WAR ALERT! Russia is Sending out its ENTIRE FLEET in the Pacific!

Some are saying that this is Russia either giving direct assistance to China in their invasion of Taiwan or it’s to keep the US from getting involved. Here is more from warnews247.

There is growing concern in the United States and allied countries as Russia mobilizes its entire Fleet in the Pacific.

The mobilization is characterized as “unusual” as for a simple exercise, as the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces said, it mobilizes all available ships.

It was formally announced that 40 warships, submarines and auxiliary boats will take part in the exercise! But the Pacific Fleet does not have such a large number of ships ready for war. Therefore, everything is mobilized for an “implementation of emergency plans”…

What worries the Americans is that the Russian mobilization may take place in consultation with China, either because an invasion of Taiwan is imminent or because Russia wants to prepare for any eventuality.

After all, if the Chinese operation starts, the Russian ships should not be in the Naval Station but in combat readiness. No one knows how China’s business will develop.

However, in recent days, strange military activities have been observed off the coast of China and USAF aircraft are flying.

All the war games that the Americans have run have shown that if China invades Taiwan, then there will be a regional conflict involving the US, Japan, etc.

Russia: Mobilizes 40 warships 

Russia pulls out of the Navy the entire Pacific Fleet with the participation of dozens of warships and aircraft.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Moscow is launching a large exercise in the Pacific with at least 40 warships, submarines and additional auxiliary ships, while the exercise will involve at least 20 aircraft and helicopters.

The exercise will involve the ship Marshal Krylov, the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, other large anti-submarine ships, corvettes, small anti-submarine ships, minesweepers, missiles and support ships.

Some information states that the exercise has two phases. The first starts today and will last until June 10. This is an interdisciplinary exercise involving Fleet forces in a remote sea area under the leadership of Admiral Sergei Avakyants.

The maneuvers, scheduled for June 3-10, include ships searching for “virtual enemy submarines”, “working out air defense for regular groups of ships and conducting exercises against surface and air targets,” it said. ministry in a statement.

At the same time, the forces of the Pacific Fleet in cooperation with the forces of the Eastern Military District will carry out a series of exercises with real fire and rocket and artillery fire.

Earlier, the Northern Fleet had mobilized for the “Kumzha-2022” exercise. It is noted that a large military exercise is taking place in the province of Ivanovo northeast of Moscow

Approximately 1,000 troops maneuver using more than 100 vehicles, including Yars intercontinental ballistic missile launchers

The Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles are the new generation of missiles that were first tested in 2007 and put into service in 2010. The name Yars is an acronym for “Yadernaya Raketa Sderzhivaniya”, meaning “Nuclear Deterrence Missile”.

 PLA is preparing for the worst case scenario in the Taiwan Straits 

The People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) is preparing for the worst-case scenario in the Taiwan Straits. This was revealed by a Chinese military official who spoke on condition of anonymity to the Global Times.

According to him, Japan and the United States are considering the option of “military intervention in the issue of Taiwan.” In this regard, the PLA will carry out more exercises, taking into account the worst case scenario.

The report notes that the Chinese military recently conducted three large-scale exercises in the Taiwan region. According to another Global Times interlocutor, China is now busy preparing for a military conflict on the island .

So we are in the final stretch. Now they admit it publicly.

Involvement with Japan… China believes Tokyo will be involved

China believes that Japan will be involved in any Chinese attack on Taiwan. Last Thursday, China sent Coast Guard ships to the disputed Diaoyu Islands (their Japanese name is Senkaku) to conduct maritime patrols.

The Senkaku Islands (Chinese name for Diaoyu) are the subject of a territorial dispute between China and Japan. Japan claims to have occupied them since 1895, while Beijing recalls that in the Japanese maps of 1783 and 1785, Diaoyuidao (Senkaku) is described as Chinese territory.

After World War II, the islands were under US control and ceded to Japan in 1972.

Tokyo has believed that China and Taiwan have been claiming the islands since the 1970s, when it became clear that their marine area was rich in minerals. The territorial dispute escalated even more after the Japanese government bought three of the five islands from a privately owned Japanese owner in 2012, thus emphasizing their state status.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian recently said the Diaoyu Islands are an “integral part of China.”

Landing rehearsal in Taiwan

To confirm this information, in recent days, the Chinese Liberation Army (PLA) has intensified its exercises against Taiwan.

Recently, a large landing exercise took place with the participation of Type 071 class ships “Kunlun Shan”, Type 072A “Laotie Shan”, Type 073A “Mount Song”. Chinese amphibious forces simulated an amphibious attack and occupation of an island in the South China Sea.

As revealed by WarNews247 yesterday, Chinese bombers carried out night “raids” against Taiwan.

However, a US RC-135U flew over the area today to monitor China’s activities in the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. The RC-135U flew up to 29 nautical miles off the coast of China.

For more information including video of the Chinese practicing amphibious landings go to the source by CLICKING HERE!

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