

“ We have been instructed by the President of Serbia to “ implement all measures to protect the Serbian people in Kosovo.

At the highest level of alarm, the Serbian army

Serbia’s armed forces are at the highest level of alarm, said Defense Minister Milos Vuchevic.

« The President of Serbia (… ) ordered the Serbian Army to be at its highest level of readiness for battle, i.e. Serbian Defense Minister Milos Voutsevic said in a statement.

According to the BBC, Serbian President Alexander Vucic said that «will take all necessary measures to protect the people of Serbia and the country ».

« The tasks undertaken by the Serbian army (… ) are accurate, very clear and will be fully implemented », General Moisilovic stressed.

« The situation is complicated and requires the presence of the Serbian army along the administrative boundaries », completed.

General Milan Moisilovic, leader of the Serbian armed forces, announced that he had been sent by Serbian President Kohas al.

All Units under the Management of the Serb SAME

« The situation there is complicated » The chief of staff said Sunday night on Pink TV while on the way to Raska, ten miles away.

He added that the situation requires « the presence of the Serbian army along the administrative line », term used by Serbian authorities for the border with Kosovo.

The Serbian interior minister also said that « all units » will pass « immediately under the command of the Chief of General Staff ».

Finally, the Minister of Defense clarified that the head of state ordered the strengthening of the Serbian military presence by 1,500 soldiers.

Hundreds of Kosovo’s 120,000 Serbs have risen from December 10 to northern Kosovo roadblocks to protest, paralyzing traffic to two border crossing points with Serbia.

Communication Vucic with the Patriarch of Serbia – Like in 1389….

Meanwhile, the Tanjug agency reported that Vucic had contact with the Patriarch of Serbia, Porphyry for the situation in Kosovo.

According to them, their meeting took place yesterday, Monday 26/12 at night and after the ban of Pristina to the Patriarch of Kosovo.

Serbian media report that Vucic asked Patriarch Porphyrios to give his blessings to defend Kosovo, as they did.

Shots and battles

Shortly before General Moisilovic’s departure for the border zone, Serbian media released a video of gunshots and claimed that it was a <TAG, when the Kosovo forces tried to dismantle a roadblock.

The information was immediately refuted by Kosovo police, who claims on her Facebook page that she was a member of the government.

The media in Pristina, on the other hand, claimed that there was a patrol of the NATO Force for the maintenance of the.

Interior Minister Jalai Svecia claimed that the KFOR patrol had been attacked.

For its part, KFOR has announced that it is conducting a fire investigation « on December 25 near a patrol of NATO’s mission in Kosovo ».

« There were no injuries or material damage », KFOR stated in the announcement.

Serbs set up new roadblocks – Kosovo: “ These are Wagner ” roadblocks

The Serbs set up two new roadblocks in the northern part of the city of Mitrovica.

Heavy trucks loaded with sand and rubble have been placed perpendicular to highways leading from the southern part of the city to the north, op. The Serbs made the move because of the warnings that they had reached the Pristina that a police operation was imminent.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in a statement last Sunday « war » the roadblocks of the Serbs.

« These are roadblocks of people in dark uniforms, of people who are short-haired, with beards, Wagner roadblocks. They have weapons and set up roadblocks not to prevent vehicles from passing but to defend themselves to shoot at vehicles approaching. So these are war barriers » Albin Kurti told the Bosnian news website

Kosovo’s prime minister during a meeting with yesterday with international military commander in Kosovo ( KFOR ) KFOR will take action by the police. Belgrade has reacted immediately to these warnings and President of the Republic, Alexander Vucic, has put him in a state of high readiness.

« After the Albanian equipment and the increase in their combat readiness I will take all measures to protect Alexander Vucic served late on Monday night on Instagram.

This was followed by a statement by Defense Minister Milos Voutsevic, who said that on the orders of the President of the Republic, he had ordered the Serbian army, that is, at the level of the use of armed power ».

At the same time, the Serbian leadership decided to increase the staff of the 63rd Paratrooper Brigade by 3,500 people.

Serbia is preparing to unite its pieces…

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