Beware of the False “Darkness to Light” Movement that Takes you Back to Trump!

Guys I’m typing this today because I don’t want anyone falling into this “darkness to light” movement that’s going on right now. This is a lie from the world trying to convince you that if we rally we can “reawaken America” and bring her from the darkness to the light. Lucifer is that false light and that is who the Masons worship. Look it up, 33rd Degree Grand Mason Albert Pike said it himself in the book “Morals and Dogma”. If you’re a freemason and didn’t know this don’t be surprised you weren’t supposed to know it but you do now.

Don’t be sucked in guys. Here is my video and some links. God bless.

Psalm 146:3

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  • much love to you thank you for your boldness. Jesus is King of thee rulers of the earth as stated in Revalation

  • Trump is controlled opposition. He still won’t admit how wrong he was with the notorious Operation Warp Speed. Trust no windbag politician or celebrity. Trust only the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Grab your teddy bear, pray up and be ready for Rapture.

  • This is Exactly what Needs to be Said brother 💯❤️🙏👍

  • Wow! You really did God’s bidding–in my opinion–by using your platform and saying what you said. I was not aware of this “re-surgence” because I don’t follow any man.

    It might sound sour, but–in my opinion–if people STILL are following these politicians and hoping to be saved by them…then these people simply are not children of God…and probably never were in the first place.

    It’s easy to identify false brothers when people have no love of the truth.

    But, again, you did good to remind them and to rebuke them.

    In fact, I expect that many of them–if they are still alive–will be standing at the Battle of Armageddon amongst the armies of the antichrist….ready to do battle against God. There is no middle ground in this war.

  • For those NOT aware it has been this way for decades. It really began to take off after Ronald Reagan took office. The Evangelical Christians became enamored with a ‘CONservative’ POTUS. The Christians have been sold a bill of good for decades.
    I submit for your consideration that the genesis happened after LBJ passed the 501C3 legislation. Until that point the IRS recognized the AKJV bible as the authority and all contributions were tax deductible. Then the Bush crime cartel came in selling us conservative Christianity and now Trump. These people cannot be woken up. I’ve tried and they will not listen to reason. neither will the veterans. This is a work for the Holy Spirit and for us to be in intercession for them. They are just as blind as the progressive left.
    This slow morphing process proceeded to alter focus from a Christ Righteousness preaching from the pulpits to an adulterated message to comply with the new IRS codes.
    Now the ‘Church’ has placed man as their hope for this nation rather then on Jesus Christ. The refusal to get on our face and repent will be why soon we as a nation will face harsh judgment. This truth was revealed to me last week during my weekly time with Father Abba. My soul was physically ill and just had no life, energy nothing to give after I was done. For two days felt like I was just taken to the mat by another Red belt at the dojo in south Korea! talk about a beating. it was that bad in my soul.
    Several people have been given the message of October comes in Sept. For those that don’t know about the satanic works of darkness, in this month have need to grasp how badly we need to be in prayer and fasting all this month as the Lord leads us.
    We have little time left to seek his face and repent for the church and the lost and our loved ones.
    Much Agape…
    Maranatha…. Yahusha come even now….

    • Yes, the 501(3)(c) churches and the modern “institution” of Christianity are far removed from the lessons taught by Christ.

      People should know already–they should already have been on the path to discernment–that this country was founded by Freemasons…and that America has caused death and destruction across this whole world.

      They had 20 years to realize that something was not quite right about the “official” 9/11 narrative.

      They had just as long to look up in to the sky–at least ONE day in their life–and see a chemtrail…knowing that it was not from God.

      But most souls in this world simply do not love truth.

      2 Thessalonians, Ch. 2

      10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

      11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

      12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      Their delusion is from God Himself. And time is almost up.

      Yes…proper understanding of HIS glory causes a sincere man to submit, literally, on his face and knees, in prayer. There are too many stiff necks in the good ole USA.

      There are too many harmed children, too many destroyed lives, and too much lust for this life…and Babylon shall meet its end soon.

      God Bless you, brother.

  • i found donnie darko, several, yrs ago, on my own research, on utube, gods help of course,found it quite intriguing, even well before, 2020, , surrounded, by , a false and fallen world,, only those, blinded, by the false churches, , could possibly believe this nonsense, , one day at a time, , and to mr. guthrie, no offense , but he comes at the end, no pretrib rapture or midtrib, or whatever else theyve, been indoctrinating for ever, , just trust him, , nothing new here, just the same blind people, over and over again, but as times get harder, we really need, the words of god, bible.

  • The man is literally responsible for millions of death due to his Warp speed death shots and still people like him..they are under his spell

  • Yes. Excellent post

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