Putin Interview: “The time of the East has come” as the West Becomes Social Outcast with Gender Bending and Pride Parades

As I’ve said many times the power structure has been shifting from the West to the East since the end of WW2. Now we are witnessing the demise and destruction of the EU and America as per the Freemason/Jesuit/Zionist Playbook. Here is more on the story from warnews 247 in Greece which is now blocked here in the USA. Thanks to my EXPRESS VPN I can get access through other countries. Translated to English for your convenience.

n Part 2 of the most important interview of the last 20 years by the president of Russia B.Putin, there is talk about the rise of Asia and the disintegration of the West due to the policies adopted by the governments.

It is characteristic that the interview ended and B. Putin stopped talking after almost 4 hours. Complete the event with the words “Success is assured”

At the beginning, the Russian president delivered a keynote speech (42 minutes), and then the Russian head of state answered questions from club members for almost three hours.

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B. Putin’s special reference to Iranian General K. Soleimani and the way in which he was assassinated by the Americans ” even though he was a representative of the Iranian government in Baghdad” stands out.

They have no limits. They are not ashamed of anything. You can judge Suleimani as you like but he is an official of another state. They murdered him on the territory of a third country and said “yes we killed him”.

What the hell is this? Where do we live?”

With this special reference, B. Putin seals the now strategic alliance with Iran.

“The time has come for the East and Asia”

B. Putin emphasized:

-Westerners have the illusion that there is only Western civilization in the world. They find it difficult to adapt to the new reality, but they will be forced. The majority of the world’s population is in the East.

-There are two Wests, the traditional West, mainly of Christian values, with which we have much in common and even ancient roots, and the cosmopolitan West, which functions as a tool of the liberal elites.

-The West, losing its superiority, turns into a minority, but its rights must be guaranteed unconditionally

-Losing its global dominance, the West is turning into a worldwide pariah. New trends, gay parades, dozens of new races of foreigners have been imposed on Western societies. Their right. But they have no right to want to impose the same on other countries.

 “If Western culture wants to introduce dozens of genders and pride parades, let them do it. But they have no right to demand that others follow in their footsteps.”

-Human dignity is the foundation on which we must build our future. Traditional values ​​are not a fixed set of claims, in any case they are unique to each nation, they should not be imposed, but respected

-The neo-liberal (ie internationalist) ideology has crossed the line. Neo-liberals have begun to declare that an open society has enemies and that their freedom must be curtailed or destroyed.

– We see that complex demographic, political and social processes are happening in Western countries (including the Great Restart). This is their internal affair. Russia does not interfere in these matters and will not intervene. Unlike the West, we are not invading someone else’s backyard.

-The Western economic blitzkrieg against Russia has failed.

Heavy attack against the West

The Russian President V.Putin launched a series of tirade against the West from the Valdai Forum.

As he claimed, the US and NATO are doing everything to escalate military operations in Ukraine.

“Westerners play a dangerous, dirty and bloody game.

They are fueling the war in Ukraine, sending politicians to Taiwan, destabilizing global food and energy markets.

As to the latter, I have no doubt.

It is due to a series of systemic mistakes committed by the Western authorities,” he said, adding:

“The West wants to dominate the world, it wants to define the destinies of the world.

For this he plays a dangerous, dirty and bloody game.

It questions the sovereignty of peoples and nations, their identity and uniqueness and is not interested in the interests of other states.

It is no accident that she says that her culture … should be recognized as universal.

That’s how they behave.

And they insist through their politics that they all accept these values ​​unconditionally.

She is blinded by colonialism.

Backed by the West, the Kiev regime publicly repudiated the Minsk agreements.
NATO expansion was unacceptable to Russia, all our efforts to convey this idea were ignored.

The coup organized there led to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

And, unfortunately, behind their arrogance, many European countries do not notice that they themselves have already become vassals, often without the right to vote.”

The dominance of the West is over

Referring to Ukraine, he stressed that the developments since the start of the military operation signal changes in the existing world order, adding that the dominance of the West is over.

He even added that from now on Asia’s voice in world affairs will be stronger.

The Russian president stressed that he is constantly mindful of the losses of Russian soldiers on the battlefield, but stressed that Moscow had no choice but to launch the “special military operation”.

Referring to nuclear weapons, he emphasized that the risk of using nuclear weapons will always exist as long as they exist.

“Ukraine has historically developed as an artificial state,” the Russian president said.

Putin, when asked if what is happening between Russia and Ukraine can be considered a civil war, said: “Partly, yes.

The Russian and Ukrainian people are united, this is a historical fact.

Ukraine is an artificial state.”

“two choices”

According to the Russian president, humanity has two options: either to continue to “accumulate all the problems that are sure to overwhelm us all” or for nations to work together “to find solutions”.

Putin asserted that Russia is not an enemy of the West, but emphasized that he will not tolerate dictates and orders from it.

“Western elites have no right to impose their way on others, no one can dictate to our people how we should build our society.

Westerners are indifferent to laws and rules, considering other people as second class.

They use economic sanctions and “color revolutions” (aka coups) against their opponents, as they cannot compete fairly with the rising economic and political power of Asia.

The US discredited the international financial system by using the US dollar as a weapon, and estimated that other countries’ moves to reduce their dependence on the dollar would be accelerated.

Westerners, however, are hypocrites.

They sell their businesses for a dollar to their administrations and whisper in their ear, we won’t be late, we’ll be back soon.

The latest developments are “tectonic shifts in the world order,” he said and added that we are facing one of the most “dangerous” and “unpredictable” decades after World War II,” the Russian president concluded.

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