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By Medeea Greere -January 6, 2021 A  United States Air force C-17 cargo plane arrived at Andrews Air Force Base loaded with crates of “smart” guillotines, says a White House insider speaking under condition of anonymity. The technologically advanced guillotines, he said, are being manufactured in Beijing before being flown exclusively to US airbases. Then, the military…
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From January 2021…time is short!


  • Jeffrey R Rocker

    I know awhile back,the perfume company Channel (in China) was making the be-headers for FEMA.

  • 98% think that’s crazy, but 2 gas station owners that don’t know each other ,one an old coworkers niebor in Trotwood Ohio, sold the store tiny one edge of the country and the Muslim that bought it remodeled and put in pumps why I thought ? Very little traffic but then he bought up every nieboring property except our coworkers she owns 9 acres bordering a retired train track. The muslin said he had a contract to refuel military vehicles, at the coming military rail yard??? Well I was matinence super downtown hud appartment so I dealt with the inspectors I asked if they heard about it they said no yet Wright patterson airforce base is on the other side of dayton, so dayton and county inspectors say there’s none coming yet this Muslim is buying millions of dollars of property along tracks.
    So Muslim gets a contract to fuel on a military rail yard nobody knows about. Sounded to me fema transports , then a few months back a local is doing the same in a city an hour and a half west. His new station is also in the far edge just down from old tracks they are now working on. Folks you better be right with God

  • One-nut Adolf and the Reichsfuehrer-SS would be proud of the attention to efficiency. I hope the goofs don’t get suckered into paying a bit extra for the B.S. extended warranty. They’ll probably reserve a dull blade especially for me XOXOXO. F them. With all the sheeple believing anything and everything, they probably won’t have many cuts scheduled. Been a slice, Johnny. Keep in touch, Ciao.

  • I Remember the videos about this And a lot of the channels had to take it down because USA Today Ran a Piece saying that the Ones Stored in Houston Texas was “” Fake News”” , but if it was Really Fake News, Why would they Even Bother to address it!!!
    Then a Warehouse worker started taking videos of being unloaded….
    He suddenly disappeared….
    There were a lot of people who were Shut up ….., That were getting video of Big FedEx Trucks unloading them in a massive warehouse in Houston Texas!
    Plus There’s a Government Contract found on the actual Congressional website…. that Came out ( Good luck finding that Now) ….. And then Copies of the actual purchase Orders!!! Then was actually Finding
    Funds were Spent Already for at least 30,000 of them….
    That Got Shut up Real quick!
    And Guess who Signed off For These?? During the last 2 years of Office?
    Yep 👍 Exactly!!
    There’s So much Pure Evil In the World!!!
    There’s Literally So much “” Evil “” …Taking Place that
    Truth Doesn’t Seems to Matter Anymore, At all….
    Brother, You are My Only Website, Who I Go to for What’s going on in the world!!!
    Bcoz You Don’t back Down from the Truth and So Many Others Are Backing down, Bcoz they’ll lose Money!!
    God bless you and your wife for Everything you do!!
    We Should Thank your wife More often …..
    Always Praying for you and your wife brother 💯❤️🙏

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