The Special Military Operation Has Failed, But the War May Start Soon

Since I have a lot of newcomers flooding in to read The Slavland Chronicles for the first time, I thought I’d explain my positions again, just so we’re clear and I don’t get accused of being something that I am not. I am an unabashed Russia shill. I like Vladimir Putin and I support the Russian military. I believe that the slavic peoples ought to live in one country and no longer be used as cannon fodder against one another by the Jews. I support the integration of Ukraine into the territory of Russia and the reincorporation of Ukrainians into the Pax Russiya. I also believe that the Baltics ought to be taken back, as well as parts of Kazakhstan which were historically settled by Russians.
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This is a very interesting take on the war in Ukraine and why the Russians suffered such a big setback.


  • I’m disappointed to hear this. i had the impression the Russians had rolled in swiftly, and made it to Kyiv in short order. thought they had secured Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as Mariupol. didn’t realize their pullback was a ‘rollback.’ i still don’t imagine that Putin intends to take all of Ukraine. trying to learn.

  • Brother, I’m Surprised that People aren’t Commenting like a flood here lol 😅
    You are 100% Correct in your Assessment ….
    And I Agree with you brother 💯
    The West has had Thier foot on Russian and Many Other Necks for A long time!
    The American People Do Not Realize just How Evil Abounds Everywhere America has a FOOTHOLD ….. And Israel has it’s Fingerprints all Over it !

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