The Hero Worship of the Rich and Powerful Needs to Stop!

The hero worship of the rich and powerful needs to stop! The WEF has put these people in positions of power and influence and as such they adhere to the WEF and UN goals for 2030 and beyond! There are many examples I can cite but for this post I’m just going to cover 2 of them. In this case Elon Musk and Russian President Vladimir Putin. First up let’s examine President Vladimir Putin.

There is President Putin is in a now famous shirtless picture riding his mighty steed and posing as the hero and the scourge of the NWO. I will say this about Putin, he is playing his role to perfection as at least half of the world sees him as some type of enemy of the powers that be, namely the WEF and Klaus Schwab in particular. Then there’s the war in Ukraine where half the world sees him as a liberator while the other half sees him as an invader. Another perfect divide and conquer operation.

In reality President Putin is completely onboard with Klaus Schwab and the WEF/NWO agenda and the mainstream media remains silent about it. The war has become a giant distraction with all kinds of “intel” about dirty bombs and more. This is what the media wants you to see, it’s part of the script. What they DON’T want you to see is how everyone including Russia is implementing the plans of the WEF/NWO.

But make no mistake Putin is a shrewd politician (and a former spook for the KGB) so he’s letting his mayors and regional governors make the changes required to get everyone into the new biometric ID system aka the BEAST system. You know the one that will track you and everything that you do if you’ve been implanted with the DNA changing shot called Covid19 vaccines. Here is more on that from Moscow based writer Edward Slavsquat;

You have such a nice face.

Would you mind terribly if Sergey Sobyanin, the Techno-Khan of Moscow, stored it in his centralized data center, forever? And would it be okay with you if he identified your soft, supple face, even if you live in Chelyabinsk and have never stepped foot in Moscow?

Yes, of course that’s okay. You are flattered Sobyanin craves your face in such a passionate and intense way.

Kommersant has the steamy details:

The Moscow Department of Information Technologies plans to finalize a unified data storage center, at the facilities of which the capital’s face recognition system operates, to centralize the collection of video streams in all regions of the country.

From a technical point of view, this is logical, experts admit, since now no region can afford full-fledged computing power to process such a volume of data. The centralized analysis of video information becomes relevant in the face of an increased terrorist threat and the search for people who evade mobilization, participants in the Internet search market believe.

Round one of partial mobilization is basically (officially?) over, but we’re sure Sobyanin can utilize this “centralized analysis of video information” for all sorts of prole-hunting, and not just Evader-hunting.

There’s a precedent. In February 2020, Sobyanin announced that compliance with COVID quarantine measures in Moscow would be monitored using the city’s facial recognition system.

As we documented in July, cities across Russia are becoming very Smart—and very, very Safe. You can read the rest of the blog by CLICKING HERE.

Next up we have Elon Musk, who is portrayed in the media and even many “truthers” as some kind of hero figure as well. Why is this? What has Elon REALLY accomplished? Is he the real deal or just another rich con man?

The answers to those questions have always been available to us but the media (and social media) do a great job of glossing over those kinds of stories and they get buried. Here is more from the “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” Blog on substack.

Elon Musk is quite literally a CIA creation. He made all of his money from the taxpayers. When he sells his inflated stock that was made possible by ZEV credits, grants, tax breaks, and other corporate welfare fraud he is laundering the money stolen from taxes that was then inflated by a rigged stock market.

Musk’s grandfather was a founding member of Canada’s technocratic political party before he had to flee that country.

Musk’s entire agenda is that of the WEF; to wit:

Musk is no genius, unless fraud is the sole metric. He is an actor that does zero actual engineering. All of his businesses were CIA backed, starting with his Zip2 sale to Compaq which was a total scam with his “product” doing absolutely nothing for the company that allegedly paid for it. Same for his role in PayPal where he was embedded and did not create nor add any material value to the company. And the exact same dynamics were at play when Musk bought his way into Tesla which he also never created, nor added actual engineering value to.

Musk is the ultimate conman. This Twitter purchase is a headfake to further break him out for the next phase of the Great Reset as some kind of Tony Stark character.

Space-X is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Tesla has to date never made a profit on a single car.

How about Musk’s solar tile scam which to this very day is far from ready for prime time and is despised by those few homeowners that were unsophisticated enough to install them?

How about the absolute fraud that is Tesla’s Autopilot? There never was any Autopilot ever, and now Tesla is under criminal investigation for claims that its cars can drive themselves as they crash into police cars, fire trucks, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

And if anyone actually believes that Musk is the richest man in the world, then they are totally clueless of the dynastic banking families that run the agencies that in turn run puppet fraudsters like Musk.

Twitter is still fully controlled by the globalist technocratic party, just with different optics to now dupe the conservatives since the leftists are perma-brainwashed as it is and require far less Deep State mind control. And all of those “controversial” accounts being reinstated like that of Mister Operation Warp Speed is just more conditioning for those cluelessly celebrating the latest incarnation of the CIA’s social media social engineering node in Twitter.

Do NOT fall for this latest con.

Do NOT comply. Read the rest and see the videos by CLICKING HERE.

I couldn’t agree more! This “takeover” of Twitter by Elon is just another deception/distraction to keep you entertained and under their spell. They need the “truthers” to be fooled and be oblivious to the deception going on around them. That is another reason for the war in Ukraine. Their goals for all of this is to Divide and Conquer, deceive and distract from the open air prison they’re putting up all around us!

DON’T BE FOOLED! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT LOVE YOU! Elon could give 2 rips about humanity, its all a giant con. Stay awake and stay ready! Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation. Psalm 146:3.

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